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From new member, kerri: The beginning
To those fellow sissies who asked for me to start at the beginning, here is a start. This is actually part of a correspondence I have been having with a fellow member of PDQ. There is much more, and this does not even begin to explain the diaper discipline in my life, but it is a start. 

I was petticoated by my stepmom for punishment. It only happened 4 or 5 times, I think, and daddy never saw me with a dress and stockings on. It started because after church this girl from school was teasing me about being short and how much taller she was. Kids used to play around the back of the church after services while the grown-ups talked together in front. I was nine years old and the second shortest kid in my grade. There were other kids watching and I just got so mad I put my head down like a football player and rammed her in her stomach and she went sprawling on the ground. She looked at me and didn't say anything thing for a second and then started wailing and holding her stomach and crying. I wanted to say I was sorry, but she got up and started running to the front and I saw her dress was all dirty in back. I was so scared and her mom and her came to the back and my mom was with them. and my mom took my ear and I had to say I was sorry and I wouldn't ever do that again. My mom said real loud and I think most of the other kids heard that when we got home she was going to pull down my pants and give me a spanking I wouldn't forget.

When we got home she did pull down my pants and my underpants and she did give me a very hard spanking with the leather belt,  (although she always called it called it the strap).

I used to wear a lot of hand-me-downs and somebody from church dropped off some clothes to my mom while I was still in my room, I guess, because I had not seen the bag  when we got home from church of course, I had other things on my mind at that poin ) In any case, them giving us clothes wasn't that unusual. When mom let me come out of my room she showed me the boys clothes they gave me, but there were also two dresses and anklets and knee socks in with the clothes. I think they were probably for one of my girl cousins because mom used to hand-me-down some of my hand-me-downs if they still had wear in them and I had some girl cousins. I only had my underpants on and mom said that she wasn't done with me and for fighting with a girl I was going to get more punishment. She gave me one of the dresses and knee socks and told me to put them on or I would get it with the strap some more. I think i was shocked and confused. I was able to put on the knee socks myself but I had never worn a dress and she had to put it on me and tie the bow in the back and button the buttons. I cried but she didn't let me take off the girl clothes. She said I looked just like some sissy boy. I think she was disgusted with my behavior, especially since it was at church. I wore the dress and knee socks all the way till bedtime. She kept the dresses and socks and punished me with them 3 or 4 more times. The whole thing made an impression with me and I developed this abnormal interest in wearing girls clothes. What was meant as punishment ended up becoming a fetish for me and many times I have reminisced about how it felt to sit down with a dress on and turn around so it swirled out and all the other feelings. It was very difficult to sort out the fact that her putting me in dresses was supposed to make me ashamed, but I secretly enjoyed it, even though I never told her. Didn't mean to go on so long but there you have it.
Angry "Why you naughty little sissy!!! Bring me a fresh diaper and then fetch the paddle!!!"  Angry
I think many of us can relate to your story Kerri...thanks for sharing.

Sissy Matthew xxx

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