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My Goal - Feminization of All Males
Well, I certainly have a more moderate opinion than RF here, but also respect her view. First, I totally agree with her, there is a patriarchy here in the US. Now, as others pointed out, there are other countries in the world where the patriarchy is much, much stronger and I truly feel for those women. However, it certainly exists here in the US. In my own field, top positions are all still predominantly occupied by old, white men. However, in my field (science), that is changing and is largely a product of history rather than current oppression of any sort. While the most senior people in my department and college are all white male, the generation about 5 years behind them is actually an even male/female split, and then by the time you get to my generation, females outnumber males. However, that doesn't mean that testosterone-centric attitudes don't still permeate things, because they do. I could go into the 10s of ways that I see it on a weekly basis but won't bore you with that.

To me also, the ideal society is one of equality, but only if we have TRUE equality. Right now gender ratios may be evening out, but the underlying attitudes of male dominance are still pervasive. Essentially women like me, and especially the generation of women before me, succeeded in a man's world by learning how to behave more like men. RF argued that we've tried equality and it doesn't work, but I'd argue that we haven't tried real equality. Equality is when feminine traits are valued as highly as male traits, where accomplishing things with grace and charm is respected as much more more than bullying people out of your way, where a man coming to work in a dress is as respected as me showing up in slacks. Though you'll hardly ever catch me wearing slacks. I actually go out of my way to be feminine at work. I'm probably in dresses 4 days a week, usually with my nails done and perfect makeup and hair. But woe be to them who think that this woman is soft or somehow less capable because I enjoy looking girly. People made that mistake with me early on, but they know better now.

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