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My Nephew--Still a Baby at 16
My Nephew--Still a Baby at 16
            The hard, unremitting slaps of the paddle rained down without respite on Francis' tender, bare bottom as I spanked the 16 year-old sissy relentlessly. It was already a deep shade of pink and rapidly turning to a fiery, angry red. He was sobbing and desperately kicking his feet, even as he beat the floor with his bunched-up fists. After the center of each of his round, youthful buns had reached the proper color of punishment, I turned my attention to the sides, swatting them with equal ferocity as my nephew bucked and howled in pain.
            He was getting his just reward, for a day of misbehavior and a snotty attitude.
            It had all started out this morning, when he had put up a fuss over the frilly pink Sunday dress I had picked out for him. He didn't like it because the ruffled hem was so short, and his thick, embarrassing diapers would be on display the rest of the day. Normally, that wouldn't have been such a big deal, except for the fact a couple of my friends would be coming over and he was mortified to be seen by them dressed like that.
            The second infraction occurred when he started pouting when Mrs. Johnson wanted to give him his baby bottle. Again, while this is a common, daily event for him, the added humiliation of having our striking next-door neighbor administer the ritual was more than he could stand.
            Lastly, he threw a tantrum when I put him down for his nap a half an hour early this afternoon. That was the final straw.
            So now his humiliating diapers were down, his plastic panties tangled around his calves as I blistered his sissy bottom with my stout oak paddle. And it was made all the more embarrassing by the fact that his punishment was being witnessed by the same Mrs. Johnson. I think his first tears were more due to utter shame than from the slap of the paddle but since he almost always begins crying right from the beginning, it's hard to tell.
            At last, the spanking was over and I helped lifted the sobbing boy off my skirted lap to stand him before me. He was bawling his eyes out, and his hands immediately shot back to begin trying to sooth the blazing inferno on his stinging, cherry red bottom. I gathered him in my arms and held him close, soothing him and stroking his hair as he buried his face in my ample bosom.
            "There, there, Sweety..." I cooed softly, "it's all over now. Mommy forgives you."
            Even though I was technically his aunt, ever since his mom had died in a car accident in his early years, I had become his defacto mother and he had been calling me mommy since right after his arrival.
            "Let's get baby's diapers back on and then it's beddie-bye time for you," I told him as I consoled the crying child.
            Mrs. Johnson smiled knowingly at me and she helped to arrange the stack of diapers on the changing pad that was a staple part of his nursery.
            By now, Francis had lost all of his earlier bluster and was now quite compliant, ready to be pinned back into his bulky diapers for his daily nap.
            It may seem strange to the reader that a 16 year-old boy is still wearing diapers, living in a nursery, and sleeping in a crib, much like any other incontinent toddler. So perhaps I should explain by starting at the beginning...
            Even when Francis was still living with his mother, he had been a bedwetter up to the age of five. She had coped with it by putting him in diapers and plastic pants at night which at least kept his bedding dry, if not him. But when she died and he moved in with me, he started having daytime accidents as well. Not a lot, but often enough that I just decided to keep him in diapers during the day after changing him out of his wet ones in the morning. This turned out to be a wise precaution, as his daytime wetting only increased during his first year with me. At first, it was enough just to change him once, maybe twice, but as his wetting increased, I found it necessary to change him before his nap, afterwards, and sometimes when we were out in public or even during the evening too.
            As Francis grew older, I noticed he really wasn't interested in the things most boys are, and truth be told, most people thought of him as a sissy. Strangely, this didn't bother me, and because I had always wanted a baby daughter of my own, Francis' ways dovetailed nicely with some ideas I had in mind.
            At first, I enjoyed dressing him in clothes that were a little feminine; flowered tops and thin, stretchy shorts that only emphasized the thick diapers he was wearing underneath. But as time went on, I decided to take things a step further, buying him clothes that were decidedly babyish or something a much younger girl might wear. He didn't like it, but he was so passive and weak-willed that I easily bent him to my own, even if it was extremely embarrassing for him.
            Most, if not all of my friends knew of Francis' situation and they delighted in checking to see if he was wet, or playfully teasing him with his pacifier. But if anything, instead of trying to assert his masculinity, Francis became more and more of a sissy as time went on. I responded by regressing him even further and converting his bedroom into a baby's nursery, complete with a pink crib, changing pad, frilly curtains, and nursery print wall paper. A pink dresser and netted playpen soon followed.
            Nowadays, Francis dresses in much the same clothing one might expect to see a four year-old toddler girl wear; short, frilly tops that go to about his navel, party dresses full of frills, ruffles and lace, and fleece diaper shirts that make changing him much easier. Many of his outfits have babyish designs on them, whether it be building blocks, duckies or bunnies. He also has a small collection of Mary Janes, white, pink, and glossy black.
