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Panty Lines - Chapter 10-2 Life Lessons
“These are wet, but you don’t need a change yet. They can hold a lot more so you’ll just have to stew in them for now.
Cian stood crying as Mrs. Kerry wiped off the rubber sheet and stood up.
“Next time, young lady, ask permission before you decide to do something like this.”
“I’m going to keep this rubber sheet in here so you’ll know where it is the next time. There’s another one in your nursery so I can keep my clothes clean and dry when I spank you. Now, young lady, you’ve wasted enough time. Get back to the laundry and be quick about it.”
Cian kept sobbing as he curtseyed and turned back to the laundry tub to hand wash the panties. His spanking had taken long enough that he had to add hot water to the tub.
With the searing pain in his bum made worse by the wet diapers and rubber panties, Cian was distracted enough to be able to hand wash the panties. He could feel the confinement of his chastity but avoided the searing pain caused by getting too excited. He rinsed them out and put them in the dryer with the load of colors.
He doggedly kept on with his chores and ironed the whites while he washed the towels in the machine. Once he finished ironing the whites he could see that it would still take some time for the load of colors to dry. Cian picked up the list of rules and worked at memorizing them. By the time the colors were dry he felt he knew the first two rules perfectly.
Cian emptied the dryer. He folded up the boys’ clothes he’d been wearing yesterday morning and set them aside. He folded up all of the panties in two piles. He ironed the clothes that needed it and folded them neatly. The dresses he hung on hangers.
The last thing he had to do was to dry and fold the towels. He put them in the dryer and took his girls’ clothes upstairs. He put the dry diapers and rubber panties in the punishment nursery and hung up his dress. He put the socks into the drawer. He took a second trip to put the diaper pail back.
When he got back to the laundry room he had a few more minutes to study the rules. He tested himself to see if he had the first two rules perfectly memorized. He was pleased to discover that he knew them perfectly and by number. He worked on the third and fourth rules as the dryer finished the towels.
Cian took the towels and folded them. He returned them to the bathroom and kitchen. All that was left were Mrs. Kerry’s clothes and his boys’ clothes.
Cian went into the living room and curtseyed. Mrs. Kerry looked up.
“All done, Cindy?”
“Yes, ma’am, except for putting away your clothes and my boys’ clothes from yesterday.”
“Very well. Take the boys’ clothes to the basement and put them in the storage boxes. They are labeled so it should be easy to figure out what goes where. On your way back pick up my clothes and meet me in my bedroom.”
Cian curtseyed and left the room to do as he was told. He stored away the last of his boys’ clothes and carried Mrs. Kerry’s clothes to her room where she was waiting.
Cian walked in, laid the clothes on the bed and curtseyed.
“I’m pleased that you remembered when to curtsey when you’re carrying things.”
Cian smiled. He was still in pain from the spanking and yet he felt very pleased that Mrs. Kerry was satisfied with him. He thought he’d never understand his own feelings. She punished him mercilessly and repeatedly, but all it took was a simple word of praise to make him happy.
Mrs. Kerry showed Cian where to put each item of her clothes. He moved as quickly as his sore bum allowed when it came time to put her panties into the drawer. He still felt a pang in his peeny but it was over before he was in real pain.
“While I make lunch, Cindy, I want you to get your list of rules and tape them up where they belong and then come for lunch. I have something to teach you after lunch.”
Cian curtseyed and left the bedroom. As he returned the list of rules to the nursery he wondered what Mrs. Kerry was going to teach him. She’d said it with a smile so he was very leery of what it might be.
Cian went down to the kitchen, curtseyed to Mrs. Kerry and sat down in the high chair. He put his ankles and wrists into the waiting restraints and waited.
“Good girl, Cindy.”
Mrs. Kerry buckled the ankle restraints and lowered the table tray. She put a bottle of cold milk on the table along with a plate of macaroni and cheese and a small rubber coated baby spoon.
