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Posting Pictures with
I've recently been recommended a picture hosting site called that seems to be a good option for those of us wanting to add pictures to our posts, and it doesn't have links to spam.

Using it is simple. You just set up an account; it requires a name, password and email--that's it, then click on the Upload (from computer) tab at the top;

[Image: oe6wv1a1pbi8a884g.jpg]

Next, click on the Add Files button;

[Image: myzfzqh36p99l7h4g.jpg]

After you select the pic you want, click on Begin Upload;

[Image: tql5gj1adanioel4g.jpg]

Click on 'Share';

[Image: 0frcr9itw952n4c4g.jpg]

Click 'More Sharing Options';

[Image: p76bxp79aaagt224g.jpg]

Copy the last link shown at the bottom and paste it into a forum thread here;

[Image: vb13n73u22vb5li4g.jpg]
That's it. Enjoy!
It seems there is an 'attachment'  option towards the bottom of the page - I'm trying it here.  I'm not sure how much space I have, or if any size restrictions apply.  (Photo is of me, no copyright issues.)

After previewing the message, I see that my image is shown as a thumbnail.

Is there any official help on this topic, btw?

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