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Life in a Female Led Community in Denmark
Dear Girlygirl

Thank you for your reply.
I am glad if what I write can be of some use for some people.
I of cause totally agree with you when you write, that:

"I suppose being brought up in a society that has always (or at least long) believed in such values poses very different dynamics to the environment in which most posters on here prevail from where the patriarchy is still in the predominance (though most definitely shifting in most cases)."

Perhaps one of the most fundamental differences between us girls and boys who grew up in our small Female Led Community and most other women and men, who are living in a Female Dominated way, is, that the males in such a relationship want it themselves, because they tend to be submissive, and the women I guess also want it, because they tend to be dominant.
But we boys in our Female Led community were not born to be submissive - as I have told already, we on the contrary could be quite violent, if somebody threatened our girls or our friends - but we were taught by our mothers from very early on about the inherent superiority of girls to boys to such a degree, that we simply accepted this to be a fact. And of cause our sisters did the same, and it made them very proud and self-confident, which only confirmed for me and the other boys that the girls indeed were vastly superior to us. (Which they definitely were).
I cannot deny, that it for me back then was embarrassing to know, that I was inferior to my dear little sister Ida, who was three years younger than me, and to all other girls.
But in a strange way it also was fascinating and seductive for us boys to know, that the girls were superior to us.
Because as boys often do, we admired strength. Because of the physically hard work that our mom ordered us to do, we were rather strong ourselves. We didn't look like body builders - far from it - but we were quite strong. But our girls were strong too. They were even stronger than us, although it was on the mental and intellectual level. This sometimes made us fell humble, but it certainly also made us admire the strong minded girls of our community. And the boys from the nearby village felt the same way. They considered our girls to be more mature than the girls in their own village (and of cause they were because of the authority and responsibility our girls in their teenage years were given by their mothers), and they stopped teasing us about the fact that we had to obey our sisters. Some of our boyfriends from the village later on as young adults even married some of our girls and moved to our community to live with them according to our Female Led principles.

All this said I want to add, that in my opinion a Female Led Community can only last on the basis of mutual respect and love between women and men, and sisters and brothers.
Given the fact, that most men are physically stronger than most women, and most men are not by nature submissive types, a Female Led Family - and even less a Female Led Community - cannot last for long if it is mostly or solely based on the women's use of physical power (spanking etc.) against the males.
As much as it is necessary, that boys from early on learn of the fact of the superiority of girls and women, it is also of great importance that the girls learn to respect the qualities of the boys and the men, and that they understand, that with their superiority and authority follows responsibility.

That the teenage girls in our community were given the full authority over their brothers when the adults were not at home was not only due to practical reasons. 
It of cause also was a way that our mothers used in order to prepare both their daughters and their sons for their future roles in life, if they chose to stay in our Female Led Community as adults. In fact it was of especially importance for our moms to make sure, that their daughters did not misuse their power, because as the wise women they were they knew, that if we boys did not accept the Female Led way of things, their community would not last for long.
I think that I have shown this fact very well in describing the loving relation between my dear little sister Ida and me. Also after our mother authorized Ida to act as mom's substitute in mom's absence.

When Ida and me were children, we were always told, that competition is an inevitable trait of the patriarchal society, which our moms resented, because males are born to be competitive. Women on the other hand tend to be compassionate and caring, due to the fact that they in all traditional societies are the main child carers.
Today I think that this explanation perhaps may be a bit exaggerated, but back then I of cause believed in everything that my mom and the other moms in our Female Led Community told.
It was among other things to avoid the "typically male competitiveness", that our feminist mothers always insisted upon, that everything in our community should be owned by the women in common, in order to secure, that our community always would remain strictly Female Led. As I have told, our feminist mothers and founders of our community originally were leftist socialist, and they of cause had noticed, that all previous socialist revolutions sooner or later had led to deadly faction strife between strongly competitive male revolutionary leaders.
Even on the so called "New Left" in the years around 1970 this pattern repeated itself: The young revolutionaries' countless meetings always ended up with young men making endless speeches in competition with other young male revolutionaries from slightly different socialist fractions.
Our moms would have nothing of this. Therefore they from the beginning decided, that all decisions in our community should be made by the women at their Women's Meetings, and men were not allowed to attend these meetings. (The girls were allowed to be present, if they wished to. It was a way to prepare them for their future role in our community).

