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My Goal - Feminization of All Males
(01-08-2017, 08:50 PM)Sara In Charge Wrote:
(01-08-2017, 05:43 PM)andy Wrote: Sara,  I am sure you had a most enjoyable time browsing the catalog did you have Kyle viewing it with you and getting his views on what your thoughts were that  would be appropriate for him,or are you keeping it as a surprise ? I would think that all musculinity would be lost when dressed in such as the Thumbelina and would produce a very compliant Kyle

Oh no, Kyle definitely did not browse with me. There's a delicate balance in our relationship. While we both enjoy the things I talk about here in our personal lives, and while Kyle has definitely learned to embrace his Heather alter-ego, the vast majority of our life is pretty darn normal and boring, and Kyle goes through it as a male. And I will add, he's quite effectively male. He has some naturally feminine tendencies, but I think that most people, even those closest to him, would still be shocked to know about Heather because Kyle is pretty good at being a guy. He plays sports, drinks beer, watches football, and hangs out with his guy friends. He's also an athlete, or was in college, a competitive x-country runner, and these days he dabbles in triathlons but isn't as competitive because he doesn't really have the time to train like he needs to. But my point is, he's very much a guy. In some ways, it's that way because it's practical. We have work, we have a family, and we have lives outside the bedroom that are just so much easier if we conform to some society norms. And honestly, I actually like that male side of him. It may seem odd to say, but I'm actually equally attracted to his male side. Or maybe a better way to say it is that him having a male side makes the times I take control and force him into his Heather role that much sweeter. Oh, I always maintain a little bit of control. He's almost always wearing panties and I keep his toenails polished to match mine, and he keeps his hair long (and growing longer again!) because I want him to. But the times when we really get to play are few and far between; much fewer now that we're parents. And actually that's one reason that I want to get this dress for him is that I think we've been a little remiss in our attention to that side of our lives and could use a little spark. I think that this will be a fun one.  

Well, as usual I wrote a novel and wandered a little off topic there. But it all sort of goes to answering the original question: it's a complicated interplay between male and female with him. From my experience, other than the little girly things that I impose on his daily life like his panties and toenails, it's more fun for both of us to make the transition abruptly, to almost pretend like Heather doesn't exist, and then to bring her out in full force. Does that make sense to anyone but me? Well, doesn't matter. It only needs to make sense to me and my husband. 

Sara, you are completely correct. Nobody else needs to be accepting of what the two of you do. You are a married couple, and we are fortunate enough to live in a place where these things are perfectly legal. There are plenty of people out there who will condemn you for what you do in private, they can all go to hell!!!

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