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Goddess Claire
It didn't take long for Goddess Claire to tell me that I had to submit to her. Being a busy physician she didn't have time for a boyfriend, but she did want a pet. A submissive sissy pet that would obey and do her bidding. A collar and a leash soon appeared with instructions to always present myself as feminine as possible. I was a sissy pet, after all. I would keep myself pretty at all times and be ready to please her and her guests, male or female, at any time. I would always be her sissy slave, forever.

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Quite a charming scenario...even a busy Goddess/Physician needs a little diversion to help Her relax after a busy day at the hospital!
Goddess Claire has a unique way of checking to see if I've set my hair in rollers correctly.

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Great test and picture Michaela. Those curlers definitely won't fail out.

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