In later life I found out, that women can be quite competitive too. 
But Larissa and Ida, and my other female friends from my childhood, who still very much adhere to their old matriarchal ideology, insist on saying, that overtly competitive women just have taken over a patriarchal trait to survive in a male dominated society.
I don't know if this explanation is true - our women have an explanation of everything according to our Female Centered world view - but at least I know for sure, that our moms who founded our "little Matriarchy" did their outmost to live up to their ideals of limitless solidarity within their group.

But there was one family in our Female Led Community, were the daughter did not respect her brothers, and where her parents let her do whatever she wanted. 
It was the family of Hanne, who was a girl of my age, of whom I will tell more in a following post.
Hanne, was a girl of my own age, from a quite extraordinary family, which was one of the founding families of our community. Or perhaps I should better say, that Hanne's and her brothers' mother, whose name was Clara, was among the original founders of the community, because as I have told in previous post all property was owned by the women in common.

Hanne had two brothers: Martin, who was one year older than Hanne and me, and Peter, who was about two years younger than Hanne.

Hannes mother Clara was one of the few feminist women of our community, who lived with the same male partner throughout the years. His name was Morten, and although they were not married (our feminist mothers considered marriage to be a patriarchal institution), I believe that Morten was the father of all of the children. But I am not sure.

What made Hanne's family special, even in our Female Led Community, was the parents very unjust treatment of their children.

Hanne was a tall and strong girl. She clearly was what in English is called a tomboy, and she always bullied her brothers around: She made them do most of her tasks in the house and in the garden, which meant, that in addition to their own work duties and their schoolwork Martin and Peter seldom had some spare time. And if they didn't do what Hanne ordered them to do, she slapped them in the face, or even kicked them in their testicles.

Naturally the parents knew all this - we all did - but they did not interfere. Which of cause was contrary to our common ideal, that although girls were considered to be superior to boys, they should not misuse their superiority in any way, and they of course were expected to work as we boys were, and not let their brothers do their work for them.

This was bad enough, but it was not the worst thing for the boys in that family:

What Hanne's brothers resented the most, was the sad fact, that every time at Christmas or at birthdays Hanne was given expensive gifts by the parents, whereas her brothers only got some plates of chocolate, some cakes and things like that. This unfair treatment of her brothers I already then found outrageous, and so did my mom. Although my sister Ida was superior to me, our mom loved me every bit as much as she loved Ida. Ida never let me do her work, and at Christmas and at our birthdays we both got gifts of equal value. And so it was in all the other households of our community, as far as I know. I really could not understand, why Morten, the children's father, did not protest. But he never did. Perhaps he didn't dare, but I am more inclined to believe that he thought that it was right to let Hanna be the princess of the house, with no restrictions or duties what so ever.

As Hanne was the princess in her own home, she was the queen among the girls. She almost always was surrounded by an entourage of younger girls, who admired her.

She often sought to put up a fight with us boys. But only with boys of her own age or older. This she did to impress her admires among the girls, I think.

She often picked on me to provoke me into a fight, which was very annoying because of her bad habit of kicking boys in the testicles. But we boys, who risked to be attacked by Hanne, was prepared for this, so she seldom managed to hit her target. Although we boys normally were strictly forbidden to hit a girl, of cause we defended ourself if attacked by a girl like Hanne, and none of our moms objected to that. Although Hanne was very strong for a girl of her age when she was 14-15 years old, I always managed to beat her or to chase her away. I remember one winter day, where Hanne and her girlfriends attacked my friend Knud and me with snowballs. Knud said, that we better should go away, because he was afraid of Hanne, but I took up the fight, and finally it was Hanne who left. But this only provoked Hanne to act ever more challenging towards me, and on a hot summer day the next year my luck was out.

I think I have to tell what happened, even if it was humiliating for me, because I think it tells something about Hanne's character. It as always was she who started the fight by provoking me and trying to make me ridiculous before her female friends, but as I was about to get a hold on her and bring her down, she managed to grip me by my long hair and pull my head backwards, and she swiftly used my moment of distraction to grip me by my testicles and squeeze them with full force. I of cause moaned and bent over. Immediately she pushed me to the ground, and the next moment she was straddling my chest, pinning my arms down. While her girlfriends shouted with joy, she began tickling me around my belly bottom, which made me laugh, despite the pain in my testicles. It was one of the worst days in my life, as I lay naked and defeated beneath Hanne, yet laughing because she made me to. And I was sure, that she would now pull down my briefs as her ultimate humiliation of me. (Of cause I had no erection. You don't have an erection with painful testicles). But Hanne did no such thing. Instead she asked me, if I would surrender, and when I said yes, she immediately got of me and rose, and she even shooked my hand and said, that it had been a god fight. 