“You may feed yourself this time, Cindy. Cooperation earns you small rewards.”
Cian removed his pacifier and picked up the bottle. He started drinking from it. He felt ashamed of himself. He knew that he should be fighting this all the way. He knew he didn’t want to be helpless, weak and submissive. He also knew his bum was already very sore and that he liked it when Mrs. Kerry gave him even the tiniest bit of praise and encouragement.
A few moments later Mrs. Kerry sat down at the table to eat her own lunch. Cian picked up the small spoon and started to eat. It was nice to be able to feed himself and he was glad he’d cooperated even though he knew how it made him look so helpless.
When lunch was finished Mrs. Kerry cleared off Cian’s high chair table and released him. He dropped to the floor, put his pacifier back into his mouth and stood waiting.
“Clean up the kitchen, Cindy, and then join me in the living room.

Cian curtseyed and Mrs. Kerry turned and left the kitchen. It didn’t take long to do the lunch dishes and to put everything away. By the time he was finished he felt a slight urge to pee. He clamped down tightly until the urge faded away.
Once he was done Cian went to the living room. He curtseyed and waited in front of Mrs. Kerry.
“There are many things that pantywaist sissies like you need to learn. You’re already learning how to keep a house clean and do the laundry and those are important. I know your mommy started teaching you how to cook and we’ll be working on that too. There are also crafts that are traditionally only done by girls that you will learn too. Learning them will make you a much better little girl. These skills will keep your hands busy too. They might even keep you out of trouble. After all, ‘Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.’”
Cian was confused. He knew he was going to learn to cook, but what were these craft things. He also sensed that having free time to just relax and hang out with his friends was going to vanish.
“You’re going to learn how to knit, sew, do needlepoint and embroidery. To learn all of that will take months, but you have time and we’re in no hurry. Today we’re going to start with knitting. You’re going to start by making a nice scarf for yourself so you’ll have one when it starts to get cool in the fall. It’s not difficult to get started but it gets a bit more complex once you start making clothes. But, that’s for later. Let’s get going. Sit down on the couch and I’ll sit beside you to get you started.”
Cian curtseyed and sat down on one end of the couch. Mrs. Kerry sat beside him and opened what looked like a large straw picnic basket.
“This is my knitting basket. We’ll get one for you once I think your knitting is good enough.”
Mrs. Kerry gave Cian one of her intimidating, no nonsense, looks.
“That will happen soon or I’ll have to give you reasons to work harder on your knitting. Do you understand?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Now, let’s start.”
Mrs. Kerry handed Cian two needles and a large ball of red wool. She picked up a pair of needles and a ball of wool for herself. She showed Cian how to make a triangle of the wool and put it on the needle. He followed her actions carefully as she showed him how to add stitches. Pretty soon Cian had the first row on his needle.
“Nicely done, Cindy. Now you change hands with the needles and do the same stitch but it will go back the other way to add another row.”
It took Cian several tries and a few mistakes before he got the second row on his needle. Mrs. Kerry was very patient with him as she was correcting his errors. He was a little surprised she wasn’t more stern with him. He held out the needle with two rows on it.
“That’s very good, Cindy. Now do the third row.”
Cian and Mrs. Kerry spent several hours knitting. Some time early in the afternoon Cian had to wet his diapers. He waited for a while and then relaxed and flooded them. Mrs. Kerry didn’t seem to even notice.
By the end of the afternoon Cian had a good start on a scarf and Mrs. Kerry hadn’t had to help him correct an error for well over an hour. As Cian completed a row and was just about to change hands Mrs. Kerry stopped him.
“That’s enough for today. This is how you leave your knitting when you have to stop.”
Mrs. Kerry showed Cian how to push the needles through the ball of wool so nothing would unravel. He followed her example and set his knitting in the basket.
Mrs. Kerry stood up and stretched. She looked at Cian sitting on the couch.
