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Adult sized plastic potty
Does anyone know where you can buy an adult sized plastic potty

Adequate for a sissy male to sit on under my watchful gaze and perform both number ones and twos?

It needs to be sturdy and hopefully be in pink

The top would cut into sissies  bottom if sat on it for a while

Big enough to hold an adult sized make number 2

God knows how they produce so much poo!

Just maybe you could get a 3D printer to make one ?
Perhaps an architectural design company may have a dummy potty for home interior display ?

But my feeling is why not just have the sissy male who is already being humiliated to use a
simulated potty just by wearing the padded panties - YES diapers bulky with ruffled frilly lacy
detailing on the bum end diaper cover.
Oh did I mention about them being LOCKED ON preventing sissy's own changing !
Always must ask for the KEY (pretty please and curtsy) to change or go to the loo !
How amusing to change diapers when wearing a full petticoat with all that ruffled frilly stuff
in the way !
A new Mission Impossible scenario ! LOL !
You might consider a Porta-Potty.  Here's a Walmart link that shows some.  I don't see any in pink, but you could paint one any way you like, with flowers and animals and anything else you think appropriate.
You have the option of a toilet training seat - they come in Disney Princess etc styles. One big advantage is the ease of clean up.
Toilet training seat on top of a cut down bucket...
Sissy Renee is right. At the Walmart link they have a number of potties that are for adults, but fold up for easy storage if you wish. They have plastic bags under them for quick disposal, but others have plastic pots. The portable adult potties have the advantage of being very low to the ground (some were only 14 in.) meaning your sissy must sit in a very humiliating posture under your watchful eye. And, of course, any of these potties can be decorsted by spray painting, or nursery decals or stickers, etc. You can probably put a child sized potty training seat on the seat it already comes with to further make "her" potty that much more uncomfortable and embarrassing.  Heart Heart
Good luck, 
Angry "Why you naughty little sissy!!! Bring me a fresh diaper and then fetch the paddle!!!"  Angry

I have 2 Winny the Pooh Bear Potties that support an adult as you can see in the picture.

Its so much fun sitting on one and doing both 1 and 2.

You can get some basic potties for adults on Amazon . A little spray paint and some stickers will sissy them up .
If you can get hold of an old commode chair, the one with a metal frame where the pot sits in under the removable seat .. (And this is something that I have thought about making my self) You can shorten the metal legs, saving the plastic foot caps to put back onto the new shorter legs later ... Remove the back rest, and arms and re cover these along with the removable seat in a nursery print vinyl, then re attach them after re spraying the frame in a nice baby pink or blue using either normal car paint or plasticoat spray, this would be a very simple and relatively cheap way of making a sturdy adult potty chair, which also doubles as a useful nursery seat ..!
I too have always wished I could find a proper adult toddler sized potty. Sorry, not ones made for adults, to clinical! There just are none made like that. I am in the process of making do with a baby bjorn smart potty, purchased at Walmart on line. They come in lots of fun colors, and have a cute bear on the front. Now the hard part, obviously it's Made for a child. So, I thought I could modify it. At least modify the height. I thought I could add to the base to bring the height up. This might also allow me to make the bowl larger, so it will hold a larger amount. It is due to arrive on Thursday, then I can see what might work. 
I wanted a potty that you need to be made to squat on, that's why I choose the baby bjorn smart potty. 
Some day, I may tackle making an adult sized juvenile wooden potty chair.

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