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Direction of forum
There is a thread on this forum entitled 'Sue, update on my sons petticoating" 

While I hope, like many on here, that it is a work of fiction, there have been many threads over the years which have apparently been confirmed as true events involving children who would not have been able to give consent to how they were treated. Put quite simply this is child abuse and this forum and its members should not be encouraging people to act this way.

While these posts may amuse some members, as far as I know, and I have asked this before and never got an answer, we don't know what damage is being done to the child's development. How will they adapt to the real world when they become adults? Will they be able to form relationships/ have girlfriends? Will their mental health suffer and will they need extensive counselling or will they commit sucide?

We live in a different world now to when some members on this site were petticoated as a child. There is much more emphasis now on child abuse and mental health.

I would question whether threads like Sue's should remain on the forum as it is quite clearly promoting child abuse and makes me, and I expect other members, feel very uneasy ( again will just add that it is not just Sue's thread but there have been quite a few like it over the years) 

Sadly it does seem that these type of threads will continue as the moderators don't seem to see anything wrong with them and I do wonder in what direction this forum may be heading. My personal view is that this is child abuse and is certainly something that this forum should not be promoting.
Nearly 99.999% of posts are fantasy or mainly fantasy . If i judge one by your criteria i have to judge all posts the same and will have to remove and ban all posts that can possibly be termed as abusive or potentially abusive to children and adults .
This would leave the forum dead .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
I am sure the members of this forum know the difference between fantasy, fiction and reality. the problem these days is the governments and the minority of a minority of people can now demand what we are allowed to say and think and do, up to a point where we can now be arrested. I can go to the Pub and tell a joke about the Irishman the Scotsman the Welshman and the Englishman and everyone would laugh tell a black joke and it would be frowned upon and people would get offended, not because they are offended but because they have to be seen to be offended.
to many harmless sites and bloggers are being shut down because the fraction of a minority are offended by the subject without even checking it out. There is nothing wrong with this site and there is nothing that needs to change, if there are people here who do not know the defence between reality and fantasy they are the ones that need to change.
I come here and read the massages and leave comments fantasy and reality, I don't come here to chat about the price of bacon or the financial market, i come here to read other people experiences real or fantasy, i ust wonder how long it will before this site and Petticoat Discipline is shut down, our frilly knickers wont come down without a fight.
While I'd like to believe that the posts reporting someone using petticoat punishment/discipline on actual underage boys today are all fantasy, I think that there are a few that are not fantasy at all.

Bill. You do a wonderful job of moderating this forum and I never meant my comments to be critical of you. I agree that if you put a ban on anything mentioning underage petticoating there would be no forum. My own little story would be criminally abusive and if someone was actually doing the things I talk about in my story they should be arrested. My story is clearly fantasy and labelled as fantasy.

On the other hand when a member posts repeatedly that she advocates petticoating for all underage boys and that she is actively involved in assisting mothers doing this, I have to wonder. Some of it certainly doesn't read as fantasy at all.

I know that it's probably impossible to distinguish between the ones that are fantasy and the ones that are real. I don't think anyone expects perfection here. Nobody could possibly expect a moderator to be able to make the distinction.

I think the only reasonable thing that can be done without killing the forum is to post in a prominent place a clear statement that this forum does not advocate doing any of this to underage boys and that the content of the forum is either fantasy, between consenting adults or historical in nature. If nothing else that may satisfy some legal issue that might arise. I hope it would also deter those who are advocating this as reality today.

I know that there are members that were petticoated as children and I respect that many of them ultimately accepted it and adjusted to it. Their stories are fascinating and I don't want to lose them. The standards for what is and is not child abuse have changed significantly in recent years.

I know this post has rambled a bit, but I hope it's covered what I'm trying to say. I don't want the forum to die off. I hope it remains as active and interesting as it is. I just don't want anyone doing this to underage boys today.
In many ways I am grateful that modern society in the Western world has moved forward to where it is today. Born in 1970, I was raised in an area and time period where shame and humiliation were considered valid and effective parenting techniques.

It's something when the medical establishment views potty training by age 2 1/2 without signs of physical issues or obvious psychological issues to simply be a "lazy child". When wetting the bed is considered to be abnormal in children beyond the age of three or four and met with admonishments to punish the child for it.

