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Male Privilege
(04-28-2017, 01:57 AM)ahumanishere Wrote: I think way more men than women are open to the lifestyle of male submission. Women who i've known in my life don't seem very interested power. Let's face it, its men who come to these sites looking for others interested in Female-led relationships. Most women probably never even fantasize about these lifestyles. This is a big problem because a lot men are looking female-led relationships are finding very few women.

I think that's probably true. Despite the feminist movement, equal opportunities etc (all of which are clearly a good thing) I still think most women want a man to be strong, look after her and be in control. 

There are a few who recognise that a submissive male/sissy can look after her very well, in every sense, and that she can actually enjoy being in control of him. I've been lucky enough to know some girls and women like that, but I do wish it were more common. I think we'd all be a lot happier.
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