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The Boys in the Band
The man’s name was Jim. For some reason he wanted me to talk down to him. I noticed that certain words had an almost magical effect on him – words like “skirt,” “punish,” and “spank,” and phrases like “turn you over my knee.”  When such words or phrases were uttered, he immediately became docile and obedient. I became quite good at this, and later became the only female in an "all-girl" orchestra, surrounded by men in skirts.
I must say I enjoyed being surrounded by these petticoated males, and tried my wiles on all of them. I told them that if they were in my charge, I would have them wearing skirts every day, and would punish them all by turning them over my knee and spanking them. Several of the poor boys immediately turned red-faced and ashamed. Others I could see I had caused quite a stirring in their little skirts, and some even had large stains on the front of their skirts. I felt quite superior to these helpless boys, and they treated me as such. I could see that every one of them secretly desired to be kept by me as a girl, spanked for their infractions, and made to wear skirts and be teased and humiliated about their girliness.
I could see that many of the poor boys were suffering and needed an immediate release, but they weren’t going to get off that easy. “You are all naughty little girls and need to be disciplined,” I teased. By now every one of them had a telltale mound, and a couple were actually in tears. I then took each one of them over my knee and spanked their skirted little bottoms. Several of the powerless boys exploded, screaming and kicking in shame and humiliation as I spanked them, and I laughed and laughed at their shame and their tears.
Agreed. Boys like these who can't hide their swishy girlishness should be skirted, pantied, spanked soundly, humiliated if they make a wet spot on their skirt fronts, and then be spanked again, panties down, very sternly and soundly until any hint of a clitty erection is gone in a haze of humiliating pain on their round bottoms.
Angry "Why you naughty little sissy!!! Bring me a fresh diaper and then fetch the paddle!!!"  Angry

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