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Pink: Our Colour Of Choice?
Pink seems to be the colour of choice for many of us, I didn't think I had that much but was surprised when I went through my wardrobe to find out just how much of it I have. I certainly have pink panties but sadly none with ruffles, lingerie items include baby dolls, teddies and bras as well as a camisole with a pretty lace butterfly motif at the bust and a full length slip too. I also have a slightly sheer blouse that buttons up from the back, a spaghetti strap top and a T-shirt with embroidered humming birds and womens' summer shorts too. I also have a pink petticoat that goes well with a red and white circle skirt or square dancing skirt that I wear sometimes. And then there's the nail polish in shades from dark to almost invisible. But there is always more to add, I still don't have a pink dress or high heels and judging by what I see here I have a lot of catching up to do. So what do you have in pink or are hoping for?
Pink is so expressive, and exudes femininity. The one and only time I went to the nail salon for a pedi, I told the tech that I wanted the brightest, most vivid pink polish they had.
Strangely PINK was a color for boys circa the 1930's and BABY BLUE for girls.
Some where some how some body got their knickers mixed or twisted up and
PINK is now feminine or for SISSIES and what happened to BABY BLUE well
it turned out to be suitable for BABY BLUE BOYS !
So who wrote the bible or good book and who painted the colored labels for
our children ? Some body was messing with things that should have been
well enough alone. I prefer lavender* (PURPLE) but I am not a Prince !
* Lavender is a combination of PINK and BABY BLUE - talk about middle of
the road UNI-SEX (or BiSexual) !
Pink was originally a color for boys because it is a very light shade of red. Red was at that time most associated with the god Mars, who was a god of war. Blue, on the other hand, was the color most associated with the Moon, which is traditionally thought of as the opposite (feminine) to the Sun (masculine). Howevever, neither color was considered an absolute, and different  clothing manufacurers made boys clothes in blue, and girls clothes in pink. There was no standardization. Clothing manufacturers, for reasons i forget now, decided to standardize boys and girls clothing colors in the earlier part of the 20th century, and decided, as an industry, to manufacture boys clothes in blue and girls clothes in pink. That is how it has essentially remained to the present and i say "viva la difference"
As far as my wardrobe goes, i have two pairs of pink satin rhumba panties with oodles of white lace ruffles dipping across the seat, some pink noghtgowns, pink cotton panties, white cotton panties with pink flowers, pink anklets, and a cute pink onesie. I probably have other pink items i can't remember right now. Mommy/Wife wants me to order one or two pairs of pink real rubber pants (i am finding that real rubber pants are the way to go for me as a mostly 24/7 diaper wearer), and that is fine by me. 
May i ask where you purchased the hummingbird tee from? I absolutely LOVE hummingbirds! Heart Heart
Angry "Why you naughty little sissy!!! Bring me a fresh diaper and then fetch the paddle!!!"  Angry
(10-29-2017, 05:16 PM)Yvette-Louise Wrote: Don't know if it is true or not, but at the start of the Victorian era in the UK, it was always blue for boys and green for girls.
Green was seen as the colour of life, birth etc. so was associated with Girls.
I remember seeing a telly programme about it some years ago, where they were commenting on why Female waiting rooms or toilets in that era were tiled in green and white . That was the reason given.
Queen Victoria dressed one of her daughters in pink and that is where the pink for a girl started.

Bottle green school uniform s ertainly fitting!

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