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Prank on Marcus
I played a fun little prank on Marcus yesterday. He was well behaved and didn’t do anything to warrant this but it’s harmless fun and Lord knows, he has had his fair share of pranking and making fun of me, so I figured I return his medicine to him.
My sister, his aunt, was stopping by for a couple hours. We had some things to discuss and it would require us meeting in person at my home.
I told Marcus she was coming over and to help me clean up the house for when she arrives. He helped some but mostly cleaned up his room and then hung out in there the rest of the time. 

While he was busy “cleaning” I thought it would be funny to take his “panty punishment bag” that I keep in my room and start placing HIS girly undies around the house. Not hiding them, but leaving them in open areas and rooms, in particularly the living room, den, and kitchen areas. Those would be the rooms where my Sister and I would be in. A funny little embarrassing setup for him.
I placed one of his purple pairs dangling from the kitchen chair, one of his pink pairs w/ birdies was sitting on the arm of the couch, his plain white panty briefs I just threw in a corner of the living room all bunched up, his flowered pair was laid in the hallway, and his other pink pair was hanging over the door knob of the restroom.  Since I know how oblivious he is to his surroundings, I knew he would never notice them and his face would be glued to his phone when he walked out to greet his Aunt.
I planned on a good performance of scolding and yelling at him when he finally made it to her. 

When she arrived, (her name is Heather) we hugged and exchanged a few small words before walking in the den to sit and talk. She didn’t notice the pink panties that were on the same couch she sitting on until I walked in that direction to make her eyes notice them.  She was a little taken back and almost instantly asked me- “Who’s are those?!” while pointing at them. I acted like I didn’t see them and pretended to jump back and look at them. 
Now, something about sisters for those who don’t know is we know everything about each other, from relationships, jobs, life, our clothes, and yes, even our bodies. Heather knew 2 things right away- 1. Those panties were too big for me. 2. Those were not my style or color. These pink panties that had little birdies on them would not be something I would wear at my age. I knew she knew that right away.  I also knew that she knew, Natalie my daughter, was not living at my home. She hasn’t lived here in 2 years.  So, that ultimately left myself and Marcus but she did not think of him for a second until I put on my acting skills.
After my initial fake shock of seeing them and putting my hand over my mouth, Heather asked me again “who’s panties are those” and I looked at her with a state of shock and anger.  I then told her to wait on the couch and I’ll be back. 
I marched down the hall and opened Marcus’s door and told to “come out to the living room right now!”.  I left his door open and went back to my sister in the living room, I stood right by the couch with my arms crossed where the little pink panties were on the couch. Heather was still sitting a few cushions down and looking very perplexed. Marcus finally came walking slowly in the room, trying not to fall since he was buried in his phone, as expected. He didn’t even notice his other pink undies hanging on the restroom door knob and walked right by them!

I waited for him to look up and his Aunt was in the process of saying Hi to but I interrupted her and yelled - “Son, are these your panties on the couch!? Didn’t I ask you to help clean before your Aunt arrived!?”

If looks could kill, he definitely would have died. He dropped his phone and his face went redder than a spring tomato in a instant. He knew he was caught, literally red-handed and red-faced. He was stuttering and stammered to me something along the lines they were not his and some silly excuse. I looked over to Heather during his explanation and her mouth was wide open and looking at him.  
He went on a few more seconds and ignoring his protest, I simply responded to him- “Come pick these up and take them to your room, your underwear should never be laid out in a public area, what’s wrong with you!?”.  He didn’t say anything and ran over to gather his panties and balled them up, trying to hide them from his Aunt.  She had already seen them and chimed in- “Are those really yours? You know that is girls underwear right?” She was snickering after that and so was I, he had his hand behind his back in a fist to conceal his pink panties. His face was super blushed and he was trying to run back to his room but I wasn’t letting him off that easy.  
I told him to first walk around the house and make sure none of his other panties were lying around. He looked at me like he knew what I did and he was definitely going to find more pairs.  Blushing even more profusely now, he started to protest something again, but I just responded to him to answer his Aunt’s question about knowing those are girls undies, she was still waiting on any kind of explanation from him.  He looked at me and then back at Heather and spoke to her- “I know these girls underwear but I don’t wear them, Mom just told me to pick them up.” I just looked at him shaking my head, Tsk tsk tsk....

He ran out starting looking for his other pairs. I asked Heather help me follow Marcus to make sure he finds and picks up all his girly panties. We were laughing every time he found one and desperately trying to hide them from us. I told him to slow down and hold up each pair to let his Aunt see them and he absolutely hated it.  While he was searching for them I casually went on explaining to Heather why and when he wore his panties and she very much approved of his punishments. She would ask him which pair he liked wearing the most and advised him that neither herself or me own or wear such cute girly underwear and he should start buying more mature styles since he is 22.  He glared over at her and wanted to swear at her so bad, but he glanced to me real quick and knew if he did he would end up wearing them in front of her, so he held his tongue quick. 

You should have seen him walking back to his room with both hands full of HIS panties, it was so cute.  He stayed in his room while Heather and I laughed over it for a good while. We finally remembered why she came over and got down to more serious business but it was definitely a successful prank on Marcus.

Take care!
-Valerie   Heart
An absolutely wonderful way to humiliate a panty wearing sissy!
I'd love to experience that acute embarrassment at the hands of two superior women

Longing to serve women
Very devious indeed. Still, the more he is exposed to such incidents, the more he will become aclimatised to the new elements of his lifestyle. 

Besides, they had to find out sometime.  Wink
that was funny and devious and a perfect little trap.
Dear V-Villanueva,
Bravo! Brilliantly played! You have marcus firmly under your lady-like thumb
Your admirer,
tris neill

All sissy-gurls should be pantied, paddled and plugged
(07-22-2021, 10:46 PM)trisneill Wrote: Dear V-Villanueva,
Bravo! Brilliantly played! You have marcus firmly under your lady-like thumb
Your admirer,
tris neill

Aww, do I? Just having a little fun!

(07-22-2021, 10:45 PM)lisa7813 Wrote: that was funny and devious and a perfect little trap.

-Valerie   Heart
That was a very clever little trap. I'm sure he'll never forget it and from now on will look around the house before company comes.
(07-22-2021, 11:24 PM)Cindy Wrote: That was a very clever little trap. I'm sure he'll never forget it and from now on will look around the house before company comes.

Which was precisely the point for not helping me prepare the house for company. Thanks.
-Valerie   Heart
Awwww, that is adorable! Bless.

What a good, little girl Marcus is being though!
(07-23-2021, 02:13 PM)Melissa123 Wrote: Awwww, that is adorable! Bless.

What a good, little girl Marcus is being though!

Yes, he was adorable gathering up his undies and quite quick about the whole thing!
-Valerie   Heart

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