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Cardigans and jumpers and other knitwear
I love soft woolly clothes when I'm dressed as a baby. I have a pale pink angora wool wrap around cardigan I wear with my nappies and frilly baby knickers. I also have a pair of woollen mittens which mean I can't really use my hands, making me feel even more babyish.

When I was being punished as a child by being put back into nappies my mother sometimes used to make me wear a cardigan like that. I still remember how utterly humiliating it was. It was not only really babyish, but it meant that I had nothing to hide my nappies and frilly baby knickers.
Was that like a wrap around ballet cardigan Ali?
Yes it was. I bought mine in a dancewear shop when I bought my tutu.
(02-08-2017, 11:31 AM)Ariadne Wrote: During the fifties and sixties, knitted pram sets were extremely popular for babies and toddlers were very popular garments.
They would be knitted by grannies and aunties and mothers for children who would be kitted out from head to toe in footed leggings, a matinee coat, mittens and a helmet with chin strap. I have often considered how humiliating it would be to upscale these patterns and dress a naughty boy or girls in such an outfit and take them out for a walk in the park dressed so exquisitely babyish. There are excellent examples at the, The Vintage Knitting Lady, website.

I agree Ariadne...there are some excellent examples out there...some of the knitting patterns from that era would be quite humiliating today...
Nancy Edwina has already had the humiliation of knitting herself a helmet with chin strap and a pom-pom on top, mittens and a thick wool coat. She certainly looks every bit the humiliated child that such patterns show when wearing the. I would thoroughly recommend them as an outfit all sissys should be made to wear to help reinforce their status.
A woolen helmet with a chin strap with mittens is exquisitely humiliating. Imagine the full woolen outfit coupled with a dummy and baby reins and Nanny taking you to the park.
Sissy docile, soumise, cherche prise en main stricte, discipline, servitudes, ob√©issance, aupr√®s d'une Ma√ģtresse femme ou Ma√ģtresse travesti tr√®s stricte. Je poss√®de belle garde robe toute en mohair tricot√© mains, style ann√©es 50. J'aimerai apprendre √† tricoter. Je peux faire repassage √† domicile ainsi que m√©nage afin de d√©charger les Ma√ģtresses de ce type de corv√©es. Adepte discipline scolaire.¬†

French Sissy submissive, seeking strict control, discipline, servitudes, obedience, with a woman Mistress or Mistress transvestite very strict.
I possess beautiful wardrobe while mohair knitted hands, style 50s.
I would love to learn to knit. I can do ironing at home as well as housework to unload the Mistresses of this type of chores. School discipline adept.
I believe in the discipline of knitted wool for sissy training.
Sorry for my poor english writting.
I would like to discuss with sissys who have been strictly educated in the discipline of knitted wool or with mistresses who use this method of education on their daughter.

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(02-04-2017, 05:30 AM)sissysoft Wrote: Hello everyone, 

As you can see from my name and atavar, I have a little 'thing' for soft and fluffy garments.  
I love wearing soft knitwear, adore the feel and look, especially when teamed with tights, pleated skirts and dresses, pretty lace trimmed blouses and the like.   Makes me feel incredibly submissive and 'girlie'.  
Same with when I'm in nappies - I feel so incredibly babyish wearing a fluffy cardigan and mitts and tights while nappied.    
And then there's the look of jumpers (sweaters) on Dominant Ladies too - I go a little weak at the knees when I see a lovely Lady in a lovely turtleneck, cowlneck or similar.  Such an 'ordinary' item of Dommestic.   
I don't want anyone to be under the impression that without knitwear I don't feel inherently 'sissy' - I do.  But the effect is always magnified when teamed with a lovely girlie cardie or jumper.  

Does anyone have a similar love for woolly garb?  Thoughts?  Observations?

Cardies are always the first thing that gets decided in my outfit...

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