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A question about masturbation
(12-17-2016, 11:25 PM)kerri Wrote:
(12-15-2016, 05:25 PM)Sissy Renee Wrote: I don't think it right or productive to spread myths or lies about masturbation.  It's much more productive to approach the issue honestly, diapered or not.  Instead, we should learn how to deal with or clitties according to our Mistress's wishes.  This includes asking permission, supervision, methods and toys, edging, and cleaning up our mess after, among other things.  The important thing is that we learn we are sissies and our Mistress controls our clitties. for deserved rewards as well as required discipline.

Renee, i was not talking about present day, but rather reflecting on the subject when i was growing up. I don't think i'm out of line to say that Ali was also writing about then, not now. Of course our Mistresses, Mommy's, Domme's (Mommy or otherwise) have ultimate authority over our clitties (large, medium, small, or tiny) but when Ali and i were boys, it was quite a different story.

I have to agree, times have changed. When I was a boy, in order to masturbate, I had to almost sneak  around, make sure I didn't spend too much time in the bathroom, except when I was in bed, then I had to worry about stains....probably some of the same problems pop up for a boy today. Not only masturbation, but subjects concerning Gays, Transgenders, etc...have become almost second nature in today's world....and that's okay.
Quote:Jillian wrote:
Quote:While talking about masturbation, secretly, or as Renee has suggested, as a special occasion in front of females. if needed, how many times do you feel would be adiquate for a boy to masturbate....or does it not matter? Is it better scheduled, is there ever a reason to have to schedule it? Does wearing panrties, other female attire while masturbating, help in formulating a liking for wearing feminine clothes for a young boy? Should it ever be used as a reward?
What I think important is that we learn as sissies that we can't control our messy little urges, that they can lead to bad behavior, and that we need to yield control of them to our superiors.  That little thing between my legs has led me to more trouble and guilt than anything else.  The ladies, though, can use it to improve me, whether as a reward or for discipline.  Frequency, method and attire should be taken from my control, since I've proven I'm not responsible enough to have any control.  My suggestion of a special public event is simply to make it clear to a boy from the start who should be IN control.
I was masturbated every nappy change whether i liked it or not . Later i was masturbated if my aunt or mummy thought i was getting a little too above myself . Being conditioned to orgasm became a bit of a chore believe it or not . Just having even your ability to orgasm when you wanted taken out of your control and taken over and forced on you by strong women was something quite humbling . Especially when done in front of others .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel

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