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I'm a thumb-sucker
Hi everyone,

I have to confess that I still suck my thumb -It's a childish habit which I have not grown out of. When I am in bed, I cuddle a teddy-bear, suck my thumb and fondle myself. (I find sucking my thumb and cuddling a teddy bear sexually arousing. I believe that the  medical term for becoming sexually aroused when confronted with objects from childhood, or indulging in infantile behaviour is called Anaclitism).

But it's not all about being sexually aroused - there were times when I sucked my thumb and wasn't in a sexual frame of mind. When I was in the Infant's class at Primary School, I remember a female teacher telling me off for sucking my  thumb. I also  remember when I was a bit older sitting with my Dad in the Living Room one Sunday afternoon, watching an old black & white war film. I was sitting on the floor sucking my thumb. I remember taking the thumb out of my mouth and making a comment about the film before resuming my thumb-sucking. (I must have been at least 7 or 8-years old.)

Back in the 1980's when I was in my late teens and early twenties, I remember my Dad embarrassing me. A female friend of the family was visiting, and Dad said something like  "Leslie still sucks his thumb" or "He still sucks his thumb", referring to me. I was mortified, although in the end our visiting friend confessed that she still sucked her thumb from time-to-time. (I think that I should point out that my thumb-sucking at this stage was confined to when I was in bed. My Dad was aware of it, as after my Mother dies, I moved in to share the same bedroom with him).

In more recent times, (from about 1999 and into the early 2000's) , my visits to "Auntie" included a bit of thumb-sucking. In her letters to me, she said that she would allow me to suck my thumb. When it came to an actual visit and after donning my sissy-clothes, I would immediately start sucking my thumb. (However, after being made to sit on a sofa with some dolls, she would return from the kitchen and thrust a dummy in my mouth).

Bringing us up to date, I usually like to suck my thumb when I dress up as Annie or Dorothy from the "Wizard of Oz". To me, sucking my thumb whilst dressed as girl seems perfectly natural. I also can't wait for tonight, when I will be in bed, cuddling a teddy-bear, sucking my thumb and playing with myself. Pleasant Dreams!   Smile

(P.S. My Dentist still is puzzled as to why some of my teeth aren't straight - I haven't the heart to tell him why!)
I think a lot of people probably hold on to the act of sucking one’s thumb far often than they would ever admit (and more than a fair share on this forum, no doubt). Because of the obsession around street cred and self image though, precious few would ever be so bold as to admit it. 

So thank you for feeling able to do so here.  Wink
Thank you Sissie Leslie for sharing all those great insights.

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