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Mummy's little princess
Katie Davies kissed her husband goodbye as he left for his business trip. David hated  leaving his wife and son even for a couple of days. But although Katie loved David, she loved it when he went away. Because when he was away it meant that she could have some time with her little princess. 

Katie had always wanted a daughter. She'd dreamed of all the pretty dresses she'd buy her and the fun Mummy daughter times they'd have. But after Alistair was born complications meant that he'd be their only child. And while she loved him, she was desperately sad not to have had the daughter she'd always wanted to treat as her little princess. 

She couldn't remember when she'd first thought of her plan. And for a while she tried to put it out of her mind. It was crazy. What if someone found out? What about if David found out - why would he say? And anyway, how could she keep such a thing secret?

But she couldn't get the idea out of her head. And when a few years ago David had got a promotion which meant he'd have to be away from home a bit more she took it as a sign that she should put her plan into practice. It'd just be the once, she told herself. And Ali was too young to really know what she'd be doing. 

So she did it. David said he was going to be away for a few days in two weeks' time. She decided this would be her chance. Ali was only two at the time, and still in nappies. She went out and bought all the things she would have loved to dress her baby girl in. 

As soon as she was sure David was away she called Ali to her and gave him a big cuddle. "Now, Ali," she explained. "Mummy's going to play a dress up game with you. Does that sound like fun?"  The toddler, keen to please his mother, smiled and threw his arms around her neck. 

Feeling somewhat guilty, but also intensely excited at what she was about to do she took the boy upstairs to her bedroom. Sitting him on her bed she retrieved the suitcase from its hiding place. She opened it and took out the clothes she'd bought for him and laid them out on her bed. 

She stood him up and took down his little towelling shorts and plain white waterproof pants, and pulled his t-shirt over his head. 

In their place she put him into a pair of Disney princess plastic knickers, with little frilly trim around the waist and legs. Over them she put him into a pair of pale pink frilly bottomed tights. They were too young for a two year old really, even a two year old girl, but they were SO cute. His outfit was finished with a little pink dress which didn't quite cover his frilly bottom. 

She brushed his hair and put a couple of hair slides in to make it look a bit more girly, and her heart skipped a beat as she finally had the little girl she'd always wanted. 

That was six years ago. She'd kept him in nappies for as long as she could, loving how easy it was to transform him into her baby girl, and how cute he looked with his padded frilly bottom poking out from under his dress. 

By the time he was five, however, and starting school, she conceded that she couldn't really keep him in nappies any more, so she'd have to say goodbye to her little baby girl. 

For a while that was the end of it. But she missed having their dress up sessions, and one day decided that just because Ali wasn't in nappies any more didn't mean he couldn't be her little princess. 

She went out and bought him a pack of knickers, and some tights, a couple of dresses and a few other bits and pieces. 

And so the next time David went away Ali was taken into his mother's bedroom and she asked him if he'd like to play a dress up game again. Once again, eager to please his mother, he agreed. 

She stripped him naked, putting his boy clothes straight into the laundry basket. "You won't be needing this for a little while!" she smiled. 

Putting her son into knickers for the first time gave her a real thrill. The ones she selected as his first were bright pink, with white lacy trim and a little white rosebud on the waistband. 

"Don't they feel nice?" she asked, patting his bottom. He smiled and nodded. 

Next came his vest, a white lacy one with pink straps. And then she showed him the white ribbed tights he was to wear. She showed him how to roll them up and poke his toes into them so that he could pull them up more easily. But in the end she couldn't stop herself helping him finish off putting them on, making it into a little game where he jumped up and she tugged the tights up over his panties. 

She felt a warm glow looking at him in his girly underwear. She decided there and then to 'let' him grow his hair longer, so that she could do that in a more girly style too. 

She chose one of the dresses she'd bought him and slipped it over his head. It covered his bottom this time, but it was still quite short, much shorter than a five year old girl would have worn. But she was delighted how cute he looked in it. 

Looking back now she couldn't remember when she'd decided to go another step and take Ali out while he was dressed as a girl. But she remembered their first trip out as Mummy and daughter like it was yesterday. 

She'd put him into his usual pretty girly underwear - knickers, vest and tights - with a red corduroy bib fronted dress and white blouse. She'd had to buy him some shoes too, and had chosen black patent leather Mary-Jane sandals for him. 

By now his hair had grown enough for her to tie it into two bunches at the back. She was bursting with pride at how girly he looked. 

Ali wasn't at all sure about going outside dressed as a girl. He felt humiliated when his mother made his wear frilly underwear and dresses, but he could kind of cope with it at home. Going outside, though, where other people would see him! What if he saw someone they knew?!

His mother told him it'd all be fine, and didn't he want to look all pretty for Mummy when we go out? But he wasn't convinced. 

It was then that she decided to give him an ultimatum. "If you don't go and put your shoes on right this minute ready to go out I shall spank your bottom for you!" she said. 

Ali was completely taken aback. Mummy never spanked him. Why would she spank him now? She took his hesitation as a sign of defiance, and grabbed his arm to haul him across her lap. 

