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Tomboys and Janegirls
Fire storm? What firestorm? I nothing but a discussion with each person inputting their personal opinion and experience. Is that what you call a fire storm?

Now crossdressing, that is a pejorative of a different color! I know many of us use it. It's a rung on a ladder so to speak. Popular, but oh so miss leading and derogatory. Here is what that would evokes in Tom and Jane Public; Male, perverse, sexual deviant, child molester, closeted creep, sexual addict that can't find a woman, masterbation material, mentally deficient. A little better today when I came out to friends with my transgender/Janegirl story, better that is because they are liberal and their reaction was, "oh, you're ONLY a crossdresser!" (Slam head on table).

Validity as a person of unique quality because of my gender fluidity is important to me as it should be to all of you. The continuation of cast levels in our transgender performance does not help anyone reach their fullest potential. It stagnates and constrains what should be normal gender fluidity for all people of any sex, sexual expressio or gender identity. We need to learn that their isn't and should not be a fence between anyone. Crossdress is just a big fence.
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I do like the term "Gender Fluid" as it crosses the spectrum of male and female, it allows full exploration of our diverse make up. While some males may enjoy wearing dresses and skirts some also like the more masculine type of clothing such as pants or short shorts with blouses. It still allows each person to dress as comfortable as they wish.
Genderfluid is a great umbrella! Personally, I'd prefer no labels, like when the day comes that we don't call it anything but marriage, intimacy and self expression. I believe feminine and masculine exist, I just don't believe that they should be attached to someone's genitialia
Heart Dreaming of a softer more loving caring and nurturing kind of world Heart

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