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Babyhood for Billie
Billie was nervous.
And as the 13 year-old boy trailed behind his mother, he grew increasingly nervous as he eyed the numerous cars parked in the driveway of his aunt's house. Clearly, she had company visiting her.

For anyone else, this wouldn't be an issue, but Billie had an troubling tendency to occasionally pee his pants, and his pragmatic mom had responded by putting him in diapers and plastic panties, particularly when he was going somewhere where he might embarrass himself with an accident.
Often, when Billie got excited, or was suddenly surprised, or scared by something, he would wet himself. Not a lot, but enough to cause an obvious dark spot in the front that would be noticeable to anyone around him.

His aunt Wendy knew of his mom's methods and she fully approved--in fact, she kept a good supply of diapers at her house just for the occasions when Billie came over to be babysat by her.

She loved her nephew, but she wanted to make sure he was safe and protected whenever he was in her care.

Billie bit his lip and fidgeted as he imagined the difficulty he was going to have, hiding his crinkly diapers under his jeans from the various women visiting his aunt.

Knocking at the door, his mom held his hand securely as they listened to his aunt's footsteps approaching from the other side. Billie tightened his own grip on his mom's hand as the door opened, revealing a number of women sitting around the living room behind his aunt Wendy.
Seized with anxiety, Billie suddenly felt a hot stream of pee soaking the front of his diapers. He winced as his smiling aunt gazed down upon his cringing visage.

"Well hello Billie, how have you been?" she asked warmly.

Billy was both short in stature and slight in frame so he had to crane his neck upwards to look at his aunt.

He shifted his feet and his eyes darted about as he mumbled something under his breath.

Without waiting, aunt Wendy bent down and undid the snap on the front of his jeans, shamefully revealing the shiny waterproof panties covering his diaper. He squealed as she slipped her hand down the front to feel the warm wetness humiliatingly surrounding him.

"Did Mommy's little boy wet his diapers?" she asked, louder than necessary.

Billie blushed furiously, his cheeks a bright red as he looked away in embarrassment.

"Don't you worry, honey-bunches, I'll get you fixed up right away," she assured him.

Billie was acutely shy and having the backbone of a jellyfish, he was used to being pushed around by others. In fact, his inability to maintain eye contact with people meant that they often took advantage of him--he was unable or unwilling to stand up for himself, and he was often the target of bullies, both male and female at school.

After saying their goodbyes, aunt Wendy led the blushing boy past the group of her girlfriends and down the hallway to her bedroom. He kept his eyes straight forward, studiously avoiding making eye contact with the curious women who's eyes were closely following him.

As they entered aunt Wendy's bedroom, he saw to his dismay that she already had a fresh change of diapers laid out on a changing pad she'd arranged on the bed--three fluffy white rectangles of cotton alongside a colorful pair of yellow, nursery print plastic panties.
Seeing what was in store for him, Billie sniffed a little, feeling sorry for himself as his aunt busied herself untying his sneakers and removing his pants. After folding them neatly and setting them aside, she tugged his clinging white waterproof panties down off his wet diaper, putting them in a bag, before reaching down to undo the pins.

"Poor Billie," she said sympathetically, "you must have gotten excited again, hm?"

The boy was too humiliated to answer properly, and he only managed to mutter something incoherent as she took his soggy diapers down and put them in the same bag as his plastic panties.

Reaching under his arms, aunt Wendy easily lifted the abashed boy up and onto the bed, depositing him onto the fluffy, thick stack of fresh diapers.

"I'll get you all fixed up in a two shakes," she said with a big smile.

Billie cringed as he looked about the room nervously--these were much thicker diapers than he was used to wearing, with a noticeably more prominent center section--they were going to be all but impossible to hide from those around him.

Taking some baby wipes, aunt Wendy cleaned him up before rolling him over to thoroughly coat his bottom with diaper rash cream. Billie wondered nervously if she'd let him stay in her bedroom until her guests left so they wouldn't see the massive bulge under his pants but he was too shy and nervous to actually suggest it.

