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Gynarchy: Female Enlightenment Movement
[Image: 51274022582_717be0a765_c.jpg]
Thank you for posting this, Rad Fem - commendable sentiments for sure. I will add it to my diary.  Wink
Love you radical feminist!!!! :3 <3
I am sure I and all true sissies will spend as much time and effort as we can on 1st July practicing for the time that this will happen
Excellent!!!! I will be looking forward to Gynarchy: Female Enlightenment Day.

Thank You for posting this, Rad Fem. In my opinion, either we all embrace Gynarchy or it will mean extinction for 
the human race.

All sissy-gurls should be pantied, paddled and plugged
(06-27-2021, 08:33 PM)RadicalFeminist Wrote: [Image: 51274022582_717be0a765_c.jpg]
Thank you, RadicalFeminist, its now marked on my calendar. I shall pay homage to the superiority of women the entire day.
In the female led future, this should be an even more special day!
This should be like a bank holiday only for the ladies of the world, with sissies attending classes teaching why women are superior on a scientific level, all about the history of women, literature written by women, and then do a presentation at the end of the day on the benefits of the MATRIARCHY!!!

Hope you're doing well, RadFem - missing your posts, girl!!!

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