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(06-19-2021, 04:18 PM)Ali Wrote: Can you post the pic, please? It won’t let me access the link.

Of course, sorry the link didn't work!
"Please take Amanda back to the maid's quarters, Yvette.
We have finished 'reminding' her not to be rude to you ever again.  You may deal with her as you wish..."
Artwork by Michel Dumas
What do you think happens to Amanda back in the maid's quarters?

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All sissy-gurls should be pantied, paddled and plugged
Thank you, Trisneill. That’s a delicious image. Such soft silky finery he’s been put into.
That is a deliciously naughty and exciting image. Judging from the expression of the gentleman in the background, I suspect the sissy will be disciplined by him as well. Such fun and humiliation. ❤️

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