Rolling him back onto the diapers, aunt Wendy powdered him with lots of babyishly fragrant powder, surrounding him in the infantile scent as she pulled the bunny soft, thick cloth up between his slim legs, forcing them apart as she pinned either side snugly around his narrow hips. Billie whimpered weakly as his aunt performed this profoundly childish ritual and not for the first time, did he find it mortifying that he still needed diapers like a baby.
Shaking out the nursery print plastic panties, she fed them over his feet and then had him stand so she could pull them up his legs.

"I just thought these were so cute," she gushed proudly as she pulled them up past his trembling knees, "I love the playful pattern of the bunnies and rattles."

Billie blushed with shame as he held onto her for balance and gazed at his reflection in the mirror covering the opposite wall. He looked just like a helpless toddler having his waterproof panties pulled up for him by his mommy. He knew he was the only one of his peers still being put in diapers, that was for sure.

He resented that she was using such thick ones for him, when a much thinner diaper would have sufficed, but of course, he said nothing.
Biting his lip, he whimpered again as she tugged the plastic panties up and over the fat diapers, working them around until the elastic waistband was above the top of the bulging cotton cloth.

Sitting him back on the bed, aunt Wendy began tying his sneakers but Billie finally found his voice.

"Wa-wait!" he squealed, "Wh-what about my jeans?"

Aunt Wendy finished tying his shoes and patted the bulky front of his shiny yellow panties, "I think these will be just fine," she grinned, "Plus, it will make changing you much easier for when you wet again."

Billie's cheeks flushed an even deeper red that she had so little confidence in his ability to control himself.

Taking his hand, she stood the nervous boy up on his feet. With just his Superman t-shirt, sneakers, and bright yellow bulging diaper, he looked like any three year-old toddler ready for an afternoon of play.

"Come along, Billie," she said as she playfully swatted his fat bottom, "let's go out to the living room where I can keep an eye on you."

"N-no!" he protested, but it only made him sound weak and petulant.

Using one hand under his bulging, plastic covered rump, Wendy easily pushed the trembling boy out of the room and down the hallway. He stumbled headlong down the hall, unable to stop his inevitable and humiliating exposure. Needless to say, his entrance caused everyone to stop dead in their conversations and stare openly at the freshly diapered teenager.

"Say hi to my friends," aunt Wendy told him.

Billie swallowed hard as a strong, powerful steam of warm pee suddenly surged unbidden into his waiting diapers. He gaped at the women looking back at him with amusement, feeling helpless and very babyish.

"Billie wets his pants occasionally so his mommy has started putting him back into diapers and baby panties," Wendy cheerfully announced by way of an introduction.
She reached down and gave his thickly diapered bottom a playful squeeze which made Billie squeal with surprise. Everyone laughed and giggled as a second stream of hot pee followed the first.

To think that only moments ago, he had walked past these same women and only been concerned about hiding the sound of his diapers under his pants!

"Why don't you sit down and play with your Legos," Wendy suggested as she gently pushed him down onto the floor.

Billie's legs folded under him and he landed with a soggy wet, humiliating squish. Looking up around him, the other women smiled down at him, one of them unable to resist reaching over to pat his cute baby bottom but soon, their conversation returned to their earlier discussions, and they more or less ignored Billie.