She pulled his dress up over his waist to reveal his bottom, his red knickers clearly visible through his white tights. "As it's your first spanking," she explained "I shall let you keep your tights and knickers on. But the next time you earn a spanking it'll be in just your knickers, and the time after that it'll be in your knickers for the first half and then on your bare bottom. Do you understand?" He tearfully nodded and awaited his humiliating fate. 

She gave him six hard spanks before standing the tearful boy up and smoothing his dress down over his bottom again. 

He meekly went and put his shoes on and steeled himself for the humiliation of being taken out dressed as a girl. 

They'd gone clothes shopping. The only good thing about it was that they'd gone to another town, so there was little chance of seeing anyone they knew. But that didn't stop Ali feeling utterly humiliated having to walk around in his dress and tights. His mother even made him try on a couple of dresses and skirts, and she wouldn't let him draw the curtain in the changing room, so the other mothers and little girls saw his girlish underwear. Fortunately he was quite tiny for a boy, so there were no unsightly bulges to give the game away. 

Since then it had become a regular thing for them to go clothes shopping together. It had also become increasingly common for his mother to spank him when he was dressed as a girl. It had almost got to the point where Ali associated being put into panties with being spanked. 

It also seemed to be the case that the longer this whole dressing up game, as his mother still liked to refer to it, went on the more she seemed determined to make him not just her daughter, but her little princess. 

He'd got older, but the outfits she made him wear seemed to stay the same age, or even get younger. Since he'd been forced to dress as a girl he'd started paying more attention to why girls wore, and he was convinced that what he was being made to wear was more suitable for a girl at least two or three years younger than him. 

His mother dismissed his protests as nonsense, although she knew that he was right. And that gave her another idea. 

She'd previously only dressed him up during the day, allowing him his own pyjamas to go to bed. But now she thought maybe it'd be nice to get him some nightwear too. 

So the next time they went shopping it was for something for him to wear to bed. She was delighted at this new avenue for making Ali her little princess. Ali was abject at this further humiliation, and when they finally went out it was only after yet another spanking. 

She chose two night time outfits for him. One was a very short baby doll nightie - pink, with frilly trim round the hem and lacy shoulder straps. It had a bunny rabbit picture on the front. 

The second was a top and shorts, decorated with Disney princesses. The shorts had an elasticated waist, but also elastic around the leg holes. It made them look like bloomers. Or.. Katie tried to think why they reminded her of. And then it struck her. Of course! They were like his first baby knickers. 

And then her mind started wandering. What if she could have her little baby princess back again?! Wouldn't that be so sweet? She'd kept all his princess clothes, but she was sure his old baby knickers and nappies wouldn't fit him any more. What a shame. But she kept thinking about how nice it would be to have her baby back again. 

When they got home they had their tea and then she said she'd like Ali to get ready for bed, then they could cuddle up on the sofa and watch TV for a while. 

Ali was desperate to get out of his dress and tights, so readily agreed. He'd forgotten that he now had girly nightwear too. 

After tea his mummy took him upstairs and took off his dress, tights and vest, leaving him in just his knickers. She then held up both his new nightwear items and asked him to choose one. 

Not wishing to wear either of them he asked if he could just wear his regular pyjamas. And it was as a result of that that he found himself once again across his mother's lap receiving a sound spanking, firstly with his knickers still on and secondly with them tugged down round his knees. 

His mother then decided he'd wear his little nightie, and put him into it. It was short, only just covering his knickers. When he was cuddled up on the sofa his knickers were in full view. Katie beamed at how accepting he now was of his girly clothes. 

And yet she still yearned for her baby princess back. When she'd put him to bed she decided to have a look in the internet for what she wanted. So it was that a few days later a package arrived, which she quickly put into her special suitcase, and waited eagerly for David to go away again. 

When he finally did Katie could barely wait for evening. Of course she enjoyed putting Ali into one of his pretty dresses, but it was his nightwear she was really looking forward to. 

As soon as they'd had their tea she suggested he get ready for bed. By now Ali was used to the humiliation of his little nightie or his sissy pyjamas. But he had no idea what awaited him today. 

They went upstairs and as usual his mother opened her special suitcase. "I've got something special for you to wear to bed tonight, Ali!" she beamed. "You won't be wearing your knickers to bed. You're going to be my little baby princess again, just like you used to be. Isn't that nice?!"

She held up the nappy she'd bought for him in one hand and the baby panties in her other. The baby panties were just like the ones he'd been put back into as a two year old - pink, with masses of frills over the bottom and leg holes. 

He wanted to protest, but Mummy's spankings hurt, and he didn't want yet another one. So he meekly lay on her bed and let her pull down his knickers and pin him into a big thick terry nappy, followed by his frilly baby knickers. 

His baby doll nightie didn't come close to covering his baby knickers, and Katie smiled happily at the sight of Ali in his little baby outfit again.
I love this story.
Thank you, Kelly! There are a couple more snippets I'll add when I get a chance.
What a lucky boy. An so cute too. would love to be his brother/sister.
I was never spanked or forced to dress . I do know from experience the pleasure of knowing that you are a special little princess and the feeling that you are beautiful and adored .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
Wink Another great story Thank you xx
Do feel free to add one of your wonderful illustrations, D. x

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