“Diaper check.”
Cian jumped to his feet and got into the humiliating position to have his diapers checked. Mrs. Kerry did her usual check and gave Cian the swat that signalled the end of the diaper check.
“You need a change before dinner, but before we go upstairs, it’s time for your first quiz. What is rule two?”
Cian removed his pacifier and said, “Rule 2. I may not touch my diapers or rubber panties at any time for any reason.”
“I’m impressed, young lady. That is correct, word for word. I am glad you passed your first quiz. I did make this first quiz easy, but they will get more difficult over time so I suggest that you keep studying. Now, let’s get you changed.”
Cian followed Mrs. Kerry up to the nursery. He could feel the beginning of the urge to poop but it was very mild and he knew there was no way he could do it in time for the diaper change. He sighed with resignation.
As Cian walked into the nursery he curtseyed and got up onto the changing table. He raised his arms so Mrs. Kerry could fasten his wrists and then the waist belt.
She slid down his rubber panties to his ankles but not off. She unpinned the soggy diapers and threw them in the diaper pail. She went to the fridge and Cian cringed as she opened it. She slid a towel under Cian’s bottom and deluged his chastity device with the ice cold soap solution followed by the equally cold clear water. He shivered but didn’t try to avoid her efforts. She wiped him down with the cold wipes and then rubbed in baby oil and added powder. She quickly diapered him and pulled the yellow rubber panties back into place.
“Little pantywaists like you don’t get a full change while you’re in diaper punishment. You wear the same rubber panties all day.”
Cian could feel the cool, damp elastic bands around his legs. It only took a minute for the elastic bands to warm up so he hardly noticed them from then on.
Mrs. Kerry released Cian and he climbed down from the changing table.
“It’s getting to be dinner time and you’re going to help me cook it. Go and wash your hands and meet me in the kitchen.”
Cian curtseyed and went to wash. As he washed his hands he looked longingly at the toilet. The urge to poop came over Cian again. For a moment it crossed his mind to try and poop in the toilet, but he knew that if he got caught it would lead to a punishment that made him shudder. Besides he knew Mrs. Kerry would hear a flush from anywhere in the house. He dried his hands and went downstairs to the kitchen.
Cian walked into the kitchen and curtseyed. Mrs. Kerry was washing potatoes in the sink.
“I’m glad you decided not to try using the toilet, young lady. That would have extended your diaper punishment to a full month.”
Mrs. Kerry put two potatoes into a bowl and took out a vegetable peeler.
“Cindy, do you know how to peel vegetables?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Good then you can peel these potatoes. We’re making scalloped potatoes for dinner.”
Cian took the peeler from Mrs. Kerry and started on the first potato. While he was peeling Mrs. Kerry cut up a chicken into several large pieces and put them in a roasting pan with some vegetables. She turned on the oven.
“We start with the oven at 450° for half an hour and then down to 350° for another hour. And 350° for an hour is the exact time and temperature needed for the potatoes. It’s important when you cook to time things so that they are all ready at the same time. You can’t serve half a meal.”
Mrs. Kerry checked the peeled potatoes.
“Nice job, Cindy. Now cut them into thin slices starting at the thinnest end of each potato.”
Cian curtseyed and carefully sliced the potatoes into thin circular slices.
“Now watch how I do this.”
Cian curtseyed and watched as Mrs. Kerry put a small pan down on the top of the stove. She spooned a tablespoon of butter into the pan and added two cloves of garlic. She melted the butter and fried the garlic until it was starting to brown. She added a tablespoon of flour, a cup of milk, a teaspoon of salt and a half teaspoon of pepper. She whisked the ingredients as she spoke to Cian.
“Cindy, put the potatoes in layers in that baking dish and then bring it here.”
Cian curtseyed and arranged the potatoes in the baking dish. When he was done he carried it over to the stove and set it down. Mrs. Kerry poured the sauce over the potatoes and put on the lid.
