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Seeking others for chats
Hi all

I've been a long time fan of petticoating (and sissies) and especially this site but I've neve thought to check out the forum. I am interested in chatting with people about sissies, being a sissy baby or loads of other things.

I am in the UK, mid 30s, I am transitioning and I am about to start on hormone therapy so I'll soon get to my have my own lovely set of boobies and a nice bum. I loooooove humiliation and complete power loss. I also enjoy cooking, writing, and talking about philosophy and spirituality.

If you'd love to chat please do reply here or send a PM.

We recently set up a chat room on Trillian. If you'd like my ID there so you can join us, please send me a private message and I'll give you the ID,
Welcome to the forum from a former petticoatee. I hope you will enjoy reading and contributing to the many threads this gorum has to offer. I’m confident you will find them to be interesting and insightful.
Welcome sissystardust, you are among friends here, many with "like minds," and hope you jump in, "the water's fine" and communicate.

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