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Hello,new here
Hi there.My name is 澳罗Aurora.I'm from Hong Kong and now livin Shanghai.
When I was 12 years old I was obsessed of the idea to crossdress secretly at home.I enjoy makeup and rouging my lips into shiny red.I like the strange slim girl in the mirror in my sister's dress.It's really complex feeling,shameful,sluty,freaky,but also exciting,erotic,sweet and kinda proud of my talent(Someone say I look "girly" because of my feminine feature)
Since I tried crossdressing ,only my ex-girlfriends and online friends knew this cheeky secret hobby.I'm still a normal male in public.
But I know how's the feeling to be a sissy maid and dominated by aggressive mistress!I REALLY love it!!!
I resigned in some Chinese femininez male forums before but its the first time I join in English one.
I'm very interested in girls, mistresses and sissies here.I would like to make friends here Tongue谢谢
There are many friendly folks here. Welcome to the forum Aurora23. You sum up perfectly the wonderful early feelings of crossdressing in private.
Welcome, Aurora. I hope that you like it here.
Welcome to the forum, Aurora; I hope you enjoy your time here.
Welcome! I’m sure you’ll find many like-minded friends here. x
Welcome Aurora23, you've got lots in common with people here. Lots to see and do, hope you enjoy.
I am brand new here myself Aurora23, but I welcome you too.  You sound like a very lovely and interesting sissy.  I'd love to get to know you.  Best Regards,  Steffi

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