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Not so private punishment
He had thought his punishment was to be private, but his mother had other ideas.

He'd been spanked, and put into knickers and a sissyish dress. Embarrassing though that was, he'd consoled himself with the thought that no-one else would see him in his humiliating attire.

But then there was a knock on the door, and before he could run and hide, he found himself presented to his headmistress. 

She seemed delighted by his fate, and suggested to his mother that they should discuss options to continue his punishment.

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Well I see the obvious for him a new school uniform. What will the other pupils say.
I'm sure they'll tease him mercilessly, but I expect that's what he deserves.
It sounds like the headteacher finding out might just be the least of his concerns - is it about to be the whole school?
I’m sure you are correct Girlygirl. But I suspect he’s not the only sissy at school, so he will make friends quickly. Speaking from experience, betas and sissies gravitate toward one another. Best that he learns his role sooner rather than later, and develops into a proper sissy.

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