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Sissy Dresses
Stumbled onto this site -  If there was a contest for sissiest dress this confection would certainly come in the top five.  Yes it's a real company and though a bit pricey the sizes go to 5x.

[Image: 464A85001_720x.jpg?v=1616809541]

This would also qualify.
[Image: BBANANAFRENCH3_720x.jpg?v=1618520507]
Thanks for sharing these adorable photos. The top one especially made my heart skip a feminine beat!
In petticoats and permed curls
Miss Kimmi
Thanks Babycakes that's a lovely selection, I've bookmarked the site for future reference.
I’ll have to set aside an hour or two to have a browse at this site; if the dresses are all as prissy as the ones you’ve shared here, it will be time we’ll spent. Thanks for sharing.
Oooohh, I love all of the pink ones (of course). But for the cut of it, this is the one that I think I would feel most comfortable wearing.

[Image: 464A3063_720x.jpg?v=1600207950]

Thanks for the link!

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