This told me, that Hanne's wish was not so much to humiliate me, but rather to show her girlfriends how brave and strong she was. 
And now, when Hanne at long last had defeated me (although only once), she never tried to provoke me again. Now she seemed to respect me, and I also began reluctantly to respect her. When we played "nybyggere og indianere" (white settlers and indians), Hanne and me and some of the other boys of our age would meet beforehand to determine the rules of the game, where and when it should take place and so on.
(We boys with our long hair and sun tanned bodies of course always were the indians, and the girls were the white settlers).

But as the years passed by, and Hanne became a young woman, things went very bad for her.

It is a very sad story. Her eldest brother Martin had already moved to Copenhagen to escape his sister's bullying when he was just 17 years old, and there he had got a job as an apprentice, while he lived by some friends of his in the city. Many years later I by chance meet Martin, and he told me, that Hanne later on also had moved to Copenhagen. She didn't have a husband, although she had had many boyfriend. But they all left her after a short while, because they could not put up with a young woman, who because of her upbringing was so self centered as Hanne was. And because she was not used to work, but to have her brothers to work for her, Hanne could not hold on to a job, and so she was unemployed for long periods of time. She ended up as an alcoholic and a drug addict, Martin told.

Her brothers on the other hand did well in later life. But they did not continue the Female Led lifestyle of their parents' family, which I find quite understandable, given the bad experiences they had with living in a Female Led Family without restrictions of any kind for their sister. 

The family of Hanne and her brothers should be a warning example for all people, who consider living in a Female Led Relationship: Female Led does not mean Female Dictatorship. And if it does, then it most probably won't last longer than one generation. (And perpahs not even this).

As I said, it is a very sad story, and I really feel bad for Hanne. I do not think that Hanne was a bad girl, her selfishness and her tough character were just the results of a bad upbringing without limits for her.

By the way, Hanne was the only girl, who once did pull my briefs down: It was a month or so after she and I had had our last fight, and we were now on pretty good terms, as I have told. On a late afternoon when I was sitting in the backyard of our house and was working on something, Hanne came along and sat down besides me. We talked for a while, but suddenly she pushed me back, and then she pulled my briefs down without asking or saying anything. But Hanne always did what she wanted to do, and took what she wanted to take. She made me have an erection, and she forcefully pulled my foreskin back, which was very unpleasant for me. I didn't protest or try to defend myself out of fear that she would squeeze my testicles, which she hold in one of her hands. She let my testicles roll through her fingers, but she did not squeeze them. After a while she left me without saying a word. So perhaps she just did it out of curiosity. Or perhaps she did it in order to demonstrate her female superiority over me. Or a combination of both. But at least she was considerate enough to do it without any witnesses. But all the same it was an unpleasant experience for me. In the evening I found out, that my mom had seen it from our house. Hanne seems to like you, she said with a smile. But I answered, that Hanne was certainly not my girlfriend.

But the next year, when Hanne and me were 16 years old, we had became kind of friends.
Hanne was not my girlfriend in a sexual way. Actually I still never had had sexual intercourse with a girl, but that same summer Hanne would change that.
I was together with some of my boyfriends in our spare time on a hot summer day. We were sitting in the wood, talking, when Hanne came by and joined us. When the other boys left, Hanne and me remained seated and continued to talk with each other.
Then suddently Hanne, without asking me, pushed me on my back, pulled my briefs down and tickled my penis into an erection, which of cause did not take her long.
She then lifted up in her long dress, pulled her panties down, and placed herself on my erected male member.
Her movements gave me an enjoyable feeling, and she clearly enjoyed it to. From time to time she squeezed my testicles and pinched my erected penis at its base to make me soft, in order to avoid me ejaculating inside her. I of cause warned her beforehand when I could feel that an ejaculation was nearing, like my mom had told me to do if I had sexual intercourse with a girl, so that she did not get pregnant. Then Hanne would tickle my penis into another erection, and so it went on, until Hanne was satisfied, and she got of me.
I of cause still had an erection, but Hanne now masturbated me into a very forceful ejaculation, so that I got semen all over by chest and stomach. I felt exhausted, but it was a very extraordinary and good feeling.
Hanne smiled, and gave me some leaves from the forest floor to dry myself up with.

