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In the department store .
Was chatting with a friend about being taken to dept stores while dressed as a girl to buy girls clothes as a child .
The one i most remember was in Glasgow . Big brass and glass doors . The bridal and lingerie dept where the sales girls were always dressed to the nines and looked so ethereal and angelic to a little sissy gurl . The square section in the middle of the ladies dept . Each side selling a different thing . One side hand bags gloves and hats . The next fancy foreign cigarettes . Long cigarette holders and ashtrays and lighters . The third side luxury chocolates and the free samples you would beg to be allowed to try . ‚ÄčThe reward for being a good gurl and not fussing about all the dresses held up against you or being dressed in several blouses and skirts by the sales girl and mummy or aunty . And then the fourth side that sold hankies scarves lace gloves and garters .
That little waxed paper cup full of a selection of well cut up pieces of Turkish delight and orange and strawberry creams that you sat nibbling on trying to make them last while trying on shoes that the adults thought were cute and a sales assistant trying to stuff your feet into Mary Janes or sandals while kneeling before you . The feeling of being special and treated like a princess by the shop staff so full of compliments and platitudes about how lovely you look in your panties and camisole . Baby doll nighty or winceyette Pyjamas with the teddy bears rainbows and unicorns . Getting your nappy changed in the ladies toilet . Lying on a vinyl padded bench while ladies chatted and smoked more than did the toilet . The compliments and curiosity when they realised that you were a boy and so well behaved .
Just a few things that came to mind and how things have changed shopping wise .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
Thanks for the memory, Bill. It's amazing how some things are with us forever.

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