It was excruciating for the budding teenager to sit there, with the eyes of these women gazing down at him from time to time at his shameful, babyish circumstances. He could only imagine what they must think of him and he was lost in thought when one of them, a very pretty brunette, suddenly reached down without notice and gave the fat seat of his diapers a squeeze.
"Wendy, I think Billie wet himself," she declared.
Billie's cheeks flushed crimson in shame as his childish condition was suddenly announced to all. And as if in confirmation of her words, as everyone turned to stare at him, he felt another strong stream of hot pee re-warm his already wet diapers.
Wendy rose to her feet and went over to Billie who was cowering on the floor, biting his lip as his cheeks blazed hotly. He looked the other way as she bent down and slipped a finger down the back of his diapers.
"Mm-hm, I think I'll change you and then it'll be naptime for you, Billie," she told him.
As if wearing baby's diapers at the semi-adult age of thirteen wasn't bad enough, now everyone knew he'd be taking a nap just like any other toddler. Billie hung his head low as Wendy took his hand and stood him up, squeezing his diapered seat one more time, as if she wanted to confirm what she already knew. Billie whimpered and made ready to leave but Wendy unexpectedly turned him around to face the gathered women.
"Billie--say goodbye to everyone before you go and then we'll change those wet pampers of yours."
With his cheeks blazing hotly, Billie mumbled something to the smiling females before glumly turning around to return to her bedroom.
"If you'd like, I'd be happy to lend a helping hand," the pretty brunette offered.
"Well thank you," Wendy replied, "that would be wonderful, Gina."
Together, the three of them made their way down the hallway, with Billie waddling awkwardly and his heavy wet diapers swishing between his legs.
Once they reached Wendy's bedroom, she tugged his damp plastic panties down off from the soggy cotton layers underneath. The childish smell of pee surrounded them and Billie felt completely humiliated.
"How old are you Billie...ten?" the stunning brunette asked.
"I-I'm thirteen," he replied in embarrassment.
Both of the women giggled and Wendy pulled Billie's wet diapers off him, exposing his shriveled little penis before sitting him down on a fresh stack of fluffy Birdseye cloth. The sissy teen quickly covering his unimpressive privates with his hands as he squirmed and whimpered, unhappy having this most humiliating ritual exposed to his aunt's attractive friend.
He was already extremely shy and being exposed before this stunning woman was more than he could stand.
"Can you pick out a pair of baby panties for him?" Wendy asked her.
"Sure thing," Gina said as she began sifting through a pile of waterproof underwear on the floor. After selecting a pink pair of rubber panties, she held them up for Wendy to see.
"How about these?"
"Perfect," she said with a smile, "Billie is a chronic bedwetter and he never fails to soak his diapers during naptime--the rubber panties seem to make for a better seal against his thighs."
Seeing his discomfort, the brunette bent over and smiled down warmly at Billie.
"Don't worry, sugarplum--I think you look really cute in your pampers."
Unfortunately, her words provided little solace as Wendy moved his hands away, began powdering his front area, and efficiently pinning his fat, fluffy diapers around his hips.
Seeing a pacifier on Wendy's dresser top, Gina scooped it up and popped it into Billie's quivering mouth. He kicked his feet a little in embarrassed, helpless frustration, but did nothing to remove the pacifier.
"Maybe that will help you sleep easier," Wendy said, beaming down at the fussy, diapered teen.
Gathering the stretchy pink panties in her hands, Wendy fed them over Billie's kicking feet, pulling them up his slim, hairless legs and tugging them over the fluffy bulk around his hips.
"There," she said smiling as she ran her fingers around the soft, stretchy elasticized waistband, tucking in the top of his diaper, "Now you're all safe and protected again."
Billie was crushed with shame as the two of them gazed down on him with amusement, his fat, bulky diapers forcing his legs apart.
"Does he have a nursery at home?" Gina asked.
"No," Wendy giggled, "But he should."
"Well it looks to me like you failed potty training 101," Gina said as she placed her hands on her hips, "If I were your mommy, I'd make you my little baby and start all over again."
Billie's cheeks blazed crimson and he looked away, deeply ashamed at the humiliating picture she was painting. Wendy pulled the covers back and the mattress crinkled under him audibly as he shifted his weight, due to the waterproof cover designed for bedwetters she had put down for him.
Turning the light out, the two of them left the room, leaving Billie to re-live over and over in his mind, the afternoon's traumatic events.
At last, he fell into a fitful sleep.
What a wonderfully humiliating story. It's so shameful being put back into nappies as a teenager.

You're just at the age when you're starting to notice attractive women, and yet poor Billy's first encounter with one is when she helps change his babyish nappy.
Billie woke to the sight of his aunt and her pretty friend leaning over him. Wendy pulled the blankets down, and slipped her finger inside the soft waistband of his rubber baby panties.

"I see that mommy's little baby wet himself again," she remarked pointedly.

Billie cheeks reddened and he bit his lip. He was acutely aware of the strong smell of pee surrounding them and Wendy slid his feet out so she could change his diapers.