After that I for several month was Hanne's boyfriend. During that time I more than once tried to persuade her to stop bullying her brothers around and treat them in a more fair way, but she wouldn't discuss that matter. Each time I talked about it she gave me a stinging slap to my face and said, that "det rager ikke dig". ("It's not your business"). She eventually got tiered of me, and found another boyfriend - Hanne always got tiered of her boyfriends - but we still were friends.
Therefore I also feel so sad for what happened to her in her later life.
In the Female Led Community where my little sister Ida and I grew up, the women used corporal punishment when they were punishing us boys, while the girls were exempted from corporal punishment. Even our teenage sisters were authorized my their mothers to punish their brothers in this way. 

But girls and the women have much more subtle ways to assert their authority.
I have experienced it myself. First as a boy, and later on as Larissa's husband.

In the little Matriarchy of my childhood, we of cause all knew each other very well.
We boys knew much about the girls.
But the girls knew everything about us boys. Much more than we knew about them.
Nothing could be kept a secret for the girls. We boys were quite transparent to them.
Of cause we boys had our secrets, and if we were lucky we could keep them from the other boys.
But we never managed to keep our secrets hidden from the girls, They always somehow found out.
We on our part never managed to disclose the girls secrets. The girls being very secretive. And as teenage girls our girls had many thing which they hold secret from us boys.

Knowledge is power, and the girls instinctively understood it much better than did we boys.
It was a clear evidence of the social superiority of the girls, and of the social power they enjoyed because of it.

And of cause also our bodies and our bodily functions were plain open for the girls to see.

As I have told in one of my post, in our Female Led Community the women upheld the rather old fashioned rule, that it was strictly forbidden for us boys to masturbate.
And when I was a teenage boy my mother gave my little sister Ida the task to watch over that I did not masturbate during the night. (We slept together in a big old double bed).
Masturbation was a punishable offence, because a masturbating boy risked losing some of his strength to work and ability to concentrate, our mother told Ida and me.
And if a boy had a girlfriend, it would make his girlfriend really angry if she suspected him of having the nasty habit of masturbation, because it proved, that the boy did not really respect the girl, who ought to be the sole focus of his sexual energy.
Nocturnal ejaculations, caused by wet dreams, on the other hand, were never punished. And of cause not, because this was only normal, as our mother said, and something that every boy had from time to time.

But this did not mean that I had to live in chastity.

As siblings often do, Ida and me sometimes engaged in petting, and after she turned 13, Ida became much more interested in this kind of activity.

It actually was our mom, who turned on Ida's interest in petting.
One early morning in the autumn of 1978, when mom noticed that I had a morning erection, mom said to Ida that next summer she would be 14 year old, and some day she perhaps would have a boyfriend which she might want to have a sexual relation with, so she better in time had to learn how to control a boys sexual organs in order to prevent him from ejaculate inside her and make her pregnant.
Mom then gently squeezed my testicles and pinched me at the base of my penis, only causing me a minimum of pain, but enough to make my erection subside. Then mom tickled me to another erection, which was easily done.
Ida was very curious, as a girl of her age naturally would be, and looked very happy when mom allowed her to do the same thing to me from time to time when she saw that I had a morning erection in order to get some practice. 

But then mom with a smile added: "Husk ogs√• at bel√łnne Tjeik n√•r du g√łr det (Don't forget do reward Tjeik when you are doing it)".
By this mom of cause meant that Ida should finish of by letting me have an ejaculation, which Ida, as the mature girl that she was, clearly understood without further explanation.
It was a win win situation for both of us: Ida learned how to avoid getting pregnant, and I got drained of some of my accumulated sexual energy.

To begin with it was really painful when Ida squeezed my testicles. She didn't realize how sensitive they were. And how should she, being a girl?
But she quickly learned to be as careful with my genitals as mom had been when she demonstrated the method to her.
I really looked forward to our petting ritual, because Ida always finished by masturbating me to an ejaculation, as mom has told her to do.
Next summer Ida actually got a boyfriend, and then her interest in the petting thing gradually diminished
As a curiosity I remember, that Ida liked to pull me by my pubic hair when she was playing with my genitals. She even giggled when she did it.
I don't know if Ida had hair down there at that time, but among us the rule of the women was, that everything had to remain natural. Mother Nature being one of their ideals.
Therefore none of us boys shaved our pubic hair.
But there was an inconsistency about it, because non of the young men of our community wore a beard. They were all shaved. And so were we boys as we became adults. And still are.

