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Aware of female superiority at school
Hi everyone.

it would be correct to say that I have been aware of the superiority of females since childhood. There was an incident at school which definitely marked me out as being totally inferior to females. A girl challenged me to an arm-wrestle! (it was that kind of school and developed a bit of a bad reputation).

I took on the challenge - and lost. So the other boys and girls considered me to be a bit of a wimp and I was left completely embarrassed with my male ego dented. (I think I was teased about it for quite a while).

Also at school there was a girl called Lisa. Along with a fellow girl, she would do the following - grab one of the boys and fondle his groin. (Or "being touched up" as it was known) But during Winter, she took this a step further. She and her friend would grab a boy and as he struggled, put some snow inside the front of his trousers! Of course, the snow would melt, leaving the boy with a wet patch.

Not surprisingly, after this girl had left school, she got into trouble with the police. But I developed a fantasy regarding her - I fantasised about her tying me up and being at her mercy.

So I have known about Female Superiority for a long time!   Smile
An interesting account there. Getting on the wrong side of the law will do her no favours but if she can cut that out, she could be quite a mistress in the making. 

Sounds like you may have learned something about yourself too.  Big Grin

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