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Domestic violence/football
When the England football team loses in tournaments there is a spike in domestic violence towards women. Is this unique to England and football or does it happen in other countries or in other sports?
Yes unfortunately it is quite common for domestic violence to spike during certain sporting events. Sports brings out the worse of toxic masclinity in males. The events tend to become tribal with men gathering together and drinking it also a right of passage for a boy when he reaches a certain age to be taken along with dad to these events, many boys first beer happens at tale gate parties.

The dread that is the Glasgow - Rangers vs Celtic - derby is palpable. It is said that the police's ideal is a nil-nil draw then heavy downpour, to send the fans home.
Adult Baby looking for Nanny/Mummy/Friends

Also suffer from ME/CFS so if I'm slow to post it's because I probably don't have the energy
I stand corrected. It is predicted that domestic violence towards towards women will spike this evening in England whether the English football team WIN or LOSE by between twenty five and thirty eight per cent.
it's only a game, do these morons beat their girlfriend or wife up if they lose at monopoly or ludo?
Just feel so, so sorry for the emergency services who are going to have an evening from hell dealing with these morons.
Also hope that any woman who suffers at the hands of her boyfriend/husband has the courage and strength to ask for help and leave the worthless b√ó√ó√ó√ó√ó√ó.
Just glad that I'm safe at home tonight as I would be terrified if I was at work.
I think sports can energize both men and women. I was submissive to a female college basketball player at one time. She would invite her team mates over to watch games. I would serve them snacks and drinks, dressed as a pretty housewife in an apron and heels, while they enjoyed the game. They would get excited and loud, watching the game. I noticed they would become a bit more verbally demeaning and demanding as the game progressed. No violent tendencies, just more aggressive toward me. Of course, I always accepted it as I accepted my being inferior to them. Looking back, it was a true role reversal in stereotypes. My primary role was to ensure they had whatever they wanted to add to their enjoyment of watching a game together, as I maintained my station in the background, primarily the kitchen.
(07-12-2021, 12:46 PM)nina Wrote:
(07-12-2021, 12:28 PM)Michaela Wrote: michaela, thanks for that relevant to this topic, please do say more
about your life with her if you will....humbly, sissy nina  

You should read my thread "Serving a Diva." Toward the end of the thread I write about her. Of course, I didn't tell all the story, lol. -M

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