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Superior Supervised Masturbation
(02-11-2017, 09:05 PM)micheleFFS Wrote:
(02-11-2017, 08:23 AM)Brigitte Wrote: Cuando los hombres entienden que su pene no es el centro del universo y que tienen otro montón de zonas y rodenas y puntos de placer, que va a ser como nosotros. Hay que educar a los que su pene y el placer que pueden conseguir con ella es algo que nos pertenece como madre, hermana, novia, etc ...


estoy de acuerdo en que los hombres necesitan aprender a dirigir su energ√≠a sexual para las hembras superior en sus vidas. ¬ŅC√≥mo se hace esto con su hijo? A todos nos gustar√≠a saber todos los detalles que importan para decirnos.

Estoy de acuerdo En que Los Hombres Deben Aprender a dirigir v Do Energ√≠a sexual de un Las hembras Superior En sus vidas. ¬ŅComo haces ESTO con tu hijo? Todos nos gustaria conocer any detalle que te importa Que Nos Dicen.

My son is 13 years old, there are things I can not put publicly.
Being forced to masturbate is an exquisitely humiliating experience. There is no question as to who is in charge, and I've always found the mess it makes quite shameful.

For me, though, it isn't always necessary to be naked. Being dressed in a bra and panties, and having to pull down the front of my panties in order to play with myself, can be even more embarrassing.

Similarly, if I've been put into a nappy and baby knickers, being forced to rub myself to climax through my nappy is utterly humiliating.

I have also been forcibly masturbated during a spanking. If the spanks are applied just so, and in the right rhythm, I can find myself helplessly getting aroused. Being spanked into orgasm makes me feel completely sissyish and pathetic.
Heart Sugar and spice and all things nice Heart
This is a very common form of release for me, and while it seemed a little humiliating the first few times, i have come to enjoy it. Very early in our marriage, when I was essentially begging for some relief, my wife would acquiesce from time to time and say "okay, I'll pull it for a minute". She would have me strip a lay down in the bed. She would sit on the edge of the bed, and often I was so excited that usually in less than a minute I would begin to reach orgasm. At the last moment I would instinctively lift my hips off the bed, and with her pointing my penis directly at my face, leaving my face, breasts and tummy quite a mess. She rather enjoyed the first time my lips took a direct hit, and that became the goal each subsequent time. Anyway, those such sessions quickly evolved into greater participation from me. First, since she knew my nipples were sensitive, she instructed me to play with them while I was being masturbated. Then she switched off, and she played with my nipples while I masturbated. Realizing she was in the line of fire, she backed away. So there I was, at the peak of excitement hips high in the air, masturbating to climax all over my face and breasts, while my wife stood next to the bed watching. That was the tipping point. Realizing she could accomplish the same thing with less participation, the next time around, she simply said "I'll get you started". Again fully nude, I was on the bed, and with out even sitting, she reached down and stroked it for 15 or 20 seconds and had me take over. She would have me sick my fingers while masturbating, and play with my "titles". Then she would encourage me to "open wide" as my orgasm approached. Sorry for droning on. With some steps along the way, now this is the routine. She'll smear a bit of lavender scented moisturizer on my hands and say "get started, I'll be there in a minute". She would enter, I would be masturbating. She would instruct me to lick my lips, suck my fingers, play with my tutors, touch my bottom, etc. Eventually I would climax all over my face- as much in my mouth as possible. She would say "good girl" and leave me to clean up my mess. Often she would be on the phone with a girlfriend or her mother, and it was obvious they knew what was going on. While it may be humiliating, the orgasms are fabulous, and I look forward to next time. !!!
Her making you open your legs when you masturbate is nice. She's teaching you that you're a sissy, opening your legs as if to be penetrated. Does she ever use a dildo on you? I can come even as a dildo just touches my bottom.
Heart Sugar and spice and all things nice Heart
Yes Ali, a dildo is incorporated from time to time during supervised masturbation sessions. In those instances, she usually has me sucking on it while masturbating. As for my bottom, she does penetrate me with dildos, but not during my masturbation time. It's usually as a prelude to a pegging, which I quite enjoy!
When younger i was masturbated . I couldn't do it for myself so it really was supervised . I think i was in my late twenties before i masturbated on my own . It just wasn't the same . I orgasmed but there was someting missing .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
Even with the hormone treatment Jacky could still make lots of spunkies for Granny .

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Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel

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