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How did you get into dressing?
Hi Everyone,

I thought it might be nice to share how we first got into petticoating and dressing. So please feel free to share your experiences if you like.

Mine started when I was 6-7 years old. I distinctly remember the first incident of actually seeming to like the prosepct of wearing items of girls clothing. I had never explored this before myself, I had never felt the urge, however one night staying at my grandmothers changed that.

I was staying with my grandparents as we were moving house and I ended up having to stay overnight as I was not feeling well, which must not have been planned as I had no things. At first my grandmother proposed I just slept in my underpants, she had put my day clothes into the wash by then. However, it was November time so quite cold here in the UK, and I remember being cold in the bedroom. My grandmothers solution was to bring some of my aunties old nightclothes in for me. She claimed that was all she had kept, but looking back I have since thought it rather strange that out of all the items she must have had, including my uncles, she chose those particular things.
They were a nightdress made from pink nylon and about knee length, a housecoat type thing made from pink nylon lacy material and a pair of matching bedsocks, also pink and lacy. My grandmother was very nice but also very strict so once i had asked for some warm things I had no option but to accept them or risk a telling off and spanking from my grandfather. I remember sheepishly having to put on the items and was then allowed bck downstairs for some hot cocoa as a treat. I do remember feeling quite ashamed as I sat beofre my grandfather and one of my grandmothers brothers who was visiting. They did not make much comment though, which again looking back is surprising. Perhaps this sort of behaviour was not uncoommon in the family.
What I mainly remember is lying in bed later wearing the items and feeling quite excited and liking them. I did feel a little regret the following morning when my mum arrived with some fresh clothes.

There were other incidents of forced wearing of my aunties clothes in later visits, which I will recount if you wish. Send me a P.M. if interested.
I stayed with my aunt in Maryland. Someone had stolen my luggage from the bus station. My aunt only had three girls, Connie, Wilma and Rebecca. At first it was just shorts that belonged to Wilma. My aunt didn't have a lot of money as my uncle was in the Air Force, so she couldn't afford to replace my boy clothes. After the first week my aunt found out that the shorts were not in abundance so I had to wear Wilma's dresses. None of the girls made fun of me and Connie thought I looked cuter in the dresses. So for the summer of 1964 all I wore was dresses and panties. Only when it was time to go back to Ohio were my boy clothes returned to me, all washed and fresh. I really enjoyed my stay with my aunt and looked forward to next summer being there.
Its always nice to hear from sissies and their first experiences. How long after these experiences did you start to become a sissy for life?
My wife caught me wearing one of her nurse uniforms while enthusiastically "relieving sexual tensions".

It was one of those "It's not what you think, I can explain" moments which are most definitely exactly what you think they are.

Once I had confessed to her I got turned on by women's work wear, she took the news calmly and began to see how much control she could have over me. Over a period of time it went from her wearing her nurse uniform to bed for me, to me wearing it and then she decided I would make a very useful housemaid.

Now I get to wear a uniform every day while looking after the house and when my wife comes back from work, she becomes the centre of attention.  It works well for both of us.
Always in strict uniform
When i was a young child my older cousin and i used to play dress up games . She would always play the mummy the nurse or teacher and i would always be dressed as the daughter or baby . I would be dressed in all her old clothes in our play and it was commented that i was a lovely little girl .
Its hard to remember exactly how it all started but I know at early age (6 or 7?) i either dreamt or fanatised about older girls dressing me in a nightie. Who they were I cant remember but the either being dressed or the fem domination aspect must have triggered something appealing and has wormed its way into my life ever since. From scavanging for female clothing from wherever and however during my teens (sorry to all women affected by that period). my dressing has progreesed to buying a substantial wardrobe of more clothes than I can get to wear.
I would love dress more often and openly but havent any confidence or anyone to share with.
Longing to serve women
Around the age of three or four exploring the laundry basket, as if destined, pre-disposed to a lifetime of dressing.
Earliest dressing (I really don't remember it well) was when I was four to five, wasn't out of diapers yet so mom hit on the idea of putting me in my sister's old skirts and dresses to make diaper changes easier. Of course, this being the early 70's it was also thought that this might be embarrassing and give me some added incentive to get dry.

At 13, I asked mom what it was like to be a girl and when she couldn't put it into words, she decided it would just be easiest for me to learn firsthand. That turned into years of regular dressing for me.
My interest started about age 5 or 6 and seeing girls doing handstands and seeing the skirt fall to reveal their knickers. Or maybe they had tucked their skirts into their knickers, but still you got a glance at their knickers.
At that time I became fascinated with girls knickers, the most common type at that time being navy blue school type knickers.
I also became fascinated with girls in their school uniforms and often wished I were a girls who could wear those delightful school uniforms, especially with the accompanying knickers.
As I got older, this feeling didn't go away. I managed to acquire some knickers, so I can honestly say that at times, I wore navy blue knickers for school.
Reaching adulthood allowed new opportunities and I acquired full uniforms. I never really grew up in this incarnation and regulary wear my uniforms or other little girl outfits.
(12-26-2016, 06:54 PM)heather Wrote: Similar to Heather I had a early fascination with girls, and particularly their leotards. This started at an early age, Im not sure the exactly, Im guessing 9 or 10?
There was a group of girls in my class that were elite and aloof, they were the most attractive of the class.
Again the memory is a bit sketchy but we had some sort of reguar PE/games lesson with boys and girls together.
Everyone wore normal clothes except for the elite group who decided they would start wearing leotards. This was an eye opener to me. I couldn’t get enough of looking at these beautiful girls in this item of clothing that was completely alien to me.
It made such an impact that one night I tried to emulate the look with a pair of swimming trunks and t shirt only to be discovered by my mother. Maybe my first attempt at crossdressing?
Leotards have continued to be a favourite item ever since. I got my first girlfriend to “make me” model hers and still love the little snigger and giggle of derision she let out as she made stand in front of her mirror.
I still have the fascination for elite superior women too, just a bit older.
Longing to serve women

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