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Panty Lines - Chapter 10-1 Life Lessons
I'm very glad that I still have a place to post this. I do write it for my own enjoyment, but I like to share it with such an appreciative audience.

In this chapter Cian starts to learn what Mrs. Kerry is going to expect of him over the summer. He is going to learn a lot of domestic skills. Perhaps some of you will be able to predict Cian's ultimate destiny.

I have chapter eleven mapped out in my mind so it may not be long in coming to a forum near you. Smile

Chapter 10 – Life Lessons
Cian woke early Saturday morning. The punishment nursery was totally dark without even a pinhole of light from anywhere. The total darkness was terrifying. He didn’t know where he was and started to panic. Cian started to struggle. Surprisingly, when he felt the confinement of his wrists and ankles it calmed him down as the memories of yesterday flooded back. To his surprise, he even still had the pacifier in his mouth. To his even bigger surprise it made him feel much calmer.
As Cian regained his self-control he realized that he woke because he had to pee. That thought drew his attention to his wet and full diapers. The smell was noxious and unavoidable. The feeling of the cold wet diapers and the itchy sticky mess was horrible. He felt so ashamed even though he knew he didn’t have a choice.
He held on to his pee for quite a while. He had resolved that he would never let himself get into the habit of just letting go without making the conscious decision. He waited until the urge to pee was very strong and then he relaxed. As he peed he liked the feeling of warmth that spread through his diapers. It was a lot more comfortable warm than cold.
Cian had no idea what time it was so he relaxed and fell back to sleep.
Cian awoke to the sound of a loud knock on the door.
“If you’re awake, young lady, close your eyes. I’m going to turn on the light and come in.”
Cian shut his eyes tightly. Even through his closed lids he could sense the lights as they came on. He heard the door open and Mrs. Kerry’s footsteps as she approached the crib. He opened his eyes a slit and then shut them again quickly.  Mrs. Kerry unlocked and lowered the bars on the side of the crib.
“I’ll release you while your eyes get accustomed to the light.”
Mrs. Kerry opened the restraints as Cian slowly open his eyes repeatedly until they adjusted to the light. By the time Mrs. Kerry released the last one, Cian’s eyes were wide open.
“Are your arms and legs a little stiff, Cindy?”
Cian nodded.
Mrs. Kerry helped him sit up and swing his legs over the side of the crib. She briskly rubbed Cian’s legs with both hands to stimulate the circulation. Cian did the same with his arms and it didn’t take long for his limbs to loosen up.
“I am very glad to see your pacifier is still where it belongs. Since you couldn’t put it back in if it fell out you must have been sucking on it all night.”
Cian blushed. He’d never admit that the humiliating pacifier actually made him feel better.
“Now, young lady, it’s time to get up. Hop down.”
Cian slid to the floor. Mrs. Kerry took the pacifier from Cian’s mouth. She unclipped it from the ribbon and unpinned the ribbon from the nightie. She pulled a circular cloth ribbon from her pocket and looped it around Cian’s neck. She clipped the pacifier to the ribbon and put it back into Cian’s mouth.
“That’s better. Now you’ll always have your pacifier with you.” She laughed. “You can’t lose it now even when you’re in the bath. Arms up.”
Cian curtseyed and raised his arms. Mrs. Kerry lifted the nightie up and off, folded it and put it in the crib.
“Now, get up on the changing table.”
Cian curtseyed and climbed up onto the table and laid down on his back. Without being asked he raised his arms over his head so Mrs. Kerry could attach the wrist cuffs. She strapped in Cian’s wrists and then secured the waist band.
“Well done, Cindy. I think you may be learning what is expected of you.”
Cian felt happy to please Mrs. Kerry. He smiled as Mrs. Kerry unlocked and then slid down the rubber panties. The smell was overwhelming and both Mrs. Kerry and Cian flinched.
“That’s pretty nasty, Cindy, for a sweet little pantywaist like you.”
Cian’s smile was replaced with an embarrassed blush and a deep frown.
Mrs. Kerry unpinned the diapers and used them to wipe Cian down as she removed them.