“It can stay warm on the top of the stove until it’s time to put it in the oven.”
As she spoke the oven dinged.
“Good. It’s time to put in the chicken. I’ll put the potatoes in the oven in half an hour. Do you think you can remember this recipe, Cindy?”
“No, ma’am. I think I have most of it, but I’m not sure of everything.”
“I would have been very doubtful if you’d said you got all of that after only one time. I’m glad that you were honest. You may now take a break and relax. I will call you for dinner.”
Cian curtseyed and headed towards the door with a big smile.
“I suggest that you use some of this time to study your rules, Cindy.”
Cian’s smile faded but he was still happy not to be under Mrs. Kerry’s watchful eyes even if it was only for an hour or so.
Cian decided that studying his rules would be the best use of his time and might save him a lot of grief. Since he had to leave them taped up in the punishment nursery that’s the only place he could study. He knew he could ask to take them down and Mrs. Kerry would likely agree, but since he’d already broken that rule today he decided not to ask.
Cian sat at the little desk in the corner and studied his rules. As he sat there the urge to poop returned, but he tightened his muscles and it soon passed. He knew he was making progress on the rules. It got more difficult as he memorized more rules so he decided to test himself on the first five. He took a piece of paper and wrote them out without looking. He was pleased to see that he got them all correct.
While Cian was working on the second half of his rules he felt the need to pee. He tried to ignore it as he plowed ahead. Eventually he decided it was time so he relaxed and flooded his diapers.
“Cindy, wash your hands and come for dinner!”
Cian got up and went to the bathroom. He washed his hands and headed downstairs. As he walked into the kitchen he was met with the wonderful smells of the dinner. He was very glad he didn’t have a nasty smell of his own to ruin it. He curtseyed and walked to the high chair. He climbed in and put his wrists and ankles into the restraints.
Mrs. Kerry walked over and fastened Cian’s ankles and then his wrists. She locked the table tray in front of him.
“I know that you cooperated again, Cindy, but you only earn little rewards by doing something extra not just doing what’s expected. Do you understand?”
Cian dropped his pacifier and said, “Yes, ma’am.”
Mrs. Kerry put a helping of scalloped potatoes into the blender. She cut off some of the roast chicken and added it along with a few of the vegetables from the roasting pan. She turned it on and liquefied Cian’s dinner into an unappetizing mess. She poured it into a bowl and put it in front of Cian. She got a bottle of milk and put it on the tray. Finally she got her own dinner and set it on the table. She sat down and started to eat. She spoon fed Cian as she ate her own dinner.
Once dinner was done Mrs. Kerry cleared off the tray table and released Cian. He got down from the chair and replaced his pacifier.
“Clean up the kitchen and then join me in the living room, Cindy.”
Cian curtseyed and Mrs. Kerry left the room. As Cian started to clean up the kitchen he heard her turn on the TV. He took a little extra time to clean up because he had pots and pans to scrub and leftovers to put into the fridge. As he was putting the last dishes away he once again felt the urge to poop and clamped down tightly until it passed.
Cian entered the living room and curtseyed.
“All done, Cindy?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“So if I went into the kitchen I’d find it spotless?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
Cian noticed how automatically he was removing and replacing his pacifier without even having to think about it.
“Good. Now, I think it’s time I got you ready for bed. Diaper check.”
Cian turned, bent over, lifted up his dress, spread his legs and put his hands on his knees. Mrs. Kerry ran her finger around the inside of the leg openings and waist. She also pulled the rubber panties open at the back, sniffed, patted his bum and looked inside.
“You’re only a bit wet so far, but I’ll change you before bed anyway. I expect things to get much worse and I don’t want any leaks so let’s go.”
Cian curtseyed and followed Mrs. Kerry upstairs. She entered the punishment nursery and turned on the lights. Cian curtseyed and walked over to the changing table. Mrs. Kerry unzipped Cian’s dress and lifted it off over his head. She patted the changing table.
