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Evan - A Year With His Cousins
Sorry for the delay, been working away.

Chapter 4 – Shopping Continued.

The next shop that the boys visited was Le Carcon Petite, a posh shoe and hosiery shop. They quickly entered the shop and took a seat. As they sat two other boys around 10 entered the shop. George, Peter and Evan looked at the boys with pity. They were dressed in sailor suits, only instead of shorts they wore white box pleated skirts matching their sailor tops. On their feet they had frilly anklets worn with pink mary-janes. Both boys were harnessed in in pink baby reins with their names on the front. They were called “Baby Paul” and “Baby Cedric”.

The boys appeared to be embarrassed to be seen in their sissy attire. As they took a seat opposite their skirts road up revealing the bulk of cloth nappies under very frilly nappy covers. The boys tried to pull their skirts down to hide them but they were too short.

George was the first to break the ice and leant over to the boys and offered his hand in friendship.

“I’m George and this is Peter my brother and Evan my cousin” announced George.

“I’m baby Paul and this is my bother baby Cedric” replied baby Paul.

George didn’t query the word baby as the boys mother looked very stern.

The boys waited whilst the mothers discussed their requirements with the sales staff.

As the mothers were busy Evan noticed baby Paul lift his skirt up and looking down at his crotch started to rub the front of his nappy. As he did this he smiled and then got a far away look like George did when he was wetting his nappy. Obviously baby Paul was doing the same,

“Stand up, hands at your side” shouted his mother who had noticed his rubbing.

Baby Paul jumped up, and did as his mother ordered. His face was bright red as he had been caught out. He continued to wet himself with tears of humiliation in his eyes.

“As you like your wet nappy young man you will not be changed until bed time and don’t blame me if you have nappy rash.” his mother continued.

Soon baby Paul took his seat and sat quietly. Baby Cedric put his arm around Baby Paul to console him.

Soon Evan was asked to take his shoes off whilst he was helped into new mary-janes in a variety of colours including pink. George and Peter were also trying on new mary-janes. As Evan was trying on his new shoes he felt the need to wet his nappy and soon felt his nappy growing warm. He gave the game away as his face turned red just like baby Paul. George said to Evan he had wet himself too in a proud voice.

Evan didn’t want to be changed in front of the others so kept quiet. George did the same as he liked his wet nappies and wanted to prolong his enjoyment.

Soon Georges mother bought a selection of new tights and ankle socks. George squealed with delight as he spotted the lace anklets and white pereline tights. Evan also found he was getting excited at the new hosiery.

Soon Peter stood up and red faced started to grunt. He filled his nappy once again and with a smile sat down again. George and Evan watched as Peter moved back and forth on his seat, squishing fresh poop all over. Baby Paul and Cedric watched also and they both secretly rubbed their crotches as they enjoyed the show.

After trying on their shoes and buying new tights and socks it was announced that they would be going for afternoon tea with baby Paul and Cedric.

The boys were taken outside and pushed into a taxi. Baby Paul and Cedric were lead by their reins by their mother. The taxi journey didn’t take long and they arrived and a large pink cottage.

Evan, Peter and George were told to follow Baby Paul and Cedric upstairs to change into play clothes. So the boys went upstairs to what looked like a little girls room. In the bedroom were two cribs, pink with princess Barbie motifs adorning the paintwork. Around the room were countless dolls and plushies. Around the walls were various pictures of baby Paul and Cedric in baby outfits, girls outfits and ballerina outfits. On the right side of the room was a large changing table with cloth nappies and baby girl disposable nappies.

“What a lovely room” said Peter.

“I hate it” replied baby Paul.

Soon they were joined by a girl of about 11 called Christina. She had come to help change and dress the boys. Baby Paul was first to strip but had to keep his nappy and plastic pants on. Baby Cedric was stripped naked and wiped clean by Christina. She the dressed him in pink towelling traininig pants and yellow towelling shorts. He was declared ready to play.

Evan was next to bed stripped and cleaned and was handed white towelling training pants and pink bibbed shorts. Peter was next but was not cleaned up as Christina said,

“Gross I’m not cleaning your poop, I only do my brothers when I haf to.”

So Peter put on white towelling training pants and baby blue bib shorts. George was cleaned and handed yellow towelling panties and a red pleated cotton skirt with crossover straps to hold it up.

Soon the boys were ordered into the back garden to play. They were handed large bottles of juice to drink. They followed baby Paul and Cedric into the playhouse and sat drinking their bottles. They decided that they would read books rather than play with dollies. Baby Paul was the only one still in a nappy and found it uncomfortable. Peter was starting to stink with his old poop.

Soon the effects of the bottles took effect and Peter was the first to have a growing wet spot on his training pants and soaking the back of his skirt. George beat Evan to the next wetting and stood up to watch his pee dribble down his legs.

Evan was astonished when Baby Paul jumped up and sat on his crotch and as he smiled Evan felt warmth as Baby Paul wet his pants. Evan was surprised how good it felt and wanted baby Paul to stay. He then had an idea and turned baby Paul around and peed down the back of his shorts as baby Paul giggled.

All too soon it was time to go home, but this was not the last time the boys would enjoy themselves.

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