“I’m going to dump these into the toilet and I’ll be right back.”
Cian laid patiently as Mrs. Kerry stepped out for a moment. When she came back she lifted the lid of the porcelain diaper pail and dropped the dirty diapers in. She then went to the small fridge by the changing table. She took out two spray bottles, a towel and a package of wipes. She put them down on the changing table.
“Legs up and spread out wide.”
Cian raised his legs and spread them as wide as he could. Mrs. Kerry put the cold towel under him, took a wipe and started to clean up Cian’s diaper area.
At the first touch of the ice cold wipe Cian squealed through his pacifier, closed his legs and drew them in to his chest.
Mrs. Kerry laughed. “Remember that I told you that everything in the punishment nursery was meant to be as unpleasant as possible?”
Cian nodded.
“Ice cold wipes are just part of that. Now, since you didn’t expect them I will not punish you for pulling away like that. However, I will not allow that again. I know it’s really uncomfortable, almost painful, but that’s just too bad. You earned a stay in here and you’ll just have to endure it. Now, get those legs back up and spread nice and wide. And, young lady, you had better keep them that way until I’m done.”
Cian sniffled and slowly stretched out his legs, raised them and spread them. He moaned and twitched as Mrs. Kerry slowly cleaned him up with the cold wipes. It was a thoroughly miserable experience. It took her several wipes to complete the job.
Cian looked down and saw that his chastity device was still not clean. He didn’t see how Mrs. Kerry could get a wipe into the tight spaces and wondered how she’d clean that. He was hoping she’d send him to shower or even to give him a bath.
Mrs. Kerry picked up one of the spray bottles. She pointed it at Cian’s chastity device and squeezed the trigger. Cian clenched every muscle as the cold, soapy water covered the chastity device, his peeny and his little balls. It was terrible. The water was so cold that it felt like it was burning his tender skin. Cian moaned and cried as she washed him.
Mrs. Kerry exchanged the first spray bottle for the second. It was plain water, but it was just as cold as the soap solution. She sprayed the area thoroughly until the water ran clear into the towel. Once she was done she patted the area dry with the towel.
“There! All nice and clean. Doesn’t that feel better than a dirty diaper, Cindy?”
Cian wasn’t sure which was worse but he could tell that Mrs. Kerry expected him to agree with her so he nodded.
Mrs. Kerry smirked. She knew full well how uncomfortable it was to be cleaned up with cold wipes and water.
“Now, young lady, it’s time for your bath.”
Mrs. Kerry released Cian’s wrists and undid the waist band. Once she was done Cian sat up on the changing table.
“Hop down and let’s get you bathed and smelling sweet. Well, smelling sweet for a little while anyway.”
Cian slid off of the changing table and followed Mrs. Kerry to the bathroom. He curtseyed once he entered and stood with his hands at his sides while Mrs. Kerry ran the bath. He could smell lilac scented bubble bath as the steam rose from the bath.
“Take out your pacifier, brush your teeth and wash your face.”
Cian curtseyed and turned to the sink. By the time he was done the bath was ready.
“Okay, young lady, put the pacifier back in and get into the tub.”
Cian curtseyed and put the pacifier back into his mouth, but then hesitated a moment. He deliberately and obviously looked down at his chastity.
Mrs. Kerry could see where he was looking.
“That stays on today. You only get that off once a week for cleaning and I think once a month for a quick release to keep your desperation at maximum. If you ever earn a reward release, I’ll do that the next day so you can anticipate it. In between those times the soap spray and rinse will keep you clean and healthy.”
Cian sighed and slumped his shoulders. He sat down in the tub. He patiently endured the indignities of being thoroughly bathed from head to toe by Mrs. Kerry. He felt ashamed and helpless.
“Out you get, young lady. We have to dry you off and braid your hair before you get dressed.”
Cian stepped out of the tub and stood quietly as Mrs. Kerry used two thick towels to dry him and his hair, Once she was done she patted the stool. Cian sat as Mrs. Kerry did his hair in the tight braids and tied them with pink ribbons.