Later on when both of us were adults I asked Ida why she had been so fond of our petting game. I got sexual release, but what did she get out of it, I had often wondered?

She smiled and answered me, that being in control of my genitals gave her a powerful feeling, and when she was masturbating it turned her on to think about it.
(It has always been perfectly legal among us for young girls to masturbate).
She also told me, that the girls talked a lot about us boys (which I of cause knew), and that they compared us down to the smallest detail. (Which I fortunately didn't knew as a boy, because it would have been very embarrassing for me if I had known that).

So as a teenage girl Ida certainly knew all about me and my bodily functions.
But I knew very little about Ida in this regard.
I for instance didn't know, when Ida began to menstruate. But of cause at some point I noticed, that she had begun to menstruate, because Ida and mom sometimes talked about it with low voices, but they always closed the door when I was in the house.
NOT because there was something for Ida to be ashamed about. 

But because it was a girl thing. 
Something that should not concern me as a boy.

This secretiveness shrouded the girls in some kind of mystery, which in a subtle but very effective way confirmed me in my knowledge, that Ida was vastly superior to me, and that it therefore was the natural order of Mother Nature that I had to obey her like I obeyed mom, and later on of cause obeyed my beloved wife Larissa, as I still do, without she ever has had to face slap me, or even spank me.

But as I often have told: Nobody was ever spanked in our Female Led Community.
Some people say, that boys don't have any sense of modesty, or that they don't ought to have it.

I totally disagree.

I never feel any kind of embarrassment when I slept naked together with my sister Ida and mom in her bed beside ours, but they were my nearest family, and it had always been so.
And as told in my previous post I enjoyed when Ida was petting me, but she was my dear little sister who always saw me naked.

But sometimes Ida's best girlfriend and classmate Louise came to sleep with us, and I certainly didn't like that.
Most teenage girls like to sleep together with their girlfriends from time to time.
We boys never slept together with our friends,
I think it is a typical girl thing. Louise was my dear little sister Ida's best girlfriend. My little sister Ida is three years younger than me, and so were Louise. Mostly Ida slept with Louise at her place, but sometimes Louise slept together with Ida and me in our big old double bed. It happened from time to time in the years when the girls were between 11 and 14 year old, as far as I remember it, and I was between 14 and 17 year old.

Louise's oldest brother Knud, who was of my age, was one of my best friends. Louise also had a younger brother, Arne, who was two years younger than Knud, and one year older than Louise.
Louise was a very intelligent girl with long blond hair, and I really liked her. But I certainly didn't like it when she slept with Ida and me in our big double bed.
I really felt humiliated when I had to be completely naked when Louise was present. Although she was a nice girl from our own community whom I knew very well, she all the same was a stranger. Of cause she saw me and all the other boys almost naked in the summer time, were we only wore our briefs. But we WORE briefs. The girls did not see our genitals. 
I especially  resented it, when I had a morning erection. Then Louise would smile or giggle, which made me blush. 
(But I do not blame her, and I actually also did not blame her for it back then, because I knew, that it was as natural for a young girl like her to giggle as it was natural for me to feel humiliated in an awkward situation like this).

Although Louise never teased me about it, I couldn't help thinking, that she was comparing me with her brothers.
I hated it, and it shows that boys of cause have a sense of modesty too, and that it should be respected, just as we were told to respect the modesty of the girls.

I never told Ida that I felt humiliated on those occasions when Louise slept with us, but of cause she knew. The girls knew everything about us boys.
And as the caring and loving sister that she was, Ida almost always managed to have it so, that it was she who slept with Louise in Louise's house - Louise did not sleep in the same room as her brothers - but because there had to be some reciprocity, Louise sometimes had to sleep with us.

Ida and Louise are still very close friends, and they both live in Female Led Relationships according to the principples of our mothers.
As I have told in another post, the women of our community regarded the creation of new life as something sacred. Motherhood being the one thing that more than anything else singles out the female sex as being the superior sex. The Mother is the center of the family, we all belong to her. A mans role is to support her and her children in the best way he can. So the thinking of our mothers.

I grew up in a Female led Community where we in some cases were practicing forms of sexuality, which most other people would consider to be very odd. But the good side of this is, that I never criticise or reject other people's sexual preferences, if only they are based on mutual consent.

