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Caring For Your Delicate Things
One of the first things I learned or rather was taught was the proper care of our delicate lingerie and fine washables. Lets face it, it's expensive to be feminine, another area where women pay more for what they wear than men but that's another topic. Taking proper care of our pretty things will have them last much longer so it's essential to be gentle with them. My routine is two nights a week I hand wash our things at the kitchen sink. Lights and darks are kept apart, you don't want to put something dark that might loose it's colour with your Mistress's favourite pink bra. I soak things in cool water using a mild detergent like Woolite for about twenty minutes and then rinse them in cold water wringing them out very gently then rolling them in a big fluffy bath towel to get out the remaining water then hang them on the shower curtain. Sweaters are done much the same way except they shouldn't be hung to finish drying but rather placed flat on a proper rack.

Maybe I should have called this thread Maid Duties 101.   Wink
This is a nightly task for me, and I greet each day with the reminder of who I am with my delicates hung to dry in my bathroom.
(12-22-2016, 07:47 PM)Sissy Renee Wrote: This is a nightly task for me, and I greet each day with the reminder of who I am with my delicates hung to dry in my bathroom.

I must admit it's a lovely sight first thing in the morning. Seeing my pretty things along side those of my Mistress reminds me of my place as Her servant and I happily gather our things and neatly fold them and place them in our respective lingerie drawers. That is of course once She's awake so as not to disturb Her.
I remember sitting at the kitchen table with my cousin . A tub of warm water with Lux flakes and my aunt teaching us how to hand wash our delicates .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
Washing intimate apparel is so much fun and rewarding when done for a Superior.
Thank you Jennifer for sharing your're quite right...feminine finery needs to be properly cared for to keep it in fine condition and prevent damage. I wash delicate panties and bras once a week, and of course air dry.
I wonder how many of us (and you know who you are!) have panties with stains that won't wash out?  Stains that result from dribbles or worse, nasty boy habits.  Does this call for discipline?
I believe sanitary napkins might be the answer for sissies who can't control their dribbles and stain their panties! And yes, I have a pair or two with those stains! I have no doubt if a sissy knows her dribbling stains panties, and stains them again (because she was not wearing a sanitary napkin), then discipline would be appropriate!

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