“Now it’s time to get you diapered and dressed for the day, Cindy.”
Mrs. Kerry led Cian back to the punishment nursery. Cian stepped into the nursery right behind her and curtseyed. Without being asked he climbed up onto the changing table, laid on his back and raised his arms.
“Very good, Cindy. I am very glad that you’ve decided to cooperate. That will make things easier for you in the long run. Now roll over onto your front.”
Cian gave Mrs. Kerry a puzzled look as he rolled over. Mrs. Kerry picked up a large jar from the shelf. She scooped out some crème from the jar and started to massage it into Cian’s bottom.
“I’m sure you’re wondering what this is. It’s not a diaper rash crème or anything like that. It’s a skin softener.”
Cian gave her an even more puzzled look.
“I know you don’t understand so let me explain. If you spank a bottom as frequently and as hard as you need to be spanked the skin will start to thicken and become less sensitive. That can make the spankings less effective and we certainly wouldn’t want that. This skin softener will keep your little bum as soft and tender as a little girl. I think you’ll find that after a couple of weeks of this your little bum will be far more sensitive than you can imagine and your spankings will be even worse.”
Mrs. Kerry smiled as a look of horror spread over Cian’s face. She finished rubbing in the crème and gave him a sharp swat with her hand.
Cian dropped the pacifier and yelped.
“See what I mean? It’s already working. The good news for you is that the crème protects your skin too. The soft, supple skin won’t welt or break as easily. Now, put that pacifier back in and roll over so I can get you diapered. It’s laundry day and you have work to do.”
Cian sighed and replaced the pacifier. He rolled over onto his back, raised his arms and spread his legs. Mrs. Kerry secured his wrists.
“I’m using baby oil and powder today, Cindy. Consider yourself lucky and don’t make me regret it.”
Mrs. Kerry diapered Cian in thick double diapers with a liner and pulled a pair of yellow rubber panties over them.
“Okay, Cindy. I’m done. Let’s get you dressed.”
Cian sat up on the changing table while Mrs. Kerry fetched an armless yellow dress and matching yellow knee socks. She slid the socks on and adjusted them to keep the seams straight and then buckled on his Mary Janes.
“Arms up.”
Cian raised his arms and Mrs. Kerry slid the dress on.
Cian slid off the changing table and stood while Mrs. Kerry zipped up the dress. The narrow waist and flared dress made the diapers very obvious.
“Now, young lady, it’s time to update your calendar. Come with me.”
Cian curtseyed and followed Mrs. Kerry into his bedroom. He curtseyed again and stood in silence except for the soft sucking sound from his pacifier. Mrs. Kerry pointed to the calendar and Cian walked over and stood beside it.
“Start with the yellow marker and add a nice big W in the corner of today’s square.”
Cian curtseyed, blushed and used the marker to put the W in the same position as all of the rest.
“Now, pick up the brown marker.”
Cian curtseyed and exchanged the yellow marker for the brown one.
“Make a large M right over top of the W.”
Cian curtseyed and printed a large brown M directly on top of the yellow W.
“The brown M means that you were found messy too. So the two together means you had a wet and full diaper.”
Cindy felt a wave of humiliation wash over him. He blushed deep red and started to cry with the shame.
“Finally, print ‘Diaper Punishment Day 2’ in today’s square.”
Cindy curtseyed and printed it on the calendar.
“Diaper check.”
Cian bent over, lifted his dress up in the back, spread his legs and put his hands on his knees. Mrs. Kerry ran her finger inside the waist and leg bands of the rubber panties and gave Cian a little swat on his thickly diapered bottom. He stood up.
“Very well, young lady. It’s time for breakfast. Come along.”
Cian curtseyed and followed Mrs. Kerry out of the bedroom.
Mrs. Kerry led Cian downstairs and got him seated and buckled into the high chair. She put a bowl of oatmeal in front of him and a bottle of milk. As she ate her own breakfast she fed Cian.
Once breakfast was over, Mrs. Kerry put the pacifier back into Cian’s mouth. She sat back to enjoy a second cup of coffee.