            For the most part, Francis is a perfect little angel but it sometimes happens that I feel the need to take him over my lap for a hard spanking. He dreads these occasions and he begs and pleads not to have his diapers taken down, particularly if there are others present. Nevertheless, such attempts always fall on deaf ears and the sissy soon finds himself draped over my lap, his plastic panties pulled down past his knees and diapers unpinned, as I scold him for his latest childish infraction. Although I spank him until his face is wet with tears and his buns are a flaming, deep red, I always make sure to hold him afterwards and console him so that he realizes all is forgiven.
            On his thirteenth birthday, Francis received as a special gift, a very secure chastity device which was promptly locked into place without delay or ceremony. It had been difficult trying to find one that would fit his diminutive size, and eventually, I had to get it custom made, based on an existing design. You see, he had never really developed down there and his genitals still pretty much resembled the equipment of six year-old child. However, as he reached puberty, he was starting to take advantage of his soft, fluffy diapers by playing with himself when he thought no one was looking at him. I found this to be disgusting and I simply wouldn't tolerate it in my house.
            Much to his chagrin, the chastity device put an abrupt and permanent end to both his budding erections and his nasty masturbating habits, which is just how it should be.
            Francis was cranky and edgy for the next several weeks as he adjusted with difficulty to a life without self-pleasuring or orgasms. And there were times when I felt a spanking or a warm, soapy enema were warranted when his attitude became unacceptable. But in the end, the chastity device won the day. If anything, Francis became even more compliant and passive although he could still be fussy on occasion, much like any toddler who complains when his diapers are clammy and wet.
            Francis has a babysitter named Kaitlyn who is a senior at the local high school. She takes care of him when I'm unavailable to supervise him. This is particularly useful when I have a date and can't be around to put him in his crib for his 8:00 bedtime. Kaitlyn is a wonderful girl and she has my full approval to discipline him whenever she sees fit. It must be terribly embarrassing to be given a spanking by such a pretty girl as her, but that is just one of Francis' many ordeals that he must contend with.
            One of the things that I like about Kaitlyn is that she is so strict--a very no-nonsense kind of young woman that doesn't tolerate any backsass from Francis. While sitting in his high chair, she often holds his hands in place with one of hers while she pushes the rubber nipple of a bottle of warm milk into his pouting mouth, forcing him to bow to her powerful will. One can see the expression of frustration and angst as he gazes helplessly down her low cut tops, gaping at her big breasts and wishing he could do more than just look.
            Such experiences have a profound effect on him and it leaves him desperately horny and totally unable to do anything about it. The truth is, I think Kaitlyn deliberately dresses provocatively just to tease the poor sissy but I really don't mind. She usually just giggles and plants a big wet kiss on his cheek, leaving a red lipstick print for everyone to see, while forbidding him to remove it.
            I'm not sure if it is the effect of being kept in a restrictive chastity device or if its just Francis' lack of development but his little penis hasn't grown significantly since I locked it up three years ago--it still measures about an inch when limp. One time recently, just out of curiosity, while I had the device temporarily removed for routine cleaning, I used some baby oil on his little guy to see how long it would get when fully erect. I'm sorry to say, it wasn't very impressive, just rising to a little over two inches when hard. He shamefully begged me to rub it some more with the slippery oil but I simply pushed it back into its tube and locked it in place, leaving him denied and frustrated for the rest of the day.
            It's hard to say what lies in store for sissy Francis but for the foreseeable future, he will continue to be my precious little baby girl, dependent on his diapers and mommy for all his daily needs.

A great and in depth story there, Bobby. This was clearly not his first (or even probably his most severe punishment). Hopefully he will learn to avoid these situations.
Thank you for reposting this story. Since they nuked your WordPress site, this is the only source for your writing that isn't going to offend someone who is looking for a reason to feel offended.
Thanks Bobby for another sweet story. Francis is looked after very well.
Lovely story, not least because Kaitlyn is learning how males should be treated. If Francis is very lucky, she will eventually take him in hand and his life of submission and obedience to Women will be set.
(07-21-2021, 08:45 PM)Cindy Wrote: Thank you for reposting this story. Since they nuked your WordPress site, this is the only source for your writing that isn't going to offend someone who is looking for a reason to feel offended.

Lol, that's what I was thinking too.
My thanks as well for reposting this story. As noted by Cindy, a most appropriate place to archive your wonderful stories after being removed by WordPress. No disrespect intended to other authors (I respect each and every one willing to take the time and energy to write and share their creative activity) but perhaps a section here could be devoted exclusively as an archival site for your stories. Again, thank you!

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