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Preparing for the Women's March
(02-01-2017, 05:07 AM)SheWearsThePants Wrote: My wife enjoys proving that she wears the pants in our house by publicly humiliating me in a variety of creative ways.  Susan has often made me wear nail polish, use lipstick and carry a handbag or purse to embarrass me.  Also, I must always hold doors open for women and curtsy when they thank me.  In warm weather as a punishment, I’ve been made to wear embarrassing clothes that attract attention.   She only does this when we are some distance from home so I’m not seen by people who know us.  She also never has me pose for pictures for people we don't know and tries to keep pictures from being taken.  Of course that is impossible but I appreciate her trying.

Two weekends ago, my sister invited us to come and stay at her home so we could attend the nearby Women’s March.  She knows Susan is the boss in our house and Friday night they teased me about how in college I was under their thumbs for three days as part of my freshman initiation (another story).   Before Susan allowed me to join her in bed, she made me shave my legs and put on my short pink baby doll nightie with matching panties.  I also had to curtsy a number of times to my two female superiors, thanking them for the artificial nails they had glued onto my fingers.

In the morning, they said that over 5,000 women were expected at the march.  Susan added that the outfit she packed for me would help me fit in with the marchers and definitely make some of them want to talk to us.  Still in my nightie, I was ordered to get the suitcase from the hall closet and change.  After I turned to leave, they informed me that I had forgotten to curtsy and that for the rest of the day any woman who spoke to me needed to be honored with a curtsy to show she was my superior.  Any omissions on my part might result in a spanking when we returned.

When I opened the suitcase, I recognized the clothes she had packed for me. It was the attention grabbing girly outfit I was made to wear in public over the entire recent Halloween weekend.  My Trick or Treating embarrassment began around noon on Friday (10/28)  when after she dressed me, we spent hours shopping.  Later that night we attended a very large costume party in a hotel ballroom in a nearby town. My shaming didn’t finally end until Monday the 31st around midnight.  Over those four humiliating days she took me everywhere, restaurants, shopping malls, gas stations and stores.  Sometimes she would stay with me and other times I would be left alone with her nearby.  Her goal was to give as many women as possible the opportunity to enjoy seeing me in my outfit or assist her in my humiliation.”  Susan feels that most men feel either sorry or shame when they see me when I'm being punished.   They tend to look down and ignore me while women and girls get excited.  Girls take great delight in seeing a man under the thumb of a woman.  Susan always takes her little Prissy Sissy to places where there are lots of females like nail saloons, beauty parlors even dance studios and dance supply stores.  Halloween included taking me to an all female gym for their costume party on Saturday. It was at the invitation of an personal trainer who we met in the afternoon at Victoria’s Secret.  She said I was too good not to share with all the girls at her gym and began calling her friends as soon as Susan said we'd definitely be coming.  By the end of that party, much to their delight, the girls had me acting and crying like a little girl.

As I took my clothes out of the suitcase last week,   I resigned myself to my fate at the march.  I changed clothes and returned to the kitchen where I was surprised to discover that my wife and sister had been joined by four of my sister’s girlfriends.  Everyone was drinking mimosas and I hung my head in shame with their laughter ringing in my ears as my wife said, “ Prissy - Curtsy to your new friends” and you can join us for drinks.  I obeyed and fought back tears as the girls told me they had spent the past week eagerly waiting to meet Susan and her sissy husband.  They loved watching me squirm as I stood before them wearing burgundy tights, heels, a very short flowered maroon & burgundy skirt with a matching maroon sweater.  They made me practice my curtsy a number of times as payment for more memosias.  The teasing continued until someone suggested that I needed a little makeup to make me a prettier.  As they gave me a quick make over,  Susan had me tell them about my outfit and how everyone we met over Halloween just loved it.  When they were done, my sister said, “Something is missing.” A few minutes later she returned from her bedroom with a bra.  Soon I was standing there in a stuffed bra with the women snapping its straps and pinching my bottom.  I was told “ Many teenage girls have had boys do this to them” Laughing they teased me,  “Prissy, how does it feel to be treated like a young girl ?”  Isn’t it fun ?  We hope you like it because today is your special day and we plan on helping you to get all the attention you deserve.  

