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Hello Dollies!/Sissy Therapy
Hi everyone.

I must confess that last weekend I got a little bit down about things.The annoying thing was that after a good week, I was getting upset at things  that were so trivial. (One was not even my problem, but belonged to another person!).

Annoyed with myself, I decided to do something about it - I needed Sissy therapy! As luck would have it, I was on holiday the following week. I nominated Tuesday to be the day that I would get myself back on track. On the Tuesday morning, I moved some items in my bedroom. I took up a pink and white doll's pushchair from my Living Room and set it up in the middle of the bedroom. I had also taken up Melissa, a Victorian-style doll in a pink gingham dress and also Sally, a rag-doll with blonde plaits. I put them in the pushchair.

In the bedroom that used to be my Sister's  I remembered that I had some more dolls in a bag. Most of these were cheap Barbie-style dolls which had been purchased from a discount store some years ago. I got all the dolls out and gave them a quick wipe, although they were mostly clean due to being stored in a bag. What to put them in? A wickerwork basket with handles was the solution! (It had been a Christmas present from work). I arranged the dolls inside it before going off to have my usual wash & shave. 

Much later on, after a coffee, I sorted out an old red plastic biscuit tin which was full of pens, etc. (I got rid of all the old pens whose ink had ran out). It took a lot longer than expected, so I was glad when it was lunchtime. (I am eventually going to get a pencil-case with a childish design on it for my coloured pencils, etc.)

In the afternoon, I watched a Shirley Temple film, in this case Heidi. (I loved all the pretty girl's dresses and hairstyles!). At one point, I had  a cup of tea and a Farleys rusk , a packet of which I had purchased from the village Petrol Station).

But the main event in my "Therapy" was from 9.00 pm onward. I went up to my bedroom and closed the window and curtains. In my bathroom, I stripped down to my underwear and socks. (Under my male clothing, all day I had been wearing a pair of faded pink, brief-style knickers and white, lacy ankle-socks.) I changed into my  Little Orphan Annie dress & wig. A pair of black, Mary-Jane, T-Bar shoes with Velcro fastening completed my outfit. 

I then played with my dolls, regressing into childhood, only this time as a little girl. It was bliss! I enjoyed dressing some of the dolls up in clothes, and using some of the tiny accessories such as a comb and hairbrush on them. I chatted away to myself, speaking as a little girl and not as a man in his late 50's!

Some of the dolls did not have any names, so I thought it best to do so. A trio of Blonde, Barbie-style dolls were named Heather, Louise and Claire. A pair of identical blonde dolls, but in different coloured dresses were named Barbara and Anna. A little girl in a carry cot was called Baby Susan. Finally, a large plastic doll in a pink dress was named Michelle. (Baby Susan did have a little plastic baby-feeding bottle with her. So I "fed" her.)

Sadly , my session came to end. After getting changed, I headed back downstairs to end the day watching T.V. (Ironically, two programmes both featured restoring Doll's Houses!). I eventually went to bed, wearing nappy-pants under my pyjama trousers. I also sucked a dummy and cuddled  Snowy, my teddy bear.

So did the "Therapy" work? - Yes! ; I felt much better for it. So here is a tip for other Sissies - if you start to feel a bit down, dress up as a little girl and play with some dolls!It worked for me!   Smile
Thank you for feeling you could share this, Sissy Leslie - I’m sure most of us can relate to your situation. I am glad that it worked for you and that you are feeling better.
When i moved out on my own, and could dress more often, that was one of the most enjoyable aspects, being able to totally relax, drop the "male" image, and visit with my "alter ego" which i've come to regard more and more as "myself."
Wow, Sissie Leslie that a great session and more should try it.
Yes, afp, I most certainly will!

(08-19-2021, 10:32 PM)afp Wrote: Wow, Sissie Leslie that a great session and more should try it.

 I can definitely recommend it. It worked for me and I can't describe just how wonderful when I regressed back to childhood, but as a little girl as opposed to a boy. I certainly intend to do it again.

(08-19-2021, 12:19 PM)Girlygirl2 Wrote: Thank you for feeling you could share this, Sissy Leslie - I’m sure most of us can relate to your situation. I am glad that it worked for you and that you are feeling better.

Thank you. It certianly worked and I ended the week a lot happier than when I started.
That’s lovely, Lesley. I’m so glad you felt better for some sissyishness!

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