Being a late potty train (still in diapers up until four), my mother used my sister's old dresses on me when we went out, citing a combination of ease of changing together with the humiliation aspect seen as a way to 'encourage' me to learn control. For nighttime issues, diapers were used, and it was something that was not necessarily kept private. If my sister and stepsisters used it to tease me in front of friends or schoolmates, it was pushed back on me for not being willing to control the issue.

Fortunately, by the time I was a teenager, there was a different mindset beginning to take hold. While my questioning of gender roles came about, my mother was supportive though some of it likely came from hatred for my father after a bitter divorce. Wetting issues at night in the mid/late 1980's were received by doctors with the admission that a percentage of children would have issues even at my age.

As for my own children, we have made sure to do no such thing in how we raised them. Wetting problems were kept quiet and dealt with using the wide array of products now available. Gender and sexuality were not forced on our kids. When my son came out to me as bisexual, my first question was whether he had finished his math homework. It was not that I didn't care about his sexuality, it was just that anything considered 'different' wasn't an issue.

I too hope that this is not being used as a parenting technique today. Accepting open gender roles is one thing, forcing a child into humiliating situations is unacceptable.
This is a double edged saw type of subject. We all 'dream' about being petticoated at a young age and we also don't want to see child abuse. So first we have to define what is 'abuse'.

The very very small minority of folks have the ear of politicians and the PC folks. Here in Australia we have folks telling us there is no 'he' or 'she' but only 'they'. The same folks are into the school program and teaching kids as young as 6 that they can determine what gender they are. Hell I can't tell at my age so what chance a six year old? We have states that no longer put gender on birth certificates because it may 'offend' the 'they'. (FWIW our daughter and son inlaw are both highschool teachers. Department heads. They have 3 teenage girls. Our grand daughters. They shock us with what they are directed the do in regards to gender and racist. But most disturbing are the girls who stand up for it and say it's the 'right' thing to do. Son inlaw is sort of in favour of it. Our daughter is a chip off the old block and thinks it's all BS but dare not say anything about for fear of being vilified). I say bring back the cane and make good use of it on those who are trying to modified our society. Social engineering is a curse on all of us.

All this political correctness may well be as deadly as a virus. In fact I would argue it is a virus. Children should be supported not directed down some unknown path that has no return loop.

Unless the silent majority speak up then we deserve what we get.

Putting a warning header is up to the owner and not in my ability . Aunty Helga has the final say .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
Thanks for your response, Bill. I hope she'll consider posting such a header.
If anyone has concerns and no longer wants to be a member here . I can delete your account for you .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
I put forward some of my personal experiences, and I know we have others who had their own personal experiences with similar situations as a child. I don't know that any of us who have directly experienced this as a child have ever suggested it be used on children nowadays.

With that said, for some people I have seen here, in a fantasy world they would have undergone this to an extent in their own lives as a child. They base this on their current sense of gender and desires. Quite often they would wish to return to that age and be free to explore clothing and gender to the level that children today are able and to do so with the acceptance and encouragement of their parents. Of course, returning to the time period where they were at that age would likely be much more disastrous as someone doing such things faced not just shame and humiliation from their peers and adults around them, but could just as easily suffer physical harm that would be seen as deserved for falling so far outside the norms.

I know from my experiences as a child that I was truly scared sometimes when I ventured out dressed differently from what most would consider appropriate for a boy my age. The shame and humiliation were real.

I would absolutely not hide those experiences on this site. For me, it is cathartic and helpful to discuss it. I have found good parts to what many may consider a bad situation. I have seen many posts that are questionable and I leave them alone, likening them to fantasy stories. I am likely not alone from our other members who underwent similar childhood experiences in that it took me a long time to accept what happened (not as a good or bad thing, but just that it happened) and that coming to terms with the impact it had on my life took its toll. There are likely people out there who had similar experiences (but do not come here) who have seriously screwed up lives from it. I feel fortunate in that I was able to focus my mind on improving how I face the world and treat others as a result of my experiences.

There is a fine line to be walked, and where that line is drawn is often blurry at best.

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