The p pill was very seldom used by our mothers and their daughters who were suspicious of the products of the capitalistic society, as I have told in another post. They also thought, that it was the boy's or the man's responsibility not to make his girlfriend or woman pregnant, unless she wanted to. And as I have told, the mothers taught their daughters how to manipulate the genitals of their boyfriends to prevent them from ejaculating inside her.
The condom was sometimes used, but it was not easy to get, because we could not buy condoms in the nearby village.

In the second half of the 1970s, as the expected great Socialist World Revolution did not happen, our leftist and feminist mothers with increasing intensity began to swap the Marxist ideology for the much more Female Centered Matriarchal world view, as I have told.
As well educated women, they all read a lot about ancient Matriarchies, ancient Goddesses and stuff like that. And they of cause noticed, that in matriarchal societies, of which a few exist even today, the concept of fatherhood do not exist, or do not play any role at all. Because in such a society the lineage is determined in the female line, not in the male line, and who is the mother of a child naturally is never in doubt. Therefore in such a matriarchal society women's sexuality is not controlled by men. And their daughters are the heiresses, because the women are the property owners.

(A key concept of the Matriarchal theory is, that it was women who created the earliest agricultural societies, because in the hunter and gather stone age the men had been the hunters, while the women gathered eatable plants and roots. Some of the women then gradually learned how to cultivate plants, and eventually how to cultivate fields, which they of cause owned, because the fields with the growing crops became their prime working place, so to speak, their men and sons only being their helpers. Fertility of both men, animals and crops was the all overriding concern for women and men in those age old matriarchal societies. And Goddesses, guaranteeing the fertility were the focus of worship. So the theory goes. Shortly told).

In our Female Led Community, the women often had changing lovers, as I have mentioned earlier on. Therefore it really didn't matter whoever was the father of their children. But with the growing fascination of all things Matriarchal in what I call the "fanatical period" of our community, even the word "father" disappeared from daily use among us.
The women and their daughters were used to speak of the men with whom they were sexually engaged as their lovers, but now a new and somewhat degrading word came into use among the girls and their mothers of our little Matriarchy.
A male with whom a woman intended to form a relationship in order to have children with him was now called "hendes befrugter". (It simply means a man whose task it is to make a woman pregnant. Perhaps you might say "her begetter" in English).
Even Larissa used this word. I had already been her boyfriend for a pretty long time, and we of cause had had a long standing sexual relation when she one day in early june 1982 told me, that "jeg har valgt dig til at være min befrugter, Tjeik" (I have chosen you to be my begetter, Tjeik).
Of cause I had the right to say no to her proposal - there was no compulsion in our Female Led Community whatsoever - but the clearly visible bulge that her words caused my penis to form in my briefs was a sufficient answer, as Larissa noticed with a smile. And so it was.

Perhaps I should underline the fact, that it is quite normal for small communities, who are formed in opposition to the greater society to abandon the symbols and rituals of that society, and instead form their own symbols and rituals according to their own ideals. Because human beings simply need symbols and rituals. Something to relate to, which is bigger than ourselves.
For instance the Free Town of Christiania in Copenhagen has its own flag and its own rules and its own special kind of local government.
May be this fact can help you to better understand, or at least accept, the rather odd wedding ritual that was performed for Larissa and me on the day of the Summer Solstice (Sankt Hans Aften in Danish) 1982, when I was just twenty year old, and Larissa was nineteen year old.

That our wedding ceremony took place on that day, was no coincident.

Summer Solstice, Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox and Autumn Equinox were considered to have been important dates in the calender of the old agricultural Matriarchal societies.
Because the choosing of a male partner (or "befrugter", "begetter" as our women said back then) was considered to be a matter which only concerned the young woman herself and her female relatives and friends - plus of cause the chosen male - besides me only women were present in Larissa's mother Jacinta's house, where the ceremony took place in the bedroom, which Larissa and me should share.
Larissa's mother Jacinta and Larissa's one year younger sister Ophelia were present, and so of cause were my mother and my little sister Ida, who was 17 year old at the time and therefore considered to be a young and mature woman. Also Ida's best friend Louise was invited, and Louise's mother Karen was also present. And of cause Larissa's best girlfriends Clara, Mette and Sonja were also invited.
The about forty year old woman Monika, who was a kind of chief Matriarchal ideologist - you may perhaps call her a kind of Priestess - in our community, performed the ritual.

