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forced dressing
(11-14-2016, 11:54 AM)mummys sissy Wrote:
(11-12-2016, 06:17 PM)tiffany Wrote: How did it feel to be dressed up in front of your family by mummy?!

hi tiffany it was extremely embarrassing for me an didnt like it at all, but family found it very amusing

aww Heart
One of two different punishments were applied in our family depending on the severity of an infringement. A minor infringement would result in our trousers being taken away. For me this usually meant wearing secretary style pencil skirts and heels round the house instead of jeans and a t-shirt.

My sister who was a tomboy had it much tougher though as she obviously had to wear a skirt to school as well. All her friends wore trousers so being one of the very few girls in school to turn up periodically in a pleated skirt was no fun for her. At home she would very often be sent out to play with her friends dressed as a secretary in a tight pencil skirt, high heels, full makeup and her hair in a bun. It isn’t easy playing football and tag dresses like that.

A severe punishment would leave us in Lolita style dresses. If this was applied we were almost invariably put back in nappies. During the day we would have to skip rope and flounce about (there were penalties if you weren’t walking talking and acting like a girl at all times). At night we had to drink six glasses of water before an extended fourteen hour sleep cycle meaning that we were inevitably soaking within half an hour of going to bed.

I remember once we were both subjected to this punishment during the day and had both had to mess our nappies. Throwing a strop and demanding to be changed we were astonished when she obliged straight away - only for us to find ourselves wearing the other person’s nappy. My sister had to spend the rest of the day sat in my faeces and I in her’s.

And the less to be said of the two week long nappy punishment she imposed on me on holiday after I was caught smoking. I had to wear every wet and dirty nappy for a full hour after proclaiming it to be as such and had to sleep in a sodden nappy having drink 2 cans of fizzy drink for 3 hours straight.

It is maybe worth noting as well that petticoat punishment can promote a cause of action rather than deter it. When we got to an age where we could move out and fend for ourselves, our mother wanted to encourage us to fend for ourselves. In order to do this she introduced a permanent regime whereby we had to endure a trouser ban during the day and nappy punishment at night. In other words, in order to keep a shelter over my head I had to endure three months of wearing pencil skirts and heels during the day and having to wear nappies (with the same drink regime beforehand) at night.

My tomboy sister had to put up with a whole year of this to the point where she became dependent on high heels after nine months and (frustrated at the lack of progress) she had nappy punishment imposed during the day under her pencil skirt.

Since she has moved away my sister and I have come to an arrangement. My wardrobe is now 10% trousers (just enough to be able to function in the outside world when needed) 55% skirts and 35% dresses. My sister has inherited the male clothes and is finally living a tomboy life (though in a much more measured way than had she not undergone petticoat intervention.

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