"Gina here has agreed to babysit you tonight since your mommy won't be home until late," she told him as she began peeling the stretchy pink latex panties down and off his soggy diaper. Soon, his wet diapers followed the damp rubber panties and his aunt began cleaning his bottom and crotch with some baby wipes.

Billie blushed down to his chest--he was mortified to have his aunt's pretty friend see him like this again, looking like nothing more than an incontinent toddler but he was even more troubled by the thought that he'd be all alone with her this evening.

"Don't you worry, Billie," the gorgeous brunette told him as she looked down upon his bare and bald diaper area, "we're going to have so much fun tonight!"

Billie found the generously endowed woman very intimidating, and her incredible beauty only increased his feelings of anxiety. He wanted nothing more than to run away but Wendy was firmly holding his ankles over his head as she smeared sticky diaper rash cream across his bashful bottom.

"Gina--do you have some diapers at home for Billie? I can let you borrow some if you don't," Wendy offered.

"Oh--don't worry at all--I have a fully stocked nursery that I'm sure Billie here will just love to play in. It's got stuffed animals, dollies, and plenty of diapers for our little bedwetter."

Billie blushed furiously and Wendy giggled, making no attempt to correct her friend's childish appraisal of him as she slid a thick stack of soft, fluffy diapers under his little, upraised rear. He felt utterly helpless as she powdered him thoroughly, surrounding him with the babyish scent, and then pulled the ends of the diaper around his hips, pinning them snugly together. Once again, the bulky cotton cloth forced his legs apart and he whimpered with humiliation.

"I think these plastic panties are just what the doctor ordered," Gina giggled as she held forth a white and pink pair of rumba panties. The seat had playful ruffles covering the upper half, and with practiced movements, she slid them up Billie's smooth, hairless legs.

"I think you're a bit of a sissy, aren't you?" Gina asked, but with a tone of certainty.

Billie's face flushed hotly. He wanted to argue with her but at the moment, he felt like such a baby getting pinned into his big, bulky diapers like an incontinent toddler.

As her fingers circled around his waist, fitting the stretchy panties over his diaper, the distraught teen struggled to speak up for himself.

"I-I'm not a s-sissy," he said in a shaky voice, even as he gazed down on the prissy, babyish panties now covering his fat diapers.

"I think we both know that you are," Gina countered firmly as she began tying his shoes on his feet.

Billie was aghast as he watched her helplessly.
"B-but what about my p-pants?" he squealed frantically, for the second time that day.
It was one thing to be dressed this way indoors but a trip to Gina's house like this?

"We wouldn't want to hide these special rumba panties your aunt bought for you, now would we?" she giggled as she patted the shiny, bulging front of his diapers.
Before Billie could respond, Gina pushed the rubber pacifier she was holding between his quivering lips, putting an abrupt end to his protest before he could reply.
He had never felt so deeply emasculated and defeated.

As the two of them helped Billie to his feet, he noticed he had to stand with his feet apart, so wide was the bulk between his legs.

"That should last you for the ride over," Gina beamed happily at him as she took his hand and led him waddling out of the bedroom. He wanted to spit the pacifier out and jerk his hand from her grasp but she was already firmly leading him out and into the living room. Gina had a strong, forceful character and she was exactly the kind of person Billie always felt unable to stand up to. Like it or not--he was going to get his full dose of humiliation and then some.

Everyone stopped what they were doing to smile as the blushing sissy in his cute diapers and rumba panties appeared before them.

His cheeks immediately flushed an even brighter red as everyone cheerfully waved him goodbye. At the same time, he felt himself helplessly flooding his diapers again, the warm pee quickly soaking the front and gradually seeping back up into his thickly padded seat. With the big rubber pacifier filling his mouth, his squeal of distress only sounded as babyish as he looked, anxiously waving his free hand frantically in the air while the women giggled back at him.

Everything became a blur and before he knew it, he was being whisked outside to Gina's waiting car. The cool air breezed over his bare thighs and he whimpered with shame at being so utterly exposed. He cursed his lack of backbone and he did nothing as Gina sat him in the passenger seat and buckled his seatbelt for him. This forced him to look down the front of her top and he gasped as he stared dumbfounded at her big breasts mashing together. The sight only seemed to further emphasize the vast gulf between their two levels of maturity.
Absently, he wondered if she could smell the pee wafting up from within his diapers.

