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Hello everyone 
I've not been on here for quite a while but I see a pic today 
That summed up how my life went my wife knew about my past with my mum and being dressed now this pic is what happens to me it's the moment she says to me right honey I've invited family and friends to come over and see the real you today you will answer the door to everyone dressed like you are ,enjoy your day

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Great pic. Not dissimilar to the day I had to present my female self to the world aged 18. He’s got the facial expression spot on.  Big Grin
It's been a couple of weeks since my last post its been very strange having my family and friends seeing me all dressed up at home with my partner she invited them all over saying what was going to happen ,that but I didn't know ,I must say my mum, sister and my partner's mum and siblings thought it was hilarious ser by me like this as well as some of my friends , some friends I have lost as they can't believe I am to be dressed like this at all times at home and think I'm queer or a sissy ,only time I am male is for work , was a big step to take ,I've come off Facebook as did get some abuse .now my partner will make me dress next week as a maid for mainly female guest so that could include a spanking , is very much like to know what your opinions on this are please ,thank you
Opinion... Lucky girl. Strut your stuff and except any spanking as a great reminder of your status.
Please tell us ALL about it.
Heart Heart Heart

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