First she asked Larissa if she would "elske Tjeik og modtage ham i dit hus og under dit tag" (love Tjeik and receive him in your house and under your roof), to which Larissa said yes.
Then Monika asked me if I would "elske, tjene og adlyde Larissa" (love, serve and obey Larissa) to which I of cause also answered yes.
These questions may seem strange, but the meaning of the words were only a description of our every day life:
That I should "serve" Larissa only meant, that I should do my chores in our daily routines, as Larissa would do hers. And "obey" only meant that I recognized Larissa's right to make the final decisions. So I entered into much the same kind of relation to Larissa as that I was used to in regard to my mother and my sister.
And strictly speaking did the house not belong to Larissa. It of cause belonged to Jacinta, her mother. But all the same the wordings of the wedding ritual were as described.

The strangest part of our wedding ritual was what followed thereafter. Larissa and me were expected to consume our wedding by having intercourse at once, and the invited women were to look on.
Normally of cause sexual intercourse is a strictly private activity, also among us. But the wedding was seen as a kind of almost holy Fertility Ritual, and the women thought that it was a good omen when the bride became pregnant and bore a child nine months after her wedding intercourse.
I only had to pull of my brief and lay down in the bed, and I of cause immediately had a full erection. I have told how intercourse was among us, but this time Larissa of cause let me ejaculate inside her. And as I so did, she screamed with joy and delight. And so did all the women onlookers.

Nine months later she actually bore our first child, a lovely boy, whom Larissa named Alex.

Two years later we even had the sweetest twin daughters, which was a great blessing, because twins are very seldom born. Larissa decided to name them Ariadne and Andromeda, because being of Greek origin she preferred Greek names.

For the next nearly four years Larissa took great care, not to become pregnant again, and she certainly knew how to avoid it. Because there naturally was a lot of work and expenses which went with having twin daughters. But of cause I was not in chastity, as Larissa always masturbated me to have an ejaculation after she felt satisfied when we had sexual intercourse.

About four years after our lovely twin daughters Ariadne and Andromeda were born, we had our last child. A little boy, whom Larissa named Jason. As he grow up, he became a kind of pet child for his twin sisters.
I will now tell you a little about Larissa's and my children, and how we raised them.

Ariadne and Andromeda have inherited their grandmother's and their mother's supernatural and healing powers. They both mentally and spiritually are very strong persons, and they were it to a very high degree even as teenage girls. With their spiritual powers they could do things that none of us could explain. Not even themselves. I think the fact that they are twins perhaps even help them to connect with the spiritual powers, because often Ariadne and Andromeda almost seem to be one person, strange as it may sound. In fact they often have had the same idea or the same thought at exactly the same moment. Even if they have been hundred of miles apart. There are many examples of this. A few times they have had the same dreams in the same night, and when we talk with them they sometime are saying exactly the same sentence at the same time, talking in each other's mouth. When they were girls they did this even more often than they do today.

We have very much raised our children in the same way that we were raised ourselves. All couples in our small Female Led Community do this, although not all of us live in our old locality any longer.
The funny thing is, that although our community originally was founded by a group of leftist and feminist young women, who thought of themselves as being progressive, our Little Matriarchy (as I sometimes call it) in fact is very conservative. 
It is a kind of paradox, that a group of people, whose mothers fifty years ago founded a community, which they thought of as being progressive, have turned out to be conservative, you might think.
But this conservatism should not surprise you, because it is found in most small communities around the world, for instance in small religious sects like Jehova's Witnesses or the Mormons, our among the Amish People in the USA.
So in the same way that my mother and the other mothers of our childhood community did, only our sons Alex and Jason were corporally punished, whereas the twins were sternly reprimanded with words, if they did something wrong.
When our twin daughters Ariadne and Andromeda were about four years of age, and Alex was six year old, Larissa quited her job to stay at home with her children. 
We were all living in Larissa's mother Jacinta's house, and she stayed at home in the first years of our children's life.
It was always Larissa, never me, who punished Alex and Jason, if a corporal punishment seemed necessary. She did it like my mother did, by giving them one or two slaps to their face.
But in the summer time, where our sons only wore briefs like I did as a boy, Larissa never pulled their briefs down to squeeze their testicles. This is a wrong thing to do, she said, especially when their sisters were present, which they often were. If their little brother Jason was to be corporally punished, Andromeda and Ariadne were always there to witness it.
NOT in order to smirk at him or something like that, but because he was their favorite or pet brother (or how you will put it in English). 
They loved their two year older brother Alex with sisterly love, but they pampered their four year younger brother Jason. So when Jason was to be punished, the twins were always their to persuade their mother not to hit him, or only hit him lightly.
When the twins turned 13, Larissa started to work full time again, and our twin daughters were given full authority over their brothers - like my sister Ida was given by our mom over me at the same age - when Larissa and me were not at home. 
(At that time Jacinta did not live with us any longer. She had sold the house and the lands and her part of the fields and the orchards which the women of our community owned in common to Larissa). 
When I was at home, then I of cause was the natural authority person for our children. 
But of cause Larissa was the ultimate authority for them when she was at home. 
Our children often came to ask my permission to do something, but they knew, that even if I would say yes they had to ask their mother, because the final decision always was her's to make.
By the way, as teenage girls Ariadne and Andromeda never punished their brothers corporally. Our son Alex, who is two years older than them has later on told me, that as a boy he was in awe of his twin sisters, and the thought of not obeying them never occurred to him. 