"Don't worry, sissy," she said as she kissed him affectionately on the cheek, "I live just around the block."

Although he didn't like being called a sissy, his cheeks reddened again at being kissed by such a pretty woman. Up until now, the only other female that had ever kissed him, had been his mom.

Hopping into the driver's seat, Gina started the engine and pulled out into the street.

"I have some really cute outfits for you to try out," she told him excitedly, "Do you like to play dress up?"

Billie shook his head and tried to say no, but the pacifier only made him sound childish.

"All sissies love to play dress up," she continued, answering her own question, "And I have the perfect baby dress for those panties."
She patted his exposed, bare thigh and he felt an electric thrill at her touch.

Billie's breathing increased rapidly and he squirmed nervously in his seat. This was all happening too fast! Who was this strange woman, anyway?

In no time at all, they pulled in front of a modest house and Gina came around to undo his seat belt. He was in the process of doing it himself when she lightly slapped his hands away.

"No baby boy--that's your babysitter's job."

Once more, he felt horribly exposed as she pulled him out of the car, his fat, ruffled diapers fully on display for anyone who happened to be looking. Another stream of warm pee flooded into his diapers and he whimpered in muffled frustration.

Sweeping him into her home, she led him down the hallway into what was obviously a girl's nursery, decorated in colorful pinks and whites. A somewhat large baby's crib stood in the corner and a pink dresser, adorned with cheerful nursery characters was nearby. Billie's tummy buzzed with nervous anticipation as he looked around the feminine, babyish room. He didn't want any part of this and he grew anxious for what she had in mind. He wanted to stand up from himself, but he seemed totally unable to confront this beautiful, intimidating woman.

Gina went over to the closet and picked out a fancy white and pink baby dress, with lemon yellow accents, generously ruffled along the flared hem. It looked just like something a three year-old girl would happily wear on a Sunday picnic.

"Isn't this pretty?" she gushed proudly as she held it up before him.

He shook his head in protest but Gina was already removing his Superman t-shirt. She dropped the frilly confection over his head and then turned him around to fasten the buttons up the back. Billie sucked feverishly on the rubber pacifier filling his mouth and before he knew it, Gina was sitting him down on the edge of the crib mattress.
Before he could stop her, Gina removed his shoes and socks, swiftly replacing them with lacy anklets and a pair of glossy pink Mary Janes.

"That looks so much more appropriate," she told him.

Grasping him by his puffy, short-sleeved shoulders, Gina stood him up before her to look at her handiwork.

"Aren't you just the cutest little thing!" she exclaimed as she hugged him tightly. The emasculated sissy squealed as he felt her big, soft breasts pressing against him.

Billie felt overwhelmed as Gina ushered him over to a full length mirror. He blushed hotly as he beheld his babyish reflection staring doe-eyed back at him. The ruffled hem of the baby dress only came down just past the waistband of his rumba panties, leaving his shiny fat diapers shamefully exposed.

Shaking his fists in frustration, the poor diapered sissy suddenly burst into tears, his pacifier tumbling out of his mouth.

Gina's delicate brows furrowed in surprise.
"Awww, don't cry little baby," she said, her voice filled with warmth and compassion.
From somewhere, she produced a baby bottle full of milk and sitting him back down on the edge of the crib, she carefully pushed the nipple between his squalling lips.

"Here you are my wittle babykins," she said in a syrupy voice for toddlers, "Just what a sissy needs."

Billie sniffled as he nursed from the bottle, feeling very infantile next to this very adult, pretty woman. He wanted to stop her somehow but his mind was spinning in circles.
As she held the bottle for him, he couldn't help but gaze down Gina's top again, feeling overwhelmed to be in such close proximity to such a voluptuous, sexy woman. His tiny little penis, surrounded by warm, soggy wet cotton, twitched anxiously as he stared at the curvy twin mounds of her glorious breasts.

