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Lady Ariadne Punishes Me — Real Life
Tongue  Auntie Helga told me she liked this true tale.

Lady Ariadne Punishes  Me

The events in this story are true. They happened over 15 years ago, but it’s still a treasured memory. “Lady Ariadne” and I remain friends, though not a couple.
My girlfriend, Ariadne, and I practiced S + M with me usually in the dominant role. When I spanked her just right, she orgasmed, a tremendous turn on for both of us. On the occasions I was the submissive, I’ve always hoped to come while being spanked.
 Ariadne and I had the best sexual couplings either of us has ever experienced. At the time of this incident, I was 45, with curly brown and gray hair, fit from biking and mountain climbing. Ariadne was 38 with short red hair, deep brown eyes, and a lovely smile. with Large, very sensitive nipples tipped her medium breasts. Her slender legs rose to her shaved cunt with all her lips clearly visible. When she bent over, her ass jutted and rounded enticingly.
One evening we watched a video I’d selected. It was a pretentious, poorly written piece intended to be erotic art. We got a few laughs at its expense. However, I found the sight of Ariadne’s legs below the hem of her tight black skirt far sexier than anything on the screen. We agreed to turn off the video.
We kissed and I rubbed her legs and stimulated her nipples through her blouse. She took off my pants and played with my cock. Before it got fully hard, I put on a rubber cock ring. Ariadne loves the way it makes my cockhead expand and her strokes soon had me rampant.
 Ariadne remarked that I should be punished for suggesting such an awful video and I couldn’t help but agree. She raised her hem a bit, then told me in a calm, even voice I’d learn to love, “Lie here and put your cock between my thighs so I can grip it.”
I gulped and obeyed, with the slight tension in my belly I feel when I risk yielding control to another. In a moment, my cock was held between her warm thighs and I felt her cool hand caressing my ass. The first few light spanks, with her fingertips running over my buns. Gradually, she increased both the pace and harshness of the slaps, but remained well within my limits.
“How does this feel?” she asked.
“Very good. What shall I call you?”
“Call me Lady,” came the reply. “Do you feel my legs gripping your cock?”
“Oh, yes, I do, Lady! It feels wonderful! Thank you!”
 She upped the power. Sometimes spanking both cheeks all over, sometimes concentrating on one spot, she warmed me up and raised my pain tolerance. I’d fantasized about a spanking like this for years, but had never quite received one. Some women hadn’t warmed me up at all, and the times I’d bottomed to Ariadne she’d had her mind on other forms of domination. This felt different. Having my cock firmly held by her thighs gave the entire spanking an extra sexual punch.
 Ariadne’s spanking by now had my cheeks pleasantly tingling. “Will you ever pick a video like that again?” she asked.
“No, Lady, I won’t!” I meant it, too, spanking or no spanking.
“Good,” said Lady Ariadne in her steady voice. “Now I want you to imagine you’re fucking my pussy and thrust your cock between my thighs as I spank you.”
I pumped my hips up and down in obedience. With the first thrust, I felt a big drop of precum slip past the lips of my cock. The cockring intensified the feeling so it felt like a small orgasm. “Precum, Lady!” I said. “It’s coming out.”
Slap, slap. “Do you find this spanking arousing?”
“Yes, Lady Ariadne, it’s very arousing.”
“Good. Why are you being punished?”
“Because I chose a bad video.”
“That’s right. You’ve had enough warm up. I’m going to spank you harder. Are you ready for that?” Lady Ariadne’s voice and breathing didn’t seem to alter. I submitted easily to her calm, self-assured demeanor.
“Yes, Lady Ariadne, please spank me harder.” I raised my buttocks a bit to make it easier for her. SMACK! SMACK! These slaps stung more - hard enough that in other spankings, I probably would have used my safe word. But Ariadne had warmed me up so nicely that the pain was exciting - I knew I could take more. My beautiful girlfriend continued to spank me, varying the force, but gradually increasing the pain.
“How does this feel?” she asked.
“It stings nicely, Lady Ariadne. Please spank me more. Thank you.”
“Oh, I will,” came the calm reply. “But now I want you to imagine I’m sucking your cock as you pump and thrust your cock between my legs.”
Obediently, I began thrusting, my swollen cockhead rubbing pleasurably against her warm thighs. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Ariadne used her flat palm and made the sting even greater. As she did so, my ass tingled. It felt very good and proper to be receiving pleasure and pain from Ariadne at the same time - the fulfillment of a long-held fantasy. I sobbed, nearly crying. “Thank you, Lady Ariadne, thank you!” She continued to spank, keeping it pretty hard, but not as hard as the hardest ones she’d given me.
