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Forever a baby, part 1
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Date Posted: 09:35:31 05/02/16 Mon

I'm fully conscious as the plane goes down, smoke pouring from both engines. People are screaming. The captain is urging us to stay calm. There's jungle for miles around. I briefly wonder what the chance of any rescue teams finding us are.

I black out as the plane hits the top of the trees and comes to a juddering and destructive halt. 

When I come to I'm in a small clearing. It's hot. I realise I'm naked - my clothes must have been torn away in the impact. And I'm sore. Oh so sore. Everywhere hurts. 

I look around to see if there are any other survivors. If there are I can't see them. I try calling, but my mouth is too dry to speak. I know I must find water, but my head is so groggy. I start to black out again. As I do I fear I'm hallucinating. I can see some women coming towards me, but they're huge. They look like they're thirty feet tall. It's my final thought as I black out completely. 

The next time I come to I'm not in the jungle. I can't quite work out where I am. I'm indoors and it's dark. I'm on something soft. And smooth. Silky smooth. 

I realise my pain has gone, but I'm feeling tired. No, not just tired, kind of, sleepy, subdued. Like I've been given a hefty dose of painkillers. That's it! I must have somehow been rescued and I'm now in hospital. Oh thank goodness! I'm saved!

But then something else occurs to me. There are no drips or medical machines. The room doesn't look like any ward I've ever seen. And the bed is, well it's more like a crib than a bed, with its barred sides. 

I move under the silky cover and that's when I realise that I'm no longer completely naked. There's something under my bottom. It feels like I'm lying on a cushion, it's so big. And my legs are being forced apart too. 

Oh my god! I've got a nappy on! I kick off my cover and see it's not a nappy like those nappies hospitals sometime use on adults. This one is huge. It sticks proud of my body by four or five inches. I try to put my legs together but the nappy is far too bulky. It's just like, like the sort of nappy a baby wears. 

And then the door opens. The woman who comes in is incredibly tall. It all comes flooding back to me. These were the women who I saw as I blacked out before. They're five or six times taller than me. 

The woman says something to me in a language that I can't understand. I stare blankly. She then smiles, leans over and puts her two huge hands under my arms and picks me up. She puts one hand under my nappied bottom and holds my back with her other hand. My whole bottom, even with the huge nappy on, fits easily in her hand. 

She carries me over to a changing table and lays me down on it. I see her go to a drawer and take out a pair of white frilly baby knickers. 

And then it dawns on me. I'm not in a nappy as a precaution in a hospital. This giant woman thinks I'm a baby. She's put me in a nappy because she thinks I'm a baby! And now she's going to put me into frilly baby knickers! Oh my god! No!

I try to cry out, but the painkillers have dulled my speech, and it comes out as just gurgles, very much like a baby. The woman just smiles at my gurgling. 

She slips the baby knickers over my feet and up over my enormous nappy. The knickers are very baggy, but they need to be to contain my nappy. The elasticated legs and waist bite into my thighs and tummy. 

She puts her hand between my legs and picks me up again. She takes me over to a chair and sits down, positioning me carefully on her lap. Then she produces a baby bottle full of what appears to be milk. 

I try to resist; I don't know what's in the bottle. But my resistance is completely futile, just like a, well, like a baby trying to resist his mother or nanny. 

She forces the teat of the bottle into my mouth and tilts me back in her arms. Her hand is between my legs, cupping my padded bottom. I drink the milk down, finishing the whole bottle. The woman smiles and says something to me. I've no idea what it is. 

She stands up with me still in her arms and takes me back to the crib. I'm feeling sleepy as she puts me down into it. The last thing I remember is her pulling the white silky cover up under my chin, as I drift off to sleep.


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