He felt completely incapable of resisting her and her manner made him feel like nothing more than an weak little boy. Gina smiled down upon him, patiently holding his bottle until Billie had finished nursing from it.

"Come along, baby Billie," she said as she stood up and led him out of the nursery.

Taking him by the hand, she took him into the kitchen, his plastic panties crinkling noisily and she helped him climb into a large highchair that was off to one side. His warm, soggy diapers squished beneath him and once again, he breathed in the shameful smell of his own pee.
Gina slid the front tray into place and it locked with an audible set of clicks, effectively trapping the diapered boy in place. Squirming in his seat, Billie could do nothing but swing his feet idly as she carefully tied a colorful plastic bib around his neck.

Taking a multi-partitioned serving plate, she emptied several jars of baby food into each space and began serving him with a large plastic spoon.

"I'll bet my little baby is hungry," she said with exaggerated gravity.

Billie's stomach churned at the smell and sight of the glop but before he knew it, she was pushing a heaping spoonful of creamed corn to his pursed lips.

"Uh-uh!" he whimpered weakly but she pushed determinedly against his mouth.
Looking up into her big brown eyes, he opened his mouth in submission and was promptly rewarded with a big spoonful of the slop.

"AWGFF!!" he cried as he struggled to swallow it all. She pulled the spoon upwards, spilling some on his nose and chin before scooping up another huge portion of something green.

"Open up, baby!" she grinned as Billie struggled to keep up with her.
In no time, his face was caked with semi-dried baby food and his stomach groaned uncomfortably.

"And now let's wash that down with a nice bottle of warm milk!" she said enthusiastically.

Billie shook his head and swung his feet, wishing he could escape but Gina was already pushing the wet nipple between his lips. Holding it in place, she forced him to nurse from it as she smiled down upon him. Billie gazed from her deep cleavage, up into her bright, dancing eyes while he slowly drained the baby bottle.  

With her free hand, Gina slipped a finger under Billie's baby dress and inside the waistband of his plastic rumba panties.

"Baby Billie really soaked his diapers again, didn't he?" she said in the third person.

His cheeks blazed with embarrassment as his eyes darted around, desperately trying to avoid her gaze.

"Its a good thing that your aunt put you in such thick diapers, isn't it sweetie," she observed, "You certainly need them."

Gina seemed to go easily from condescending, to sweet, and back to condescending again.
Billie whimpered in humiliation as she wiped his face with a wet washcloth and removed the serving tray from in front of him.

"I better change those soggy pampers of yours before your mommy gets here," she told him as she led the blushing boy back to the nursery. The saturated cotton of his diapers clung stubbornly to his bottom and embraced his hips as he waddled down the hall behind his sexy babysitter.

He felt some measure of relief that his humiliating ordeal would at last, be coming to an end. His mom would put a stop to this, that was for sure.

Standing him before a raised changing table, Gina reached under the ruffled hem of his baby dress and she grasped the waistband of his plastic panties. Working them down and off his diapers, Gina looked the nervous boy in the eye.

"I think I'll add some soaker pads to your diapers--you wet so much you need all the protection you can get," she told the embarrassed, blushing teen.

Unpinning his heavy diapers, she let them fall around his ankles before gently setting him down on the changing table. Billie looked away anxiously as she cleaned his bottom and tiny little package with some wipes, giggling to herself at just how small he was.
He squealed as Gina grasped his ankles and swung them up over his head so she could coat his cute bottom with Desitin. The ruffled hem of his baby dress gathered around his chest as he grasped the sides of the changing table for support.

"This is a bedwetter's best friend," she remarked with a pretty smile as she applied some cream between his legs and around his diminutive sack. This was followed by a thorough dusting of baby powder, which she shook up even up onto his chest, to make sure he'd be surrounded by the babyish scent all evening.

"Here we are baby," she said as he pulled the bulky thick diapers up between his legs.

"These baby pins are perfect for a little sissy like you," she said as she showed him the pink duckie safety pins. She carefully inserted them into the corners and snugly pinned his fat diapers together around his hips.

Sifting through her substantial collection of waterproof panties, she finally selected a pink rubber pair with white lace.

