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Having my son's ears pierced
(02-27-2017, 03:34 PM)Thanks so much for the update Sara. Glad your son loves the earrings. Don\t let any negative pushback slow you down. In later life Adam will look back very fondly on the experience.Easter is coming up, hopefully he gets a beautiful dress with tights and Mary Janes. Wrote: Hey guys. Just a quick update on this thread. Adam has had his ears pierced for almost 2 months now, and he's handled it beautifully. No problems whatsoever. Two weeks ago I finally judged that it would be safe to remove the piercing studs and switch to real earrings. The first pair I tried on him was a pair that I admittedly spent waaay too much on, especially since I got a matching pair for myself, silver bow earrings from Tiffany. I know, I know, too extravagant for a 4yo, but I'm a mom who only has a daughter when her son doesn't feel like being a boy, so I indulge when I can. But seeing him with real girl's earrings was just overwhelming. It just added so much to his girl look. So at first I just hung around the house with him, painted his nails and played with his hair, but finally I couldn't stand it and had to take him out and show him off. I know, not the healthiest of responses from a mom, but we do have the right to be proud, right? So I did his hair in a half-up sort of style with a french braided tail from the crown to pull up the sides so that his earrings would show, but left the back loose and touched up with some quick curls. We went grocery shopping and then to a couple of other stores. We ran into a few people we knew, including one of Adam's daycare teachers, and everyone was so complimentary. Ahhh. It did a poor mom good!  

But long story short, Adam loves being able to wear all sorts of earrings now. So far it's been all simple, low profile styles.  I mean, he is an active kid so elaborate earrings are a bad idea. But I'm glad that he's enjoying them so far and looking forward to years of being able to share this new joy with him. 

(01-05-2017, 05:01 PM)Sara In Charge Wrote: Just wanted to share a little experience from my life. I've talked about my son Adam many times here, and there's also a bit about him on my profile if you've missed other threads. But he's my 4 yo son, and I've committed to allowing him to explore his interest in feminine things. It's probably more accurate to say that I encourage his interest in feminine things, some people might say too strongly. But I've also vowed to always let him make his own choices and to never force him to do anything. Well, at least assuming age-appropriate choices. There are some choices that 4 year old's simply aren't qualified to make. God forbid that I let him choose what he has for dinner every night or how often he takes a bath, lol. 

So starting a couple of months ago, Adam began asking about having his ears pierced. As you might imagine, I was supportive of the idea but wanted him to be sure, so I waited until he'd brought it up a few times. But he was pretty insistent on it, so we approached his father about it. Kyle wasn't too keen on the idea, but after presenting him with the idea that it was a bit hypocritical since Kyle has his ears pierced (twice each), he started to give in. Of course, he probably could have mentioned that I essentially made him get his ears pierced early on in our relationship, but he decided not to go that route. He did try the idea that Adam was too young to take care of pierced ears, but I shot down that argument saying that I'd help and that we could always just take them out if he had trouble. 

So ultimately, it happened and I decided that we'd make a day of it the week after Christmas. A sort of mother-daughter day. So I asked Adam if he wanted to wear a dress on our trip, and he said that he did, so I got him a really darling dress for the occasion. Peach colored, empire waisted, U-neck, sleeveless and with a white cardigan to wear over it. And I should emphasize, this was a huge deal for us because Adam hadn't really been out in a dress very often, and only on shorter excursions, so this was a really big deal, though you never would have known it from his reaction: totally took it in stride. But to make a long story short, it was an amazing day. We had our nails done, took him for a trim (hair lost about 1/2 an inch in length, but looks really sharp and healthy and still about 7" below shoulders), and then went for the piercing. I was worried that he'd be afraid of the needle but our technician was obviously used to kids and it was smooth as could be. 

So right now, we just have simple gold studs while they heal. Probably another 4 or 5 weeks to be safe. But of course, I already have 3 pairs of pretty earrings to swap out once he's ready.   Some little silver hoops, one set of little pearl earring, and a mother-daughter set of sterling bow earrings that I paid waaaay too much for from Tiffany. But Adam is loving his earrings and shows them off to everyone when he gets a chance. He usually gets compliments on them, though there have been some dirty looks shot my way. But I'm getting used to that sort of thing these days. 

Anyway, thought I'd share. Happy New Year to all!


Another wonderful step in his journey!  Slowly and carefully as he feels his way and will someday be the proud sissy girl that he/she wishes to become.   What a wonderful mother you are to allow  him to take it all at his own pace.

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