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Dressing for Men
Not sure if this belongs here, but it is a confession of sorts I suppose. This is not about cross dressing or being in “sissy” mode in the company of men with whom you may have a relationship. For those of you that are part time, or closeted cross dressers or sissies, the title “Dressing for Men”, refers to how you dress when you are in male mode. 
Over the years, before I fully embraced my sissy nature on a full time basis, to most around me, on a day to day basis, I was just another guy. Despite being in male mode in public, I was very particular about my wardrobe and wanted to look nice. Anyway, there were occasions when men, in many cases strangers, would make flattering comments on my appearance. When the comment was about my body, suggesting I looked slim or slender, or when they asked about what I did (exercise) to stay so fit, I was flattered. And in fact, when I was around those men subsequently, I tried to make sure I was wearing something that was figure flattering. In one case, an older gentleman, seated a few seats away at a bar, commented to the bartender that he would have whatever I was having, because I looked “so slim”. We exchanged pleasantries, and I learned that he was somewhat of a regular at this particular establishment on certain days. Anyway, while I was flattered at the time, I didn’t think much of it later. Then a few days later, after getting dressed for the day, I was thinking I might stop at that same bar after work. It then occurred to me, that I might see that same man there. So I quickly changed into pants that made my ass look better, because that’s the look I wanted him to see. 
This is just one of a hundred examples - and I wasn’t looking for a relationship, but I was very flattered by the attention. I was married at the time, and am again now (to women), but found myself both attracted to, and submissive toward this (and others) man. I thought it was incumbent upon me, to look “good” (sexy) for him. As I said, this has happened with many different men that have shown me attention, and I relished playing that submissive role, almost flirting at times. 
So, this is a long way to a question. Has anyone else out there, while in male mode, dress specifically to gain the favor of, or attention from men?
An interesting angle to dressing, Sissy Pamela. It reads like you are wanting, perhaps even needing, some sort of intimate relationship with men, even if, at this stage, it's just 'flirting'.

To answer your question, no. But I don't mind compliments from anyone on my dress. I can almost guarantee I'll get comments for certain items I put on - shirts, jackets, sweaters, jeans, the list goes on, usually from women, though not exclusively. And I'll compliment people too, male, female, whatever. Have never struck any problems with it.
Know thy self, sissy.  Don't whine, don't pine, learn to expand your mind.   

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