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This was supposed to be just a caption for a photo I created, which turned out to be a possible short story that I may soon create. I like to put myself in baby situations, like in this photo where I'm being changed by two ladies. I think that would make a pretty cool story. If you want, I can continue: 

[Image: school_principal_new_sissy_baby_by_sidba...hYOxY-1XUU]

Principal Spencer, responsible for the boarding school for inner-city boys, was a very authoritative woman with the inmates. She was like that because for Health reasons, she can never have a baby. Her dream was to have a baby girl, and go through all the maternity process with diaper changing, bathing, feeding, and everything a baby is entitled to. But luckily, her life was going to change.

There was a boy at boarding school named Sam, who was bullying for most boys. He was small, skinny and shy, but very hard at school. He was one of the few boys Headmistress Spencer liked, due to his good behavior and knowing all the bullying he suffered, she always tried to protect him.

One day she was in her office, at the end of the day, when suddenly the inspector Miss Madson enters the room holding Sam's arm, who had his head down.

- What happened Miss Madson?

- I got this one under the stairs, hiding.

- What happened Sam, why were you hiding?

Sam couldn't answer, just kept his head down holding the front of his pants.

- Take your hands off the front of your pants so Principal Spencer can see your mess.

Sam shyly and still with his head down takes his hands from the front of his pants, which were completely wet.

- Oh my god Sam, did you... did you pee in your pants? - Said Miss Spencer adjusting his glasses and looking more closely.

Still looking down and completely embarrassed, Sam shakes his head, not saying a word.

- I received several complaints from the cleaning women, saying that every week several sheets wet with pee arrive at the laundeira. Looks like we've found the person responsible...

- Absolutely! I think we have a BedWetter here...

- I'm sorry Miss Spencer...

- It's alright dear, accidents happen... however, we need to do something about it, don't you agree Miss Madson?

- For sure!

- Don't worry Sam dear, none of the evil boys will know you're a BedWetter, your little wet secret is kept with us... However, we need to do something about it.

Sam looks up apprehensively, not knowing what will happen.

- Miss Madson, I'm just leaving, I believe you too. You could accompany me to my house, I will need your help.

- Surely Principal Spencer, and what do we do with this wet little boy?

- Oh, he's going with us! Sam is my guest today!

- Thank you Miss Spencer

- You're welcome, then let's go?

- I need to get my things...

- Oh no, it won't be necessary. Trust me Sam, it will be an unforgettable day... - Says Miss Spencer with a mischievous smile on her face.

The three leave the school towards Miss Spencer's car. After the two ladies put their bags in the trunk of the car, Miss Madson opens the front door and gets into the driver's seat. Sam opened the back door and was about to sit on the bench when suddenly.

- Little boy, wait a minute. Come here.

Sam goes to the back of the car and finds Miss Spencer holding up a pair of white, ruffled plastic pants.

- You need to wear this - Said Miss Spencer bending down and unzipping his plastic pants for Sam to get inside.

- But Miss Spencer, I can't, I don't... I'm not a baby...

- Sam, I told you to wear the plastic pants right now! You're all wet, and I don't want my car seat to smell like pee. Do that or you're going to go back to school all wet.

Sam pouts and sees that he has no choice, and lets Miss Spencer put on the plastic pants with ruffles on the back on him, and after putting them on, he still slaps his butt.

- Good Girl...

Sam didn't understand why Miss Spencer called him Girl, but he didn't want to ask. He just obeyed and got into the car that went towards a very nice and old house, with a beautiful garden.

The three walked into the house, the ladies left their coats and bags at the entrance, and Sam stood admiring Miss Spencer's beautiful home.

- Firstly Sam, I'll show you your room and I think we should take off those pants and underwear totally wet, don't you think? If not you might have a rash... Will you accompany me Miss Madson?

- Absolutely Principal Spencer!

- Let's go dear! - Said Miss Spencer holding Sam's Hand and leading him to the upstairs rooms.

They came to a door at the end of the hall, decorated with some drawings of little girls in dresses, and Sam I think must be Miss Spencer's daughter's room.

