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Corner time
I just found this site for self imposed corner time,
It looks excellent, cant wait to get dressed and try it properly in highest, tightest heels
Longing to serve women
(12-14-2016, 10:17 PM)sissy maid mary Wrote: I just found this site for self imposed corner time,
It looks excellent, cant wait to get dressed and try it properly in highest, tightest heels

Heart thank you sissy! What a marvelous idea! I can't wait to try it out. Blush Heart
sissy kerrilynn
Angry "Why you naughty little sissy!!! Bring me a fresh diaper and then fetch the paddle!!!"  Angry
That really is a great app.  I love the way you can customize it (Sissy Renee, you have been a naughty girl.  Now get in the corner, drop your panties and lift up your dress).  Another plus is it doesn't have to be self-imposed, Mistress can set it up and doesn't have to hang around since the app detects motion.
I really liked this my dom will use it in the future
My schoolgirl will be spending a few hours of her Christmas day in the corner with her caned behind and legs on display and her hands on her head whilst we eat our Christmas lunch. We were going to give her the privilege of wearing Sunday best but after another undone button on her school cardigan today she will be staying in her school uniform instead.
Gosh.....Gemma, you are really strict!!!
Curtsy......Proper deep one, bit scared....
Despite this she continues to not wear her school uniform with the respect and care it deserves so she is now having to learn another lesson. She will also be shortly writing her report on her behaviour for Helga to review and consider if she should be allowed to go up a year or be demoted so this may be another costly error for her beyond the immediate sanctions she is receiving.

I have sent her to bed in her full schoolgirl uniform including a waistcoat and four cardigans which she will wear for the next 14 days including for her PE lessons.
Doesn't she learn how to dress properly? Perhaps she secretly enjoys your treatment of her....

She must get very hot wearing so many layers of woollen clothes!
She does not enjoy her life as a school girl and she still hates having to wear her uniform. I think this continuing non-compliance with uniform standards reflects this non-acceptance of her schoolgirl status, of course that as a man he is stupid and careless and unable to cope with having to keep the seams straight on her vest and knickers, keep her tie straight, do up the buttons on her blazer and cardigans and position the elastic on her hat correctly and of course the rules are many and strictly enforced.

He is certainly very hot now in the extra school cardigans but misbehaviour earns punishment. Currently she is kneeling on a tray of dried peas facing the wall in her uniform and resewing all of the buttons on all of her clothing which is an appropriate reminder to her to be more careful in doing up her school cardigan in future.
Gosh Miss Gemma, it's going to be a very long road if it's taken three years to get this far and she still forgets to do buttons up.....

Three years of chastity, is there a risk she might forget what she has lost? maybe teasing but denying might enforce the lose?

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