“Are you crying?” Lady Ariadne asked with a voice full of hope.
“Almost,” I said. “Precum, Lady Ariadne.” Another drop of jism leaked from my sensitive cockhead, lubricating me with every thrust as I pumped in and out. NBo longer close to tears, I felt very aroused. “May I feel my bum, please?”
“Yes, you may.” Again, the unwavering voice held me under a spell.
I reached around and felt my warm, tingly cheeks. “They’re so warm, Lady Ariadne. It feels wonderful. Thank you!”
“Yes, they are warm, and I like the feel of them. I’ll have to do this more often.”
“Yes, thank you, Lady.”
Lady Ariadne continued to spank me, then told me, “Take a deep breath.”
I had a pretty good idea what was in store  as I obeyed. Sure enough, she began to lightly spank one spot, the place where my left cheek jutted out the most. Lightly at first, each blow got  more forceful. Soon, the slaps were quite hard and fell quickly on my stinging cheek, growing more and more intense. I grunted and moaned, still pumping my overcharged cock. Just before I reached my limit, Lady Ariadne mercifully stopped. As I thanked her profusely, she soothingly rubbed my cheek with her whole palm.
“Did I tell you to stop pumping?” Smack!
“No, Lady, I relaxed.” I resumed pumping. Next, I had to endure the same slow build up on the other cheek. Both stung painfully.
 Ariadne continued to give me fairly hard blows, then said, “I want you to imagine you’re fucking my asshole and pump even harder.”
“Yes, Lady.” I pumped harder, and Ariadne’s smacks eased off a bit, timed to smack me at the top of each stroke when I offered myself to her most fully. My ass smarted, but it was an entirely pleasurable feeling. My cockhead, plunged between her cum-dampened thighs, throbbed and grew. Lady Ariadne clamped her thighs together, greatly increasing my pleasure. I felt the familiar throbbing in my cock as I neared orgasm. “Oh, Lady Ariadne, may I please come?”
“Yes, you may,” intoned my Lady in her warm voice, still spanking me. Her smacks were nearly as hard as the hardest ones she’d given me. Just right - stimulating without being distracting. SMACK! SMACK! SLAP! SLAP!! I pumped and fucked her thighs, groaning in pleasure. My cock throbbed and I felt the jism force its way past the cockring. I thrust deep into her damp thighs, then “AAAUUUGGGHHH!!!” I came, spasming cum over my sexy girlfriend’s legs.
I lay over her thighs, breathing hard, and gasping my thanks. Lady Ariadne massaged my reddened bumcheeks. Softly she spoke to me. “You took your punishment very well, and came only when I allowed it. Very good. I’m very pleased with you.”
“Thank you, Lady Ariadne. It was wonderful and I deserved it. It was the nicest spanking I’ve ever had.”
“When you’re ready, you may get up and get a washcloth to clean up your come from my thighs.”
“Would you like me to lick it up, Lady Ariadne?”
“Yes!” she said, evidently thrilled at this evidence of my devotion.
A moment later I knelt between her open legs, licking and swallowing my own cum from her smooth thighs. The cum coated the back of my mouth. I saw and smelled Ariadne’s absolutely soaking purple panties - they weren’t wet from my cum, but entirely from her own juices. Spanking me had gotten her hot.
I looked up into her tender eyes, beaming with love and lust. We kissed, then she told me to go get a washcloth. I cleaned her up, then we hurried to the bedroom for frenzied lovemaking.
Your obedient servant,

micheleFFS  Cool
That's a wonderful story, Michele.

I LOVE being spanked. The whole ritual of it is wonderfully arousing to me, especially if I'm wearing panties and a skirt or dress which is lifted to reveal my frillies.

The first time I came when being spanked was when I was seventeen. She was twenty three. She put me across her lap, lifted my skirt and started stroking my bottom through my silky panties. She kept saying things like "these are very pretty panties, aren't they Ali?" And I had to answer her, admitting I was wearing pretty panties.

When she spanked me I got harder and harder, and she could feel it as I pressed into her thighs. All of a sudden I knew I couldn't contain myself any longer. As I said "I'm so sorry, I'm going to..." I came powerfully into my knickers, soaking not only them but her stockings too.

And all the while she just kept spanking me.
Heart Sugar and spice and all things nice Heart
Michelle - great narrative!

Do notice two things:

1. you state early on you were predominatly dominant.... WHEN DID THAT CHANGE?
2. Had Lady Ariadne by the time of this story ever introduced you to feminization yet, or did that come later, and if so, in what manner?

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