When they entered Sam was amazed, and eager at the same time. The room was entirely feminine, equipped with toys, teddy bears, a crib, an armchair and a changing table, full of utensils.

- Now Miss Madson, help me take off this little girl's wet clothes...

The ladies start stripping Sam's clothes, who doesn't know what to do.

- Hey, please no, let me go... And, I'm not a little girl...

- Today you got wet like a baby at school, I'll be sure that doesn't happen again. - Said Miss Spencer after leaving Sam completely naked.

- Principal Spencer, what do I do with these wet clothes?

- You can in that wastebasket Miss Madson, that clothes won't be useful anymore...

- But Miss Spencer, I need my clothes...

- Don't worry sweetie, I have everything you need right here. Don't be embarrassed, you don't need to cover your penis, it's so small we can't even see it...

The ladies start to laugh which makes Sam more embarrassed than he already was. He really got into a mess, but worse was to come.

- Come here little one, it's time to put a fresh diaper on you!

- Diaper? Uh no I don't have to, I'm not a baby!

It was too late. With incredible ease Miss Spencer picks Sam up and places it on the changing table. Sam starts to struggle but Miss Madson holds him easily, imbolizing him on the changing table.

- It's good you behave! Mommy doesn't want to spanking her little girl the first night.

Sam didn't understand why she said Mommy, let alone understand why she called him "little girl". But he couldn't help it. Miss Spencer began wiping "Wipe N Dipe" baby wipes across her cock and butt as she held her leg high like a Mommy would a baby. She then passed desitin on her butt and crotch. With that she opened a package of Pampers Phases that on the pink packaging said "for girls", which made Sam even more embarrassed. She lifted Sam's bottom with total ease, and then sprayed his entire intima area with Baby Powder Johnson & Johnson. Finished, she closed the diaper, and Sam was totally protected.

- Now yes! No leaks for this young lady, isn't it? But we can't just leave you in diapers... - Miss Spencer goes to the closet, and if Sam thought this couldn't make it worse for him, he was totally wrong.

- Look what a beautiful dress, I think it will look perfect on her, isn't it Miss Madson? - Said Miss Spencer raising an all-pink and feminine dress, made for little girls.

- This is the cutest thing I've ever seen! This little girl will be very beautiful!

- Please do not! Don't make me wear this, I'm a boy!

- Little Girl, if I hear one more complaint I'll take you back to school immediately, wearing your diapers! You understood me?

- Yes... - Says Sam scared...

- Say, Yes Mommy!

- Yes... Yes Mommy... - Sam said, giving himself totally to the orders of Miss Spencer.

Amazingly, the dress fit Sam perfectly. He no longer looked like a boy at all, anyone would say he was a little girl. Sam was also placed in girl's pantyhose, panties and a short ruffled sock.

- Isn't she cute Miss Madson?

- For sure, it's the cutest little girl I've ever seen! Congratulations, you finally got your little girl!

- Thank you Miss Madson, this is a dream for me! My own baby daughter...

- What do you mean by that...

Miss Spencer didn't let Sam finish the sentence, and quickly popped a pacifier into his mouth. Sam's reaction was to just obey as he started to get scared of things that might happen.

- I could never have a daughter, now I'm having the opportunity - Miss Spencer said while stroking Sam's hair - You look amazing Sam! You're so sweet and innocent, I couldn't leave you with so many bad boys at that school. Even more so now that we've found out you're a BedWetter. But don't worry, you won't have to go back there. Your life is now here, and Mommy will protect and take care of you Sam!

- I think he needs a more appropriate name... - Miss Madson said.

- Well remembered Miss Madson. Forget you are dear Sam, from today on you are Sindy! This is your new life. And for starters, you must be hungry, it's time to eat your baby food for dinner. We're going to have a lot of fun going forward...

What does the future hold for Sam? Or should we say, Sindy! If you want to know the rest of the story, leave it in the comments...
At least the bullies are out it - yay. Gosh a whole new life awaits for Sindy.
That's a wonderful start! I can hardly wait until you decide to expand it.
They certainly know how to take advantage of a perfect opportunity- a great start. It would of course be great to read what happens next.

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