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Forced to make my own frilly panties
One of the many punishments I suffered as a child was being forced to make my own frillly panties. 

I had been petticoated from an early age when my mother deemed it necessary, and slowly got used to the humiliation of being made to wear my little sisters's clothes. 

As I got older Mummy continued to dress me in girls' clothes, especially younger girls' clothes. It actually got to the point where when I was being punished I'd be dressed in clothes more suitable for a girl even younger than my sister, who's two years younger than me. 

Of course, such clothes weren't always easily available, so Mummy firstly took to making me such clothes herself, and then forcing me to learn how to do it. 

One one occasion she decided that I should learn to make my own frilly panties. 

She bought me a pair that were white, cotton and called 'tanga briefs'. They had a full front but a very narrow bit between the legs before opening out towards the waistband. They weren't quite as skimpy as a thong, but not far off. 

She bought me a length of frilly trim which I was to sew onto the leg holes and waistband. She showed me how to stretch the panties over a formed wire coathanger before sewing the frilly trimming on. She explained that this was necessary so that my panties retained their stretchiness in the legs and waistband. 

It took me over an hour to sew the frilly trimming in place, and all the while I had the added humiliation that once I'd completed the task I'd be required at some point to wear the ultra frilly garment. 

I showed Mummy what I'd done, and she was very complimentary, but told me that three layers of frills were required, not just one. So, crestfallen, I went back to my humiliating task until it was completed. When it was done it seemed to me that there was more frothy frills than actual panties. Mummy was delighted. She took me upstairs to try them on. 

As she drew them up my legs I could feel the frills tickling my legs, and as she pulled them finally into place the masses of frills tickled my bottom too. I could see in the mirror that all you could see on my bottom was a thick line of frills sticking out from between my cheeks. My actual cheeks were fully exposed, allowing Mummy to administer my spanking without having to take my knickers down. 

She seemed delighted with my new frilly panties. 
I liked your story Smile
It is a shame Ali, that you didn't attach a photo of the frilly panties which you made.
Ali, many mothers or grandmothers require their petticoated princess to learn knitting or sewing. Once they master this skill the next step is making his own dresses and frilly panties. In addition to learning such a feminine act the boy is literally petticoating himself. Being kept in younger princess dresses while your sister is allowed more grown up clothes is very humbling. In many modern households being kept in ultra frilly dresses is even more humbling since girls usually where pants.

Heart In the long run, would you agree that learning to sew was a very good skill to learn? Though embarrassing to sew your own frilly panties, there had to have been a point of pride for a job well done. It's paradoxical, but maybe that is precisely what your Mum had in mind.  Blush We sissies are nothing if not paradoxes. In all the years i was single, i never learned to sew. I wish i had. It is one of the domestic skills i did not learn at my mother's knee. She taught me some important ones, but not sewing. I suppose, however, it is never too late to learn. Do you have a machine, and if so, do you sew much? I can barely sew a button back on  Undecided
Angry "Why you naughty little sissy!!! Bring me a fresh diaper and then fetch the paddle!!!"  Angry
Certainly your Mom taught you a very valuable skill in sewing Ali! And, requiring you to make your own "sissy panties" obviously reinforced your position as a sissy and petticoated/disciplined boy...indeed you took what was already a feminine garment to begin with, and added the frills to make it an extreme sissy panty. It may have seemed hard and embarrassing at the time, but I'm sure you recognize today just how fortunate you were to be raised in such a loving, caring manner!
Learning how to sew has been so good for me that it's hard to list the benefits.  To name a few:
  • There's the size problem.¬† Women's dresses off the shelf just don't fit right, and we all know how hard it is to find a bra that fits.¬† Even panties can be modified to accommodate (perhaps caged) sissy clitties and bits, and pretty custom cloth diapers far surpass anything available on the net.¬† Searching the net for patterns and lessons opens up a whole new world of sissy attire for me.
  • Idle hands make an idle heart.¬† I'm minded of a certain sissy on another thread here who makes sticky messes when forbidden to do so.¬† I find that keeping my hands occupied with practical tasks takes my mind off of "other" things.
  • Sometimes activities such as sewing and knitting are used as punishments, and they may seem so at first to former males who think of them as "only for girls".¬† If so, it's discipline with useful results.
  • As mentioned above, actively participating in our own petticoating makes us more docile and accepting of it.
  • Eventually there's such a thing as sissy pride, which is NOT an oxymoron.¬† The satisfaction of a job well done, of accomplishment, certainly makes me proud.¬† Proud that I have replaced bad behavior with good.¬† Proud to have a task that is no longer a punishment (if it ever was).
In short, sewing is simply one of the best ways we can use any time we have that is not taken up in service to our Mistresses.
Wow, Sissy Renee! What an articulate in depth description. Awesome.
I agree with Gina, Sissy Renee! Very nicely make some great points that all sissies can learn from! Thank you!
I agree that sissies should learn to sew as well as other similar skills but I don't see where this should be considered punishment. Any skill is an asset and sissies should be thankful that their Mistress is taking the time to teach them and I for one would have liked to have been taught such skills. My Wife is an expert seamstress and has a small home based business that keeps Her busy. The one time She tried to help me make a skirt for myself She became very nervous that I might somehow damage one of Her machines and also had little patience in trying to teach me. When it became obvious She was frustrated with me being all thumbs I knew it was best for me to let Her finish my skirt which She was happy to do.

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