While Mrs. Kerry hung up the dress Cian mounted the changing table and raised his arms over his head. He placed his wrists in the restraints and waited. Mrs. Kerry fastened his wrists and the waist strap.
Mrs. Kerry removed his Mary Janes and socks. She opened the fridge and took out the cleaning supplies and set them on the changing table. She pulled the yellow rubber panties down and off and set them aside. She unpinned the wet diapers and tossed them into the diaper pail.
Cian knew what was next so he reluctantly spread his legs widely and waited. He flinched as Mrs. Kerry slid the cold towel underneath his bum. Cian closed his eyes as Mrs. Kerry picked up the spray bottle with the soap solution. He whimpered as Mrs. Kerry sprayed the ice cold solution on and through his chastity. The clear water rinse was no better. Mrs. Kerry used the wipes to clean his diaper area thoroughly.
It didn’t take long for her to pin Cian back into double diapers with double liners. They were so bulky that Cian couldn’t close his legs very far. Once she was done, Mrs. Kerry slid the yellow rubber panties up Cian’s legs and made sure the diapers were completely tucked inside.
“There you go, Cindy, all nice and clean. Let’s get you into your crib. I’m sure you’re very tired by now. It’s been a long day.”
Mrs. Kerry released Cian from the changing table as she spoke.
Cian knew that it was still really early in the evening, but that arguing would just make things worse. He knew that Mrs. Kerry wanted him to spend hours lying awake in the crib feeling miserable.
He stood beside the crib as Mrs. Kerry picked up the pink cotton nightie.
“Arms up.”
Cian curtseyed and raised his arms. Mrs. Kerry slipped the little nightie on over his arms and head and let it fall to end just below his waist with his diapers and rubber panties fully exposed.
“In you get.”
Cian curtseyed and got into the crib. He laid on his back and spread eagled his arms and legs. Mrs. Kerry fastened his wrists and ankles and then pulled up the side rail.
“Sleep well, Cindy. Morning comes very early for naughty little pantywaists like you. Tomorrow is Sunday and that is a special day for you, young lady. You’re in for a little surprise.”
She smiled as she leaned down and kissed Cian on the forehead. That smile made him feel very nervous. Mrs. Kerry only seemed to smile when she had something very unpleasant in mind for him.
“Goodnight, Cindy. See you in the morning.”
Mrs. Kerry turned out the lights and closed the door plunging the nursery into total darkness.
Cian had no choice but to lay quietly and wait for sleep. He eventually felt the urge to poop again but fought it off again. As he drifted off to sleep he smiled. He hadn’t pooped his diapers today. It was a small victory, but a small victory now and then was all he could expect.
He’s definitely getting there. I think that’s possibly the closest Cian has had to a perfect (by which I mean one without beration) chapter.
Wow, Cian got the hang of knitting so quick, gosh I'd not have that quick, no wonder the reward was a nice meal. Looking forward to reading about Sunday.
I'm so glad knitting has been added to Cian's tasks. Fluffy cardigans and jumpers are a sissy-baby's best friend in the cooler months. Or their worst, if they scratch like crazy Wink
Know thy self, sissy.  Don't whine, don't pine, learn to expand your mind.   
I recall that someone suggested knitting. I also remember my mother and grandmother constantly knitting or doing some other domestic craft so it makes sense to me to that Cindy needs to know how to knit. I can see her making some of her own clothes.
Cian is quickly becoming Cindy and I imagine the change will be permanent. She will mature into a proper sissy with the wonderful training she is receiving from Mrs. Kerry and her Mom...She's a very fortunate sissy to have such caring Women in her life! I can't wait to see what surprises Sunday holds! Thanks for another fun chapter!
You're very welcome.

Sunday will be a very memorable day for Cian. He will have some new experiences and a few with which he is all too familiar.

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