My wife then informed everyone that she wanted to spend most the day on the edges of the parade rather than just marching so that more women would get to see her little Prissy Sissy.  They also planned on going shopping, treating us to dinner and out on the town after the parade.  Before we left the house, one of them handed out pink pussy hats she had knitted.  She said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t have enough yarn to make one for everyone.”  My wife said, “ No Problem ” and in less than a minute she had pinned my bright Halloween bow in my hair.  

When we got to the cars, I was shown the signs my sister and her girlfriends had prepared for the march.  All of them were about women’s rights or empowerment.  The front of my sign said,  “ WOMEN RULE.”   When I posed for a picture taken by Susan with it,  I could read what was written on the back.   “MY WIFE WEARS THE PANTS IN OUR HOUSE AND I WEAR THE PANTIES”

As I curtsyed to them for another picture taken by my wife with that side showing, I couldn’t help but start sobbing which only caused them to laugh harder.  Susan then told everyone that at home I had a pink t shirt with that exact saying on it.  A couple of times last summer when he was naughty I made him wear it with a very cute pair of shorts, knee socks and pumps when we went shopping.  He, I mean SHE. hated it but the women we met loved it.   My sister added that she got the idea for the sign from the pictures my wife had sent her. She then gave Susan the one she had made for her.  The front said,  "I WEAR THE PANTS IN OUR HOUSE & MAKE MY HUSBAND WEAR THE PANTIES".   The back read,  “THIS CUTIE IS MY HUSBAND”  with an arrow pointing to one side”,   More shrieks of laughter and general agreement that they knew today was going to be fun when they heard about the march.  Now that we’ve met “Prissy” it will be even more fun and a day we will never forget.  One of them added that all the girls Prissy meets today won’t forget either.

As everyone started to get in the car my wife turned to me and said " Prissy, You almost forgot your purse ".  The two of us went back into the house to get it as the girls drove off saying they would meet us at the shopping center two blocks away.  My March of Shame began as the two of us walked to rejoin the other girls.  Other women were walking along with us and a few noticed me.  When questioned,  I was made to curtsy and explain that my wife was my superior and she wore the pants in our house.  As usual this brought lots of laughs and comments like " That's the way things should be" . " What's your  name Sweetie", "I love your outfit" , and  "Aren't You Pretty ?"  As we approached the shopping center, I could see that the stores had lines of women waiting to get in to buy things for the march.  My new girlfriends wanted to stop at three stores for bagels, donuts and Panara bread.  As the girls went into each one,  Susan and I stayed outside.  My wife reminded me that my job was to curtsy after opening  the door for the young ladies going in or coming out.  It wasn't long before girls in every store had seen or heard about the man whose wife made him come to the march in heels and a skirt.  For an eternity,  I was the center of attention as every female there wanted to see me or wanted to enjoy the feeling of having a man totally under her control.  When we finally went to the cars, the girls were hysterical.  They couldn't believe how well the day had begun as I just listened, hung my head in shame and cried.   

    The rest of the day itself is a blur (too many mimosas ?)    of lots of humiliating encounters with women of all ages who enjoyed having a man under their thumb.  Although my sister and her friends did everything in their power to make me suffer that day, I  am very grateful that they did a good job protecting me if anyone looked like they were offended by us or could cause trouble. They would just say I had lost a bet and if that didn't seem to work we would walk away.   Before leaving that night, my sister’s friends said they wanted us to return soon so I could tell them all about my college initiation and Halloween.  Susan and my sister said great. We can have a “Prissy Party”  where we share some of my pictures of Prissy, reminisce about today’s march and "PRISSY" can tell you all about college, our vacations, and the other fun times I've had making him show everyone  who wears the pants and who wears the panties in our house.

Susan had me share this event with everyone at PDQ as a punishment.  I also had to send a copy to my sister so she can share it with her girlfriends.  If this story gets enough comments,  she has told me that I will be made to write again about some of the other things she has made me do or done to me.


Do relate to us more about whether other Females there may have shown interest in treating males in similar matter.   also might you give more description of your earlier feminization under your Female Master Wife?  Also does your Sister and/or her other Female acquaintances looking forward to training males in proper sex-role reversal practices?

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