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Corner time
(12-25-2016, 09:48 PM)Silymaid Wrote: Gosh Miss Gemma, it's going to be a very long road if it's taken three years to get this far and she still forgets to do buttons up.....

Three years of chastity, is there a risk she might forget what she has lost? maybe teasing but denying might enforce the lose?

She has still at least nearly 5 school years to complete as she has already served an extra Year as a Remedial because of inadequate performance in Year 1.  She has therefore plenty of time to learn and suffer additionally if she does not.  Shortly she may have to be set back a further year if Helga advises me that this is what she needs for her performance this school year.
Look forward to seeing the report and the decision by Ms Helga.
Your sissy schoolgirl must spend most of her time crying or close to tears. Has she shown signs of repentance and offered her heart felt apologies? What will happen when she finishes school?
She does realise what she did wrong and apologised but sometimes struggles to accept the deserved penance she must now serve.

She is frequently in tears but then she is being punished so her life is humiliating and uncomfortable.

Currently she is serving corner time after my sister gave her one of her regular spankings with a hairbrush.  Hands on head, leaning forward forehead to the wall, pinafore and cardigans pinned up and her two pairs of school knickers around her ankles.  She is snivelling like a small child but then that is what a naughty school girl being punished for her wrongdoings is like.
Miss Gemma, it sounds like you have some sort of punishment for her daily!!! If that is so she must surely be broken by now!!
Does anyone else apart from your sister know about your treatment of your naughty school girl,
Curtsy, missie
Of course she is forced to dress and be treated as a naughty school girl for his adultery and thus is continually being punished.  As a result of her ongoing misbehaviour she has received a caning and two spankings routinely for the past school year even when her behaviour is exemplary.  She of course has a full school timetable to fulfill in addition to doing all of the household work as you would expect for such a naughty schoolgirl. 

Only my sister and I are administering her schoolgirl discipline.
She must have a permanently sore and bruised bottom and legs if she is continuously punished, that is a harsh punishment. She accepts it as her price for being bad?

Have you explored feminising her more, makeup, hair styling, manicures, pedicures and the like? The later she could give!
This program seems quite promising for either the sissy undergoing self-discipline or as an aid to the Mistress, Master, or online disciplinarian overseeing the sissy's training! Would like to read some feedback from those who have had the chance to use it.

Ms Gemma...I always enjoy reading of your discipline of your husband. Surely he has come to regret his behavior, and knowing that he will continue in the punitive lifestyle that you have set for him for several more years must make him quite contrite, Ma'am. I'm sure he is dreading Aunty Helga's input into his correction...I know she's a stickler for sound discipline and petticoat punishment...and I suspect it will not go good for him!

In humble respect,

sissy jamieanne
Just tried this program and it works really well I had more time added because I moved which maid me really concentrate on standing very still. It almost forces you to hold onto the wall to stop any movement as it is very sensitive.

I'm sure my mistress will be using when she finds out I've looked at it.

Sissy Steffi
(12-25-2016, 02:58 PM)Gemma Wrote: She does not enjoy her life as a school girl and she still hates having to wear her uniform.  I think this continuing non-compliance with uniform standards reflects this non-acceptance of her schoolgirl status, of course that as a man he is stupid and careless and unable to cope with having to keep the seams straight on her vest and knickers, keep her tie straight, do up the buttons on her blazer and cardigans and position the elastic on her hat correctly and of course the rules are many and strictly enforced.

He is certainly very hot now in the extra school cardigans but misbehaviour earns punishment.  Currently she is kneeling on a tray of dried peas facing the wall in her uniform and resewing all of the buttons on all of her clothing which is an appropriate reminder to her to be more careful in doing up her school cardigan in future.

Miss Gemma (curtseys) ,

I think your punishment is very just and girls schoo uniforms are the ideal attire for us errat males

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