I of cause am very proud of my wife Larissa, who is a quite extraordinary woman in many ways. (But all human beings are extraordinary in some way or other, although it may not always be for the good...).
It never has bothered me that Larissa always has made all the important decisions in our family. That is because I always, even as a boy, have respected her wisdom and judgement. She has a way to never let me feel inferior in her company, even if she in most ways is superior to me, e.g. with regard to her supernatural powers, but not only that. Even when I was a boy I never felt embarrassed or inferior when I was together with Larissa.

My dear sister Ida is still very much into the Female Led lifestyle. 
Ida lives together with her husband Silas, a son of Mette, who was one of the feminist moms of our community. Ida chose Silas as her lover and permanent male partner as they both were very young and had him come to live with her in mom's and Ida's house (where they still live). They have three children. Their son Peter (he is the oldest of them) and their two lovely daughters Susanne and Kirsten, who are all still living according to the Female Led ideals of their parents.

Ida has always been a very strong willed, but also a most empathic and passionate person. Although she obviously leds in her and Silas relationship - as Larissa unquestionably always have led in our relationship - neither Ida nor Larissa would insist on something, if they know that Silas or I are strongly against it. Female Leadership does not mean Female Dictatorship. In any case not among us. Because although the woman in our Female Led Relationship has the right to decide, the male also has the right to leave. Even if it is not so easy as it is said in a community, where everything is owned by the women, and especially not when there are children involved, it all the same sets some limits to the power of our wifes. 
But the strongest bond of cause is, that we love each other, and that our loving wifes often know what we men want, before we ourselves know it.

Nearly all of those, who were girls and boys in our little Matriarchy, are still living in Female Led Relationships. Many of us live together with wifes or men (as Ida and I do), whom we already knew, and who were our friends, when we were children in our "Matriarchy".
We former girls and boys, who grew up in what became a kind of "little Matriarchy" still form a closely knit group, because we very often meet each other. 
Our wifes, who were the best of girlfriends back then, see to this and arrange our meetings, and then we talk about the old days and how to raise our own kids in a proper way according to our Female Led Relationship ideals. And our wifes still support each other in every way, also economically, even if most of us don't live in our old community any more.
But there was a period where the Goddess centered matriarchal ideology of our mothers became fanatical, and some of us boys, including me, had to suffer because of it.
I am sorry to say that this fanaticism to a great extent was due to the influence of the German Feminists and Goddess Worshipers, with whom our mothers had a close contact back then. I don't like to say it, because I have nothing whatsoever against Germans.
The fanatical period later became a kind of warning to us, not to be fanatical, but we still live according to our old ways, and we really are very conservative. I don't mean conservative in the political sense, but our values and even our appearance are conservative, you might say.
Although our women no longer wear h√łnsestrik dresses, they still don't use cosmetics or make up, and neither do their daughters nor their granddaughters.¬†
And we men still wear our hair long as we did back then, and we are all clean shaven, because all adult men in our community back then were also clean shaven.
A very interesting series of posts, we see benefits and drawbacks.  Quite erotic as well!
My mother and grandmother immigrated to the States from Denmark. I wonder just how much these sort of ideals carried over into the way my mother ran the family, approached her marriage, and raised us children...

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