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Favourite Sissies From The Gallery
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Who are your favourite sissies, on the gallery? I love having a look there every month, to see more gurlies humiliated online! 

I LOVE Sissy Ricky on Row 100, and Sissy Lissi on 106! They look so adorable and submissive!!
I sent you a message
(09-29-2021, 03:33 AM)Closeted sissy Wrote: I sent you a message

Er? I think you mean, 'Please can you look at the message I sent you, oh Superior Lady'?
Row 45 Sissy Katie and Sissy Mhari and Row 101 Sissy Lola
I think Sissy Katie on Row 79 looks really pretty & such a cute little dress.

What about a favourite sissy pic of yourself? What’s your favourite pic & share it on here?

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