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(07-22-2021, 03:28 PM)mikki Wrote:
(07-21-2021, 05:29 PM)babypants Wrote: Hello, I am new here. My name is babypants. I am Ms Linda's sissy diaper boy. She picks out all my clothes and she dresses me. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep my diapers and plastic baby panties hidden under my clothes but she says that just goes with being a sissy diaper boy. She also believes in using cloth diapers rather than the disposable ones. She feels that cloth diapers are better for the environment and that I shouldn’t be concerned with how bulky they are. Diaper checks and diaper changes can occur anytime, anywhere, and without notice, however it is always done discreetly unless she wants to embarrass me in front of one of her friends.
    I trust Ms Linda and I know she knows what is best for me. I know I belong in diapers and plastic baby panties. I strive to be her good little sissy diaper boy.

Welcome to the Forum, babypants.  

How long have you been Ms. Linda' sissy diaper boy now?  Cloth diapers and plastic panties are best in most situations, even if their bulk does make them somewhat conspicuous.  Maybe it's best that Ms. Linda's friends and acquaintances do notice, since it eliminates the need to hide them.  Having others know about your diapers really does serve to reinforce your sissy diaper boy status.  Once they know, it's impossible for you to even try to pretend to be a "real" male.  You might as well just abandon any pretense.  Consciously or unconsciously, others tend to treat you more as a juvenile than as an adult, which is appropriate for sissy diaper boys.  

Hopefully, Ms. Linda will be changing your wardrobe to better reflect your sissy diaper boy status -- more juvenile and infantile clothing, and maybe even some baby dresses with matching ruffled diaper panties.  
Thank you mikki
I have been Ms Linda’s sissy diaper boy for several years now.
Ms Linda takes me to the edge and beyond. For that reason, she makes sure that my diapers are bulky and that my plastic panties are poofy and difficult to hide. The crinkling sound my plastic baby panties make when I walk is music to her ears.
Ms Linda doesn’t call me a baby. She feels it’s more humiliating for me  to be treated as an adult forced to wear diapers and plastic baby panties. When people ask her if I am wearing diapers, she always makes me answer. She loves to hear me say that I wear “protection” for medical reasons, only to pull down my shorts to expose my pink nursery print plastic baby panties while she checks my diaper pins to make sure they are secure. Ms Linda relies on bibs, baby bottles, diaper bags, etc to add to my humiliation. She has told some of her friends that I squirm like a baby when she changes me in the car.
In the house I am not allowed to wear anything over my plastic panties. Ms Linda wants them to be on full display so she can tell if I need to be changed.
She says that my plastic baby panties need to be “seen” and “heard”.
As far as dresses are concerned, Ms Linda puts some on me that are so short my diapers show even if I’m not bending over. When she has me in shorts my plastic panties show as soon as I wet my diapers and they start to sag. She makes sure to remind me that they are showing.
You are correct, Ms Linda as well as her friends treat me more like a juvenile than an adult. Some of her friends call me a big baby when the pat my diapered bottom and ask me if I am wet or messy. Others like to snap the waistband of my plastic panties and ask me “What do WE call these”? There is no end to the humiliation.
 crinkle, crinkle
Crinkle, Crinkle   

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