"Since you're going to bed soon, I think I'll use these rubber panties--your aunt says you'll leak less when you're in your crib."
Billie was too ashamed to tell her he didn't sleep in a crib and he bit his lip in humiliated angst.

The panties were light and stretchy and Gina slowly pulled them up his quivering legs, taking her time to work them over his big, fluffy diapers.

Just then, the doorbell rang and Billie froze in fear.

"I'll bet that's your mommy," she said brightly, "Perfect timing!"

Billie's heart skipped a beat and he felt a warm squirt of panic-induced pee escape into his fresh diapers.
Gina stood up and left the room to answer the door, leaving Billie to squirm nervously on the changing table. Biting his lip, he gazed apprehensively at his reflection in the mirror--he looked to all appearances to be a cute toddler girl in diapers.

Just as he was desperately trying to think of how he'd explain his attire to his mother, she walked into the room behind Gina.

"I hope you don't mind--I thought I'd dress Billie in some clothes that were more befitting his childish behavior."

His mom gasped in shock--she barely recognized her sissy son in the frilly ruffled dress and Mary Janes he was wearing.

"Oh my..." she exclaimed.
A big smile came over her and she bent down to touch the delicate lace on the elasticized puffy shoulder sleeves of his baby dress.
"Oh Billie, I think this suits you just so perfectly," she gushed as she beamed down at her squirming and blushing diapered son, "I've always wanted a little girl and now I have one!"

"If you'd like, you're more than welcome to take him home in his dress--it can be my gift to your little baby bedwetter," Gina said with a gracious smile.

Billie's mom clapped her hands together and she thanked Gina profusely.
"I'm going to get a whole new wardrobe for you, Billie--you're going to be mommy's cute little baby girl from now on."

Billie probably should have taken this opportunity to argue the point but he was so weak-willed and spineless that all he could do was look around uncertainly, his cheeks blazing with embarrassment.
Taking him by the hand, his mom lifted him to his feet and with her free hand, she squeezed the thick, baby soft seat of his fat diapers.

"My, these are certainly well suited for my little water fountain. Make sure you thank Miss Gina for your diapers and baby dress, Billie," she told him.

Billie shifted his feet, unable to look up into the beguiling brown eyes of his babysitter.

"Come on, Billie, don't be rude," she said as she gently patted his soft, rubber pantied bottom.

Blushing furiously, Billie cleared his throat but he was unable to look directly up at Gina.

"Um--I, um...tha-thank you, M-Miss Gina," he stammered.

"What are you thanking her for, Billie?" his mom prompted the blushing boy.

"Th-thank you for my d-dress," he stuttered.

"And your diapers and pink rubber panties," she added.

"A-and for my d-diapers and pink rubber p-panties," his voice croaked as a strong torrent of warm pee flooded unstoppable into his diapers. All that milk was coming back to haunt him.

"You're certainly welcome, sissy boy," Gina beamed as she bent over and gave him a kiss on the cheek, "And now you'll get to be the little baby girl that I know you've been trying to hide inside of you. It's just what you deserve."

Billie's cheeks flushed a deep red.

"I can't thank you enough," his mom said as she held Gina's hands in hers, "You need to give me all your sources for baby clothes. I want him to have the cutest, frilliest dresses and panties from now on."

"I'll be delighted to.
"Sometimes, a sissy is the last one to recognize what he truly is. Fortunately--I realized immediately Billie for what he is--a prissy pantywaist who needs to be treated like a little baby."

"Truer words were never spoken," his mom agreed.

Reaching down, she took Billie's hand in hers.
"Come along, Billie, it's past your bedtime which I'm moving up to 7:30 from now on.
"Tomorrow, we'll start converting your bedroom into a proper nursery."

Billie pouted but followed his mom as he waddled down the hallway behind her.

Gina was the last one out of the doorway as she smiled to herself and took one more look around the nursery.
Three bedwetters reverted to sissy babies in as many months, she thought to herself...this was money well spent, she reflected.

She smiled again as her gaze fell upon Billie's fat, rubber pantied bottom, waddling down the hallway in tow behind his mother.

And now, it was time to focus her attentions on the sissy's bedwetting friend Francis...


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