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Feminization of males can have its price
I'm quite a 'masculine' (I won't use the phrase macho as I'm not) guy to look at but obviously I embrace my femininity as all males should but (and some of this may be a little stereotypical) I was in the shower yesterday and it occurred to me that it takes me much longer in the shower these days as I shave my legs and areas ( Blush ) but that's not the only thing that taking longer, I spend more time choosing which underwear I'll wear for the day, I spend more time moisturizing and choosing which clothes I'll wear, also it takes me longer buying new skirts and lingerie.

So in my dads day it took him 5 minutes to get ready for a night out, males nowadays can take hours, is this a future we just need to get used to?
Great to read, Saz. It is a future that is a long time coming, I think. Even a lot of males that don’t subscribe to quite the same level of femininity as you describe there very often practice male grooming techniques that would have been alien only a few decades ago.

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