“Cindy, I am beginning to really like that pacifier. It really is helping you to learn one of the most important rules for little girls. Little girls, even little pantywaist girls like you, are to be seen and not heard. That rule will apply to you from now on even after you’re potty trained. Do you remember how to ask for permission to speak?”
Cian nodded.
“Cindy, I’ve decided that I want you to answer questions with more than a nod or shake of your head. If you are asked a question you have permission to take out your pacifier and answer the question. Do you understand?”
Cian dropped the pacifier from his mouth, “Yes, ma’am.”
“Good. Now do you remember how to ask for permission to speak?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“How do you ask?”
“I curtsey and point to the pacifier, ma’am.”
“That’s right, Cindy. Do you remember what rule number that is?”
“No, ma’am.”
“Young lady, I think you had better use all the time you can get to memorize those rules. I will start to quiz you very soon. The passing mark is 100% on every quiz, even the first one. I’m sure you can guess what will happen if you fail a quiz.”
Cian started to sniffle. He knew the rules well enough to follow them, but getting 100% on a word for word, number for number, quiz would be very difficult. He resolved to study as much as he could.
Mrs. Kerry stood up and put her coffee cup in the sink. She cleared off Cian’s high chair table and released him from the restraints. She helped him to slide down to the floor. They stood face to face as Cian replaced his pacifier. As he stood there Cian felt the urge to pee, but, as usual, he held on until later.
“Now, young lady, it’s chore time. Clean up the kitchen and then do the laundry. You know where your diaper pail and hamper are. My laundry hamper is in my room. Make sure to get the towels from the bathroom and kitchen too. I’ll be in the living room when you’re ready to put my clothes away. Come and get me so I can show you where to put them.”
Cian curtseyed and Mrs. Kerry left him to his work. It didn’t take long for Cian to clean up the breakfast things and put them away. He got the laundry basket and went upstairs. He got the towels and his soiled clothes from the laundry hamper in the bathroom and Mrs. Kerry’s clothes from the hamper in her bedroom.
It was the first time Cian had been in Mrs. Kerry’s bedroom. It was very elegant with a large four poster bed with matching dresser, armoire and bedside tables. There was also a very elegant makeup table with a lighted mirror. It looked very feminine, but had none of the frills that were in his room.
Cian carried the heavy basket to the laundry room. He separated the clothes and put the whites in the washing machine. He added detergent and bleach and started the machine. He slipped back into the kitchen and grabbed all of the towels and added them to the ones from the bathroom.
He knew the next step. He sighed and went upstairs to the punishment nursery and got the diaper pail. He was lucky that this week he only had one set of diapers to wash. He looked at the menacing set of rules posted on the wall. Since he expected to have a little time between loads of laundry he might get time to study them so he took down the list and took it with him.
By the time he got the diaper pail to the laundry room the first load of whites was well underway. He put the rules on the counter. The urge to pee was stronger so Cian decided it was time to relax and pee now. His diaper was soon warm and wet. He felt ashamed and no matter how many times he told himself that he had no choice it still made him feel that way.
Once he was done peeing he filled the washtub with hot water and tossed in the diapers and liners. He dumped the remaining water from the diaper pail, rinsed it out with some bleach and refilled it with clean water.
Cian took the washboard, scrub brush and laundry bar soap and started in on the diapers. The worst part was the innermost liner. It took him quite a while to scrub it clean. The inner diaper was next. It was bad, but not as bad as the liner. Finally he washed the outer liner and diaper. Since he only had one day’s worth of diapers he was done at the same time as the first load in the washing machine.
Cian transferred the whites and the diapers to the dryer and started it. He put the colors into the washing machine and started that.
Cian knew the panties were next. His own panties still thrilled him in a way he thought he’d never understand. The thought of hand washing Mrs. Kerry’s panties made him double over as his throbbing peeny was suppressed by the chastity device. He squealed in pain through his pacifier. He couldn’t get himself under control and whimpered in pain. He looked up to see Mrs. Kerry standing in the doorway.
As much as it hurt, Cian stood up enough to curtsey as she stepped into the room.
