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Male Privilege
i guess i was panticoated although I kinda brought it upon myself. I got caught stealing and wearing my sisters panties and leggings when I was 10, my mom told me not to do it anymore but i got caught again a couple weeks later. My mom said if I liked wearing my sisters panties so much then she would buy me my own and I would wear panties from here on out. So thats what she did, she took me to the store and bought me several packs of panties, some Disney, some with flowers, and some solid colors. When we got home she threw out my boy underwear and I have been wearing them ever since. I can say emphatically that it definitely takes away male aggression and other issues because its hard to act tough when you know you're wearing pretty panties under your clothes. I know for myself that it has reenforced good behaviors and similarly discouraged bad behaviors. my mother by the way was thrilled with the change in me which is probably why she kept encouraging me to wear panties as I grew up.
(03-20-2017, 11:28 PM)jmathew4 Wrote: Creo que estaba panticoated aunque un poco tra√≠do a m√≠ mismo. Me quede atrapado robando y usando mis hermanas bragas y polainas cuando ten√≠a 10 a√Īos, mi madre me dijo que no volver a hacerlo pero me dio de nuevo cogi√≥ un par de semanas m√°s tarde. Mi mam√° dijo que si me gustaba usar bragas de mis hermanas tanto entonces ella me iba a comprar mi propio y se lo llevar las bragas de aqu√≠ en adelante. As√≠ que eso es lo que hizo, ella me llev√≥ a la tienda y me compr√≥ varios paquetes de bragas, algunas de Disney, algunas con flores, y algunos colores s√≥lidos. Cuando llegamos a casa se ech√≥ un vistazo a mi ropa interior de ni√Īo y he estado usando ellos desde entonces. Puedo decir categ√≥ricamente que sin duda le quita la agresi√≥n masculina y otros problemas debido a su dif√≠cil acto dif√≠cil cuando se sabe que llevas las bragas bonitas debajo de la ropa. Yo s√© por m√≠ mismo que se ha reforz√≥ buenos comportamientos y de manera similar desanime malas conductas. mi madre por cierto estaba encantado con el cambio en m√≠, que es probablemente la raz√≥n por ella mantuvo animarme a usar ropa interior a medida que crec√≠a.

Her mother is or was a good mother, congratulations.
jmathew4: How soon after Taylor met you did you tell her that your wore panties (and bras?)? Was that difficult? Did you have girlfriends before Taylor who knew?

In curls
(03-21-2017, 08:50 AM)Kimmi Wrote: jmathew4: How soon after Taylor met you did you tell her that your wore panties (and bras?)?  Was that difficult?  Did you have girlfriends before Taylor who knew?

In curls

well i was a virgin before i met her, I had a couple girlfriends before that, but none really lasted long enough. Taylor actually found out by accident before we got together, i had bent over to get something and she happened to see the top of my pink thong, she asked me about it and I told that I've been wearing them for years. it was mildly embarrassing for sure, but she was cool with it and found it kinda of sexy.
That's great that Taylor thought it was sexy that you like wearing panties. I was a virgin as well when I met my wife. It took me a while to tell her that I liked to dress.

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