“I heard a little squeal from in here. Let me guess, young lady, it’s time to hand wash my panties isn’t it?”
Cian dropped the pacifier, “Yes, ma’am.”
“As much as your little peeny hurts, that’s just too bad. Get on with the job. Maybe some day you won’t be so excited by pretty little panties.”
Cian squealed again while Mrs. Kerry smirked at him. Cian managed to curtsey as Mrs. Kerry turned to leave the room. Her eyes spotted the rules Cian had left on the counter.
“Why are your rules down here, Cindy?”
“I thought I would have some time between loads to study them, ma’am.”
“That’s a good idea, Cindy.”
Cian smiled as his peeny started to relax with the change of topic.
“But, young lady, we have a problem. I am sure that the last thing I told you to do with your rules was to tape them up in the nursery. Wasn’t it?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Did you ask permission to take them down, young lady?”
“No, ma’am.”
“So it seems you’ve been disobedient and we both know what that means.”
Cian started to cry.
“I see you know the consequences of disobedience. You start washing those pretty little panties while I fetch the hairbrush.”
Cian curtseyed. Mrs. Kerry left the room while Cian refilled the washtub with clean warm water. He had washed one pair of his own panties by the time Mrs. Kerry got back with the hairbrush and a piece of rubber sheet. He curtseyed as she entered the laundry room.
The first thing she said was, “Diaper check!”
Cian turned his back to her, spread his legs, bent over and put his hands on his knees. Mrs. Kerry ran a finger inside of the leg openings and around the waist. She also pulled out the waist in the back, sniffed, looked down the back and felt Cian’s bottom.
“You’re wet but not full. You’re in for another first, young lady; a spanking on a bum wet with pee. This is going to really sting.”
Cian could hardly believe it. Every spanking he’d ever had from Mrs. Kerry went well beyond stinging. As far as he was concerned they were all horrific and he started to cry harder.
Mrs. Kerry sat down on the step stool and put the rubber sheeting over her lap. She then worked Cian’s rubber panties down to his knees. She pulled him over her knees and lifted his dress over his back. Cian automatically reached back with his right hand for it to be held. Mrs. Kerry unpinned the wet diapers on each side and folded them down exposing Cian’s wet bottom. She took hold of Cian’s right hand and the hairbrush.
Cian’s whole body went stiff. Between the skin softener and his pee soaked bum it hurt like never before.
As the second smack landed Cian howled at the top of his lungs.
Mrs. Kerry spanked on and on as Cian descended into helpless sobbing and went limp across her knees. By the time she was finished his face was covered in tears and snot. He didn’t realize she had stopped spanking him for a couple of minutes.
When Cian finally started to regain his composure Mrs. Kerry pulled up his wet diaper and pinned it back on. She stood him up and pulled up his rubber panties.
Cian’s still trying to exert some degree of control over his situation (though more often than not, to great sacrifice) but it is clear that his life bears very little resemblance to how it was when we found him.
Just love all the niceness Cian gets to experience. I am enjoying how he still thinks he can get away with just little things from time to time. It's fantastic that sweet Mrs. Kerry can switch to being stern so quickly - there's no mistaken her. Short sharp discipline is the best and yes a botty has to be kept receptive - nice idea on the cream.
Thank you. Of course, as you've seen in the past Cian only thinks he got away with something.
Love this story and it reminds me of my own sissy gurl training at the hands of my wife and sister in law! But they both were more severe in the humiliation of me in private and at times in public. Over the years i have lost full control of my urination and bowl movements. Whenever i pee or deficate it now just comes out no matter what i am doing etc. i hardly even am aware of it anymore as it just happens unconciously and physically i can no longer control it in any way. No matter what the future holds for me diapers will forever be needed now.
Oh! Another wonderful chapter to a wonderful tale! I have loved every episode of this tale and like most sissies, I imagine myself as Cindy/Cian. This is the single best story of its genre I have ever had the pleasure of reading and I fear if I were not currently "celebrating" Locktober, I might be a very naughty sissy while reading this indeed! Thanks